How To Get Cleavage With Wide-Set Breasts

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Boobs and cleavage—these two don’t always come in one package, eh? We, ladies, love such a subtle yet striking detail to boost our confidence and transform any look. However, if you have wide-set breasts, achieving a glorious cleavage can be a bit of a challenge.

So, how to get cleavage with wide-set breasts?

Choosing a well-fitting bra is key to achieving the highly-coveted cleavage. Savvy styling and fitting techniques such as plunge bras and push-up bras can go a long way in lifting your side-set boobs.

Below, we’ll explore practical tips and clever tricks to help you achieve a natural cleavage, so you can confidently rock any outfit.

What Are Wide-Set Breasts?

Also referred to as side-set breasts and butterfly-shape breasts, wide-set breasts are boobs that are spaced far apart. They aren’t touching due to the significant gap between them. The gap is usually as wide as three fingers or more can fit through the gap without contacting the breast tissue.

Then, there are also the east-west breasts, but they are slightly different. East-west breasts happen when nipples point outwards or in opposing directions rather than forwards. It makes no difference how far apart the boobs are. You can have east-west nipples and wide-set boobs, but not all side-set breasts are east-westers.

Fit Problems That Come With Wide Seat Bosoms

Having wide-set breasts can put you through a tricky situation. This is especially true if you have smaller or medium-sized breasts. Here are some of the fit issues that women with side-set breasts experience.

Half Empty Cup

One of the main fit challenges with wide-set breasts is that they can leave a portion of your bra cup empty. This is because the bulk of the volume or breast tissue tends to concentrate on the sides, which leaves a gaping at the center.

This problem is annoying if you have smaller or medium breasts because there’s not enough “meat” to pull into the center to fill the gaping. It makes the gap look more apparent.

Side Spillage

Again, because most of your breast tissues are set outwards to the side, they can squeeze against your bra which causes the spillage. It doesn’t look good and can cause discomfort. Side spillage is especially annoying for many big-busted women.

No Cleavage

The lack of cleavage is one of the common issues with wide-set breasts. Because most of the breast tissues are concentrated on the sides, it can leave some space or gaping at the center. It’s easy to just scoop your bosoms and direct them to the center. But if you have smaller breasts, you’re in for a new challenge.

How To Get Cleavage With Wide-Set Breasts

Fortunately, there are many ways to enhance the look of wide-set breasts. Here are a few tips you can try:

Wear a Plunge-Style Bra

Bras with a plunging neckline are a wonderful way to accentuate your boobs. A plunge bra is one of the best bra styles to go for if you have wide-set breasts because they are designed to push the boobs closer together. This bra style doesn’t have enough cups to cover the front, revealing the cleavage.

Plus, plunge bras are stylish.

Wear a Front-Closure Bra

This design feature is a must if you have side-set boobs. Front-closure bras are designed to push your breasts together to create a lifted look. It also offers an easy way to wear and take off your bras. You can pick from a range of closures including hook-and-eye clasps.

Wear a Racerback Bra

Racerback bras rock. These bras do wonders in providing a lift and pushing the boobs closer to the center. Just make sure to choose ones with plunging necklines and side support.

Wear a Padded Push-Up Bra

A padded push-up bra can give you that classic cleavage, especially if you have smaller breasts. It can push them up and together, creating a lifted look. This bra style is one of the most sought-after because of the instant cup size it provides.

Make sure to look for pushup bras with push-up padding concentrated on the outer edge or side support panels.

Scoop and Swoop

So, here’s the ultimate trick. You want to scoop all your breast tissues from your armpits and guide them to the center of your cups. It’s an old trick but works and gives your girls the instant lift. You can do this with underwire bras to keep your boobs in place. 

Learn more about the best underwire shapes and bra type for wide set breasts.

Design Features To Look For

If you have wide-set breasts, you can’t just pick any bra that you find lifting and cute. You want to think about boob support and comfort as well. Here are a few things to consider:

Side Supports

This comes from the side paddings of your bras. Side supports help with lifting and pushing the breast tissue to the center, keeping it from spilling under your arms or to the back. You’ll appreciate this design feature if you have a bigger bust.

Wide Gore

When it comes to buying bras for wide-set breasts, one of the most important rules of thumb to follow is to look for ones with wider gore. The gore is the little piece at the center of the bra that connects the two cups. Wearing a bra with a wide gore can support breast separation.

The downside of wearing wide-gore bras is that it won’t give you a prominent cleavage. You can go for narrow gore if you want to create more cleavage but make sure that it suits your boobs’ shape. Otherwise, the inner halves of the cups may end up being empty just because the gore is too narrow for your boobs.

Bands and Straps

If you have bigger boobs, go for heavy-duty bands. Wide bands, especially those that have multiple hooks and eyes, evenly distribute the heft of the breasts, providing superior support and comfort.

The same goes for straps. Wider and adjustable straps may be more comfortable since they relieve strain on the shoulders, and this can be good for big-busted ladies. If you’re into racerback straps, they are great for providing comfort and support. And to really bring the boobs together, front clasps are the way to go.


How Can I Make My Wide Set Breasts Look Better?

For this type of breast shape, you can benefit from bras with supportive cups, bands, and straps. It’s important to look for a well-fitting bra that pushes your breasts together without the discomfort.

What Bra Style Is Best for Wide Set Chest?

The best bras for wide-set breasts are push-up bras, bras with a plunging neckline and front closure, and racerback bras. These bra designs can lift and push the breasts inwards to create a nice cleavage.


Regardless of the size, trying to achieve a cleavage with your side-set breasts is part of celebrating that part of you and making the most of it. There are many ways to lift your girls up, however, some breasts are just not designed to form a cleavage, no matter how savvy you are at bra shopping.

But you can also embrace them as they are!

If you love this post, share around and let us know which trick works for you. Good luck!

Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson