What is EDP in Perfume?

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When you’re shopping for a new bottle of perfume, you will most likely encounter strange ingredients and acronyms. One of these terms is EDP.

EDP stands for Eau de Parfum and it refers to perfumes with a fragrance oil concentration of 15% to 20%. EDPs typically last for about four to five hours.

It’s important to keep in mind that EDP is only one type of perfume in terms of fragrance oil concentration. There are many others including Parfum, EDT, EDC, and Eau Fraiche. Each category of perfume has its own distinct formula and its own pros and cons.

In this article, we will dive deep into each of these five types and how they differ from each other. We will also touch on how you can choose the fragrance that works best for you.

Fragrance Concentration and Why It Matters

When you wear different perfumes and fragrances for different occasions, you might notice that some last longer on you than others do. Some bottles offer a stronger scent payoff than others.

When you’re shopping for new scents and fragrances in a perfume shop, you will encounter fragrance terms like Parfum, EDP, EDT, and EDC. If you’re no perfume expert, these things can be overwhelming.

What these terms mean is simple and easy to understand. It’s all about fragrance and aromatic oils concentration and how much of it is in the perfume’s formula.

Perfumes are mostly made of water, alcohol, and perfume or fragrance oil. Their distinct smell and aromatic compounds would be rooted in the percentage of each main component.

A perfume’s fragrance oil concentration directly relates to the strength of its fragrance and smell. The higher the fragrance concentration of a perfume is, the stronger the scent is and the longer it will last. In the same way, the lower the fragrance concentration is, the more subtle the perfume smells and the shorter the scent will last on the wearer.

When you’re shopping for new fragrances, this is a great deal to consider because the fragrance concentration will tell you how strong you can expect the scent to be and how long it will last for you.

Depending on the type of perfume, the fragrance concentration varies and we will break them down for you below.

What is Parfum in Perfume?

Also known as Pure Perfume, Parfum is the most concentrated of all perfume types. It’s also the longest-lasting perfume you can get your hands on.

Parfum can have a fragrance concentration of anywhere from 15% to 40%. Typically though, a Parfum has a fragrance oil concentration of 20% to 30%.

The strongest type of perfume, this easily lasts for about six to eight hours, perfect to last you through the day.

A Pure Parfum has more fragrance oils and less alcohol. The less alcohol content also makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin and those who react badly to alcohol.

The higher fragrance concentration also means it comes with a hefty price but many find the strength and long-lasting factors very worth the investment.

What is EDP in Perfume?

EDP stands for Eau de Parfum. It’s the second most concentrated perfume type, right after Parfum. This is one of the most common types of perfumes you can find readily available in stores.

EDP has a fragrance concentration of 15% to 20%. Each spray hangs on for about four to five hours before the scent fades.

An EDP formula has more alcohol content than fragrance oil, though it’s still generally safe for sensitive skin.

As Eau de Parfums are a common perfume type, they are also a popular choice for daily wear.

What is EDT in Perfume?

In the perfume in the fragrance world, EDT stands for Eau de Toilette. This ranks third in terms of fragrance concentration.

EDT has a fragrance oil concentration of 5% to 15%. Its scent can last anywhere from two to three hours.

Lower in fragrance concentration and higher in alcohol content, this is cheaper than Parfum and EDP. This is also a very common fragrance type and is readily available and easily accessible in many stores.

If you still find EDP too strong for daily wear, you can use EDT instead.

What is EDC in Perfume?

EDC stands for Eau de Cologne and is the least concentrated of the perfume types above.

This has a fragrance oil concentration of 2% to 4%, with more alcohol content as well.

This is rather cheap. This can last up to two hours. It’s also ideal for daily wear.

What is Eau Fraiche in Perfume?

Eau Fraiche is similar to Eau de Cologne in a way but the former has an even lower fragrance concentration.

Eau Fraiche has a perfume oil concentration of only 1% to 3%. And like an EDC, this can last up to two hours as well.

What makes Eau Farche different from EDC is instead of alcohol, the remaining content of the bottle is mostly water. And staying true to its name, eau fraiche literally translates to fresh water.

This has a more natural and subtle scent to it.

Parfum vs Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Cologne vs Eau Fraiche: A Summary Table

For an overview, we have a summary table of the different types of perfumes and the important information you should remember:

Fragrance ConcentrationHow Long It LastsPrice Point
Parfum20% – 30%6 – 8 hours$$$$
Eau de Parfum (EDP)15% – 20%4 – 5 hours$$$
Eau de Toilette (EDT)5% – 15%2 – 3 hours$$
Eau de Cologne (EDC)2% – 4%Up to 2 hours$
Eau Fraiche1% – 3%Up to 2 hours$

Choosing Your Fragrance

Which type of perfume you choose and buy would depend entirely on your personal preference.

Ask yourself how strong the scent you’re looking for is. Also, determine how long you want a single spray to last on your skin. These questions will help you determine if you should get a Parfum, EDP, EDT, EDC, or Eau Fraiche for your next perfume bottle.

Each perfume type also comes in different price points so ask yourself what your budget for perfume is.

When should I wear what?

As the most concentrated and longest-lasting type in the fragrance family, Parfum is the suitable fragrance choice for special occasions or days you know you can’t reapply.

EDP can be an ideal choice for daily wear and if you will be spending hours outdoors. If it’s too strong for you, EDT is also an ideal choice for casual daily wear.

You can go for either an EDC or an Eau Fraiche if you don’t mind reapplying throughout the day.

How To Make Perfume Last Longer?

If you want your perfume to last long, it would be best to choose something formulated to last like Parfum or EDP.

If you choose something like an EDT, EDC, or Eau Fraiche, reapplying a few spritzes throughout the day would be more applicable if you want a scent that lasts long.

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Perfumes are more than just scents. They make or break someone’s first impression of you. People like to smell good and it’s understandable that they spend time learning about perfumes before buying anything.

When buying perfumes, many shoppers deal with unfamiliar words and terms. One of these is EDP. EDP stands for Eau de Parfum and it has a fragrance concentration of 15% to 20%.

And that has been our guide on the question “what is EDP in perfume?” and so much more! If you have more questions for us, hit us up right below.

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