How To Naturally Fix Wide Set Breasts?

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The girls are looking fine until you want to wear a cute dress with a plunging neckline or buttoned-down shirt—we all know the struggles of having wide-set boobs. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring them closer without going under the knife.

So, how to naturally “fix” wide-set breasts?

The truth is that you can’t fix them naturally. You can only enhance them by finding the right bra style and features is the best way to enhance the look of wide-set breasts.

The variation of bra designs can give your breasts a desired lift and below, we’ll look at different ideas and techniques to achieve a firmer and more centered look.

What Are Wide Set Breasts?

Wide-set breasts are exactly what they are—a pair of boobies that are spaced apart or “splayed,” creating a significant gap on your chest wall. Also referred to as side-set breasts or butterfly-shaped breasts, many women have them either through genetics, breastfeeding, weight loss, or could be due to 

cosmetic surgery.

That said, side-set breasts can also happen due to human anatomy. Some women have wide-set breasts just for having a flat rib cage. Others may have it due to tuberous breasts. It’s a congenital condition that creates a constriction at the base of your breasts, which gives it a tubular shape thus creating the gap.

The easiest way to tell whether you have wide-set breasts is by doing a finger test. Try to lay three fingers flat on your chest wall while braless and see if they fit and touch your bosoms. If you can place your fingers between them without touching your breast tissue, you most likely have wide-set breasts.

What Do Wide Set Breasts Look Like?

Wide-set breasts create a triangular space in between them. They can come in different sizes, with some having nipples that are either pointing to the front.

East-westers, however, are often more associated with smaller breast tissues. Such types of breasts typically have nipples that are pointing more outward than forward. But small and medium wide-set breasts are harder to bring closer because they lack the volume and don’t even meet to close the gap.

Fit Problems When You Have a Pair of Side-Set Boobs

Having wide-set breasts can be tricky because it can be hard to find a bra that fits. This is especially true for women with small side-set boobs. Here are a few fitting issues women with side-set breasts experience.

Half Empty Cup

It’s hard to really fill the cups if your breast tissue tends to turn to the outer edge. Because they gather to the sides, half or a portion of the cup will be empty. This will give you more gaping at the center of the bra. If you have east-west breasts or small or medium-sized set-side boobs, good luck with creating a cleavage.

Side Spillage

Now, here’s a problem that women with large-size wide-set breasts have. Since the bulk of your breast tissues are concentrated on the sides, your bra may end up squeezing them against the outside corners of the cups. This will result in side spillage, which isn’t exactly ideal and it’s uncomfortable.

Minimal Cleavage

Admit it or not, but don’t we all like to show off our girls every once in a while?

However, sometimes it’s just hard to do it when you have side-set breasts. Again, this is because a lot of the breast tissue is going outwards so you’re left with almost nothing at the center. It’s also a major issue that many women with small breasts struggle with.

How to Naturally “Fix” Wide-Set Breasts?

First off, wide-set breasts are completely normal and should be celebrated. But there’s also nothing wrong with exploring ways to enhance what you already have rather than trying to “fix” it. Here are a few fun ideas you can try:

Wear a Plunge Bra With Side Supports

Wear a Plunge Bra With Side Supports

A plunge bra is a game-changer for everyone with side-set breasts. Wearing plunge bras or push-up bras can make a lot of difference in creating that lifted look. A push-up bra with side paddings, especially, is the best bra feature for wide-set boobs because they pull the breasts inwards.

Another thing that makes these push-up bra styles so highly coveted is that they are super stylish and sexy. They are great if you’re wearing clothes with a plunging neckline as well.

Wear Front-Closure Bras

Wear Front-Closure Bras

Front closure not only offers easy access for removing and fastening your bra, but it can also provide you with an instant lift. So, look for ones with supportive front closure clasps to pull the breast tissues together and elevate the cleave department.

If you can find them in a plunge bra, even better. Bras with front closures are like a corset for your girls sans the uncomfortable squeezing.

Wear Racerback Bras

Wear Racerback Bras

Racerback bras are one of the best bras you can invest in if you have wide-set breasts. They are comfortable and are great for giving your girls some lift. Racerback straps can push the breasts together, however, you’d still want them to have a plunging neckline and side paddings to push your breasts upwards.

Wear Wide Gore Bras

Ideally, the gore of your bra, the little section at the center or between the cups, should be wider. If it’s narrow, it may not sit right and can be painfully uncomfortable. Those who like to have more cleavage can opt for narrower gore. However, don’t overdo it as it can empty the center because it’s just too narrow for your breast shape.

Wear Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bras

Wear Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are a wonderful choice for providing support and comfort while lifting the boobs. They are made to be seamless and can come in wider bands. When you go bra shopping, look for a t-shirt bra with a higher cut arm hole with a plunging neckline as a more stylish option.

Do a Little Scoop and Swoop

Once you’ve found the perfect bra for you, here’s the ultimate trick to creating a nice cleavage. Literally gather all your breast tissues together by leaning forward and reaching all the way to your armpits. Then, gently push the breast tissue into the bra cups.

This trick will give you the instant lift, giving the illusion of a fuller and firmer pair of boobs.

Can You Change Wide Set Breasts?

Wide-set breasts can be altered surgically through breast augmentation. Breast implants can give your breasts permanent fullness and lift. But if you’re looking for a less invasive way to enhance the look of wide-seat breasts, there best bra styles, designs, and features to choose from.

How Do You Make Wide Set Breasts Closer Together?

You can always bring wide-set breasts closer together by choosing a well-fitting bra. A padded bra with overall good support, for example, can lift and push the breasts together.


There are easy ways to enhance wide-set breasts without going under the knife. Regardless of your breast size, it’s important to find a well-fitting bra to give your girls the natural lift that they need without feeling uncomfortable.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful and if you have any more questions, let us know and we’d love to help. Thanks for reading!

Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson