What Are Wide Set Breasts?

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If you’re having trouble finding a bra that fits, chances are that you have wide-set breasts. The gaping, the lack of cleavage, the awkward fit—we gals with a pair of distant busts know the struggle.

But, what are wide-set breasts? Why do women have them? Are they normal?

Wide-set breasts are breasts that are significantly gapped with one another. They can occur naturally to women, and yes, they are completely normal and beautiful, and it’s not something you need to be worried about.

However, there are also ways to improve how they look and fit inside your bras. If you’re one of the beautiful ladies who have them, you must be on the hunt for the ideal bra style.

Below, we’re going to delve into the different bra styles to go with wide-set breasts and tips on how to better fit them inside the cups.

What Is Considered Wide Set Breasts?

Also referred to as east-west breasts, butterfly shape, or side set boobs, wide-set breasts are a set of boobs that are spaced farther apart. They are not touching and are separated by a significant gap, exposing more of your chest or rib cage.

Wide-set breasts can be caused by genetics, the shape of your rib cage, your torso, or the anatomy of your chest wall. Some women have a splayed pair due to aging, weight loss, breastfeeding, and pregnancy. Others have wide-set breasts as a result of breast reconstruction.

Such a type of breast shape can come in a range of sizes. There are wide-set breasts with nipples pointing forward, while others go in opposite directions (east and west). They can be big and small and some pairs are firmer, while others are less firm.

How To Tell if Breasts Are Wide Set

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large breast size. And it’s not because of your breast tissue, either. It’s more about the placement of your bosoms.

One of the ways you can tell you have wide-set breasts is through a finger test. Try to lay 3 or more fingers flat on your sternum while braless. If the fingers can fit in between your boobs without touching them, then you have wide-set breasts.

Keep in mind, though, that not all wide-set boobs are east-west and vice versa.

Some women’s breasts can look wide-set but actually aren’t and this is where the finger test comes in handy. If you can fit 1 or 2 fingers between those mountains, you don’t have wide-set boobs, regardless if they point sideways.

East-westers are breasts that typically gravitate towards the sides of your chest wall and the nipples point outwards. They are usually associated with smaller breasts. However, with wide-set boobs, they are often larger and firmer and are splayed in opposite directions with the nipples pointing directly to the front.

Fitting Issues With Wide-Set Breasts

Fitting Issues With Wide-Set Breasts

Having wide-set breasts can turn out to be unflattering to some women. For one, it can leave you with little to no cleavage at all. This is particularly true for east-westers with smaller cup sizes. So, it makes finding the perfect bra shape and bra size hard.

Another thing is that, since more breast tissue tends to spill to the sides, you may experience some discomfort from chafing. If you’re fond of underwire bras, the wire may end up laying on top of the breast tissue.

Also, wearing bras with an average cup will gape at the inner part of your breasts since most of the volume sits on the outer side. I know this pain. Sometimes, the outline of your bra in the front can be visible and throw your shit. But this also indicates that you aren’t wearing the right bra.

Tips for Uplifting Wide-Set Breasts

The lack of cleavage is one of the most common issues that women have with wide-set breasts. Here are some tips you can do to help you properly fit them and ensure that your breasts rest comfortably within your bras.

Scoop and Swoop

You want to make sure that your bust is completely settled inside the cup. This will give your breasts a more centered look and improve comfort. Get all the breast tissue in the bra cup by leaning forward and grabbing your boobs all the way from your armpit and guiding them into the cups. Instant lift!

Wear a Front-Closure Bra

I will never stop raving about bras with front clasp. These bras are a gift to wide-set breasts because they are designed not only to be easy to access but to also give your boobs an extra lift.

Don’t Wear Anything With Underwire

If you want the tatas to survive the day, wear something more comfortable. Avoid bras with underwire. These bras can cause the wire to sit on top of your breast tissue. You may also end up getting the wrong cup sizes and getting undesirable gaping.

Best Bra Styles for Wide-Set Breasts

There are certain design features that you need to look for when it comes to finding the best bra for your bosoms. Fortunately, there is a range of styles to support side-set breasts. Next time you shop for a bras, look for these bra styles:

  • Side Supports. Go for push-up bras with supportive side padding. A push-up bra pushes the breast tissue inwards towards the center, creating a more centered look.
  • Wide Gores. This is a bra style that has a piece of fabric between the cups; helps fill the gap between your boobs, provide better support, and avoid gaping.
  • Plunge Bras. A plunge bra features a lower V-neckline with cups the parts of the breasts that splay to the side. The plunging neckline adds a stylish twist.
  • Stretchy Bralettes. A great alternative to uncomfy underwire bras, bralettes offer a softer and easier fit, though they provide less support.
  • T-Shirt Bras. You could never go wrong with a T-shirt bra. Full-coverage bras are designed to be comfortable and seamless.


What Is the Difference Between Close-Set and Wide Set Breasts?

The difference between the two is pretty simple. If there’s no significant gap between your breasts or if they are touching each other, then you have close-set breasts. But if there’s a greater distance or noticeable gap between them, then you have what we call wide-set breasts.

What Type of Bras for Wide Set?

Rock a fit with a pair of east-west breasts is easy if you wear the right bras. Make sure to look for bras with side support to help with forward projection. A plunge bra with a front closure can also help you pull in your breasts for a more lifted look.

How Do You Shape Wide Set Breasts?

You can shape wide-set breasts better with underwire bras made of high-quality and durable materials. Underwire bras will hold, support, and shape the breasts. They are ideal if you want to push the breasts closer, so they are in the right place.


Wide-set bras are more common than you think. Besides you, your sister, your mom, your friends, and even celebrities you look up to probably have them. They are completely normal and beautiful and unique, so you should embrace your attributes!

All that being said, there is also nothing wrong with enhancing them with different tricks and by finding the right bra style. Or you can just free the bosoms and go braless under your shirt—it’s cool!

I hope you’ve found this post helpful though, and if you have more questions, feel free to reach out. Thanks for reading.

Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson