Best Underwear for Plus Size Women

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If you’re hunting down the best plus size women-friendly underwear to get your hands on right now, make sure to stop and consider some factors first: sizing options, rise and coverage, smoothing and slimming, and comfort and breathability. I made sure to look far and wide for the best in the business, with this standard in mind. I have below, listed and reviewed, some of the best right now!

All-day comfort starts underneath aka with the underwear I wear. As I spend more time learning about clothes, I realized that I shouldn’t have room for anything that wears uncomfortably. Not only should I look good but I should also feel good wearing my clothes.

From bras, panties, slip shorts, and even shapewear, I made the bold move to throw out every piece that doesn’t feel good and comfortable when worn. Turns out, I was left with only a few pieces in my underwear drawer to get me through. Thus I begin my search for some new pairs of comfy underwear.

If you’re also on the search for some plus size undies, I’ve got you covered just below!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  • Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Wash type: White: Machine wash warm. Color: Machine wash cold
  • Closure Type: Pull On closure
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  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Wash type: Hand Wash,Machine Wash with laundry bag
  • Closure Type: Pull On closure
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  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Wash type: Hand Wash Only
  • Closure Type: Pull On closure
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  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Wash type: Machine Wash
  • Closure Type: Pull On closure
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  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Wash type: Machine Wash
  • Closure Type: Pull On closure
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The Best Plus Size-Friendly Women’s Underwear

1. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Fit for Me Plus Size Underwear – Best Overall!

Fruit of the Loom Women's Fit for Me Plus Size Underwear

Our number one pick for the best underwear for plus size women is the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Fit for Me Plus Size Underwear! With curvy and plus size women in mind, this hugs your body’s curves.

Offering a traditional rise, this sits just right at the belly button and has a full seat coverage. It’s not a super high-waisted underwear, just enough to cover the lower tummy area to prevent spillage. This doesn’t ride up and stays put with movements. This comes with a wider and soft-covered waistband and leg openings. This assures you of a more comfortable all day-wearing experience.

Made with cool-comfort cotton-mesh soft fabric, this provides optimal air flow for maximum breathability. This prevents you from getting too hot and instead keeps you cool and dry down there.

This holds up with use and wash as well even when used as everyday underwear. It’s also tag-free and has a 100% cotton liner for the ultimate comfort. The one downside this presents is that the sizing runs big.


  • Hugs body’s curves
  • Traditional rise and full seat coverage
  • Prevents tummy spillage
  • Covered waistband and leg openings
  • Optimal airflow for breathability
  • Cotton liner and tag-free


  • Runs big

2. POKARLA Women’s High-Waisted Cotton Underwear – Best High-Waisted!

POKARLA Women's High-Waisted Cotton Underwear

If what you’re looking for is a high-waisted plus size underwear, make sure you read on for the POKARLA Women’s High-Waisted Cotton Underwear! Full coverage and high-waisted, this underwear stays put with each movement without rolling down or riding up .

These high-rise briefs fit snugly without digging. It helps reduce the appearance of the dreaded muffin tops as well. It comes with a wide elastic band and wider leg opening to accommodate thicker legs and thighs.

With a double-layer cotch, this secures you with an extra layer of protection. It’s also breathable and very comfortable to wear, even with the wider waistband. Many would agree that this is so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them!

The fabric is soft against skin and allows airflow to keep you cool and dry. It has some stretch to it to accommodate bigger measurements. The one drawback on this is that some find the fabric a bit too thick, especially on hot summer days.


  • Full coverage high-waisted briefs
  • Some stretch and optimal airflow
  • Reduces muffin tops
  • Wider leg openings and waistband
  • Fits snugly without digging
  • Double-layer crotch


  • Fabric can be too thick for some

3. Hanky Panky Plus Retro Thong – Best Thong!

Hanky Panky Plus Retro Thong

If you’re looking for plus size-friendly thongs out in the market right now, the Hanky Panky Plus Retro Thong might be what you’re waiting for! With the brand’s signature lace, this comes improved with an extra wide waistband to accommodate curvy women and the tummy area.

A high-rise pair, this smooths the tummy area and sides. It hugs the midsection for a flattering and slimming effect. This sits just below the navel and offers the perfect snug on curves. It also wears flat and smooth underneath clothes.

A classic thong, this has a very flattering V-shape on the front and back. It’s full coverage on the front with the back only slightly smaller than the front with just enough skin to show. No worries though because it’s not like the uncomfortable butt-floss thongs at all.

This comes in only one-size plus and many would attest that it does fit all and has a cotton-lined gusset for extra comfort. For only one pair, this does come a bit more expensive than most in our list today.


  • Extra wide band
  • Smoothing and slimming on midsection and sides
  • Full front coverage
  • Back is only slightly smaller
  • Snug and comfortable
  • One-size fits all


  • Expensive

4. Jockey Women’s Elance Brief

Jockey Women's Elance Brief

The next item to make it into our list of the best plus size underwear for women is the Jockey Women’s Elance Brief! This is a full-rise and full-coverage underwear. The fabric has a comfortable stretch to it that makes sure it accommodates bigger measurements on the midsection, stomach, and thighs.

This sits at the natural waist and provides a smooth fit. It conforms to curves and contours for the perfect and comfortable coverage. The fabric is very soft against the skin and is breathable. It’s also stretchable and moves with every movement. This provides plenty of extra room and stretch for plus size bodies without looking like granny panties.

With a covered elastic waistband, this sits on the waist without anything cutting against your skin. Without digging into you, this stays up and in place. It also doesn’t ride on up on the back side. This holds up well through several wears and washes.

The only downside to this is the inconsistent sizing. For some, it runs big while for others, it runs too small.


  • Full-rise and full-coverage
  • Comfortable stretch fabric
  • Soft against skin
  • Breathable fabric
  • Has plenty of room for bigger measurements
  • No digging or riding up


  • Inconsistent sizing

5. Warner’s Women’s Blissful Benefits Panties

Warner's Women's Blissful Benefits Panties

And our last plus size-friendly underwear is the Warner’s Women’s Blissful Benefits Panties! A full-coverage pair with a wide waistband, it reduces the appearance of muffin tops underneath your clothes. You can expect a smoother silhouette without any obvious panty lines underneath with these seamless undies.

Made with breathable, soft, and lightweight fabric, this promises superior comfort throughout the day. The overall fabric provides a comfortable stretch that moves with your body’s every movement. This also provides enough room for plus size bodies. Many would agree that this is comfortable to the point that you forget you even have them on!

This pair sits right on the waist. It comfortably holds in the belly and stomach area. The band stays put without riding up no matter how much you move. The leg openings are also comfortable and don’t dig into the thighs. The crotch is cotton-lined for added comfort.

This is sure to hold up and wash well through several wears. The one downside this comes with is that the size runs small.


  • Full-coverage with wide waistband
  • Reduces muffin tops
  • No panty lines under clothes
  • Breathable, lightweight, and soft fabric
  • Comfortable, stretchy fabric
  • Cotton-lined crotch


  • Runs small

How to Choose the Best Plus Size-Friendly Women’s Underwear

Sizing options

Because you’re looking for plus size  underwear, the first thing you would want to check out are the sizing options. Some plus size-friendly underwear are made specifically for only plus sizes, while some are offered in both standard and plus size options so always check the size chart.

Make sure that the underwear you’re considering comes in an inclusive size range.

Rise and coverage

Underwear comes in a variety of rise and coverage. Talking about the rise, it can sit low, right just on the waist, or even have a high-rise. If you want the underwear to hug your midsection, something that sits on the waist or even above it with high-rise is a good choice.

Underwear also offers a variety of coverage. While some fully cover the front and back, some options allow you to show a bit of skin, like thongs.

Smoothing and slimming

If you want to achieve a smoother and smaller look under clothes, there are also underwear options available for this. Usually, an underwear with wider coverage and waistband works to smooth out bulge and impart a slimming effect. Some are also made to reduce the appearance of the dreaded muffin tops without showing any panty lines under clothes.

Check out the best jeans for muffin tops and jeans for apple shapes. Combining the right undergarments with denim targeting trouble spots can create a smoothing effect.

Comfort and breathability

As we’ve mentioned right at the very beginning of this article, all-day comfort starts with comfortable underwear. Because you will be wearing it all day, you should make sure to get pairs that are comfortable. The fabric should be soft against the skin. It shouldn’t ride up and the band should stay up with every movement.

Comfort also means breathability. Comfortable panties should allow optimal airflow so you can stay cool and dry down there, all day, especially when worn underneath leggings. Make sure to pair the right underwear with leggings for big thighs and plus-sized bodies so it doesn’t look like a bunch of extra fabric is stuffed in your leggings.


Our number one pick for the best plus size underwear for women is the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Fit for Me Plus Size Underwear! With a traditional rise and full seat coverage, this hugs all the body’s curves. Sitting right at the belly button, this prevents tummy spillage. It allows airflow for breathability, is cotton-lined, and is tag-free for superior comfort.

Alternatively, the Hanky Panky Plus Retro Thong is our pick for the best plus size-friendly tong! With an extra wide band, this offers a smoothing and slimming effect on the midsection and sides. This wears comfortably while allowing just enough skin-showing.

Happy shopping and we hope you find your new favorite pair of underwear!