The Best Swimsuit Style for Wide Set Breasts

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Between the sun, sand, and salty water, there’s one more thing that can make or break your day at the beach: your swimsuit. For our besties with wide-set breasts, it gets trickier. Comfort and good boob support are key considerations.

The best swimsuit style for wide-set breasts is one with a plunging neckline. Our favorites are the CUPSHE Ruffled V Neck Swimsuit, SPORLIKE Ruffle Swimsuit, and CUPSHE Vintage Lace Deep V Swimsuit. They are so comfortable to wear and do wonders at accentuating the chest area.

That said, even with the right swimsuit, it can be hard to have fun under the sun without worrying about the straps falling off or the cups not fitting your natural contours.

Below, we’ll delve into the different elements to consider when choosing a swimsuit. We’ll also look at some of our favorites to help you pick the right suit for your next beach getaway.

What Is Considered Wide Set Breasts?

Also referred to as side-set breasts, butterfly-shaped breasts, and sometimes east-west breasts, wide-set breasts happen when your two girls don’t meet or are splayed apart. They can be caused by a range of factors such as breastfeeding, weight loss, or genetics.

Whatever the cause is, all we know is that this breast shape forms a significant gap between your boobs.

But, how far should the gap be to be considered wide-set?

The easiest way to find out whether you have wide-set breasts is the finger test. If you can place three fingers or more on your sternum without touching either boobs, then you have wide-set breasts.

That being said, not all wide-set breasts look the same. They can come in different sizes and nipple directions. Some breasts are called “east-west” breasts, which refer to where the nipples point (outwards, thus east-westers). Nipples on typical wide-set breasts point forward.

Fitting Issues With Wide-Set Breasts

Although wide-set breasts are completely normal, they can put you through some sticky situations. This is especially true for teeny boobs. Here are a few common fit issues with side-set breasts:

Half-Empty Cups

It could be the case of putting on the wrong bra size, but it could also be your breasts. Since the bulk of your breast tissues are concentrated on the sides, they tend to leave half of your bra cups pretty much empty, creating the gaping at the center.

This problem is particularly common among women with smaller breasts. So not only are the boobs side set, but there is also not enough “meat” to fill the cups. Because of the lack of breast tissue, it can be challenging to achieve a nice cleavage.

Lack of Cleavage

Side-set breasts can leave you with minimal cleavage. If you’re fond of wearing low-cut bikini tops and you have this breast shape, you’re in for a new challenge: to find a top that creates cleavage without making it look like you tried too hard (yes, this is a real dilemma).

Achieving a nice cleavage is particularly tricky, especially if you have smaller breasts because, again, you don’t have enough breast tissue to create a nice, lifted look. This also makes buying a well-fitting bikini top challenging.

Uncomfortable Underboob Chafing

One of the biggest concerns of women with side-set breasts is the delicate skin under the boobs. When that skin rubs against the fabric of the bikini top, particularly in hot weather or during intense physical activity, it can get chafed or irritated.

It’s important to find bikini tops made with materials designed to avoid friction while providing extra support without irritation or redness.

Straps Can Fall Off

Due to the natural placement of side-set breasts where they don’t fill the cups, the straps of your bikini tops can slip off your shoulders. Such a bummer because this can have you constantly readjusting the straps. It’s always important to look for bikini tops with adjustable straps.

There are also tops without adjustable and removable straps that can provide good support. They are common in bikini tops with ruffles and racerback swimwear. Just make sure to get the right size.

Boob Spillage

Here’s another common problem that women have with wide-set breasts. Because most of the breast tissues are splayed outwards, you can expect your boobs to spill out of the bikini top. It’s awkward, uncomfortable and it doesn’t look good.

Make sure to look for tops with good side support. This will help guide the breasts to the center of the cup and create cleavage. Underwire, plunge bras, and front-closing bikini tops are also ideal design elements to fix this.

Different Swimsuit Styles for Wide-Set Breasts

The struggle is real when it comes to choosing a well-fitting swimsuit and bikini top. Thankfully, there’s a range of designs to accommodate such breast shapes.

The Best Swimsuit Style for Wide-Set Breasts

  • Fabric Type: 80% Chinlon, 20% Spandex
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  • Cup Style: With Padded Cups
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  • Fabric Type: 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
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  • Wash Type: Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Cup Style: With Padded Cups
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  • Fabric Type: 82% Nylon, 18% Elastane
  • Wash Type: Hand Wash, Line Dry
  • Fashion design: Tie Front Ruffle Floral Fling High Waisted Shirred Slightly High Cut Bikini Set
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  • Material Type: Smooth Fabric
  • Fashion design: Drawstring, Elastic, Push, Straps closure
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  • Cup Style: Removable soft cups for added shape
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  • Fabric Type: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
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  • Cup Style: Push up
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Plunge-Style Swimsuit – Best Swimsuit Style for Wide-Set Breasts

CUPSHE Ruffled V Neck Swimsuit

Plunge bikini tops or anything with a low-cut or deep V-neck are hands down the most flattering swimsuit styles. If you add some ruffles, it will surely draw attention to the boob area.

We absolutely love everything about the CUPSHE Ruffled V Neck Swimsuit. It provides a super stylish way to showcase the breast, regardless of the gap. The cups are padded, and it comes with a tie closure at the back for added safety. It’s also a good way to conceal bumps and lumps on the torso.

SPORLIKE Ruffle Swimsuit

The SPORLIKE Ruffle Swimsuit may be a wonderful option if you have medium to smaller side-set breasts. It boasts beautiful frills on the sleeves, which take away the focus on the cleave department (for our conservative girlies out there). This bikini top works great if you wear smaller cup size.

The two-piece swimwear is simply gorgeous. If you have large busts in nature or breast implants blessed you with big boobs, the bra top can work well, too.

CUPSHE Vintage Lace Deep V Swimsuit

If you’re not a fan of sleeved two-pieces, go for something that covers more but still allows you to showcase your cleavage. The CUPSHE Vintage Lace Deep V Swimsuit is one of the most stylish swimwear in the market right now. We love the lace details in the middle and it enhances the body’s silhouette.

But something we appreciate the most about this one-piece suit is the super low-cut design. It enhances the boob area while still being tasteful.

Front-Closure Bra Top

COCOSHIP Retro Floral Tie Front Bikini Set

Bikini tops with front closures are heaven-sent to both small and big-busted ladies. They are a wonderful choice if you have a naturally wide rib cage.

When you want something that you can customize based on fit and tightness, you may go for a top with a tie closure such as the COCOSHIP Retro Floral Tie Front Bikini Set. Bikini tops that you can tie on the front are great for activities at the beach including paddleboarding, surfing, and other types of water sports.

Plus, this set is super stylish. We love the ruffles on the sleeves and it comes in gorgeous prints.

Racerback Style Swimsuit

Athletic Racerback Swimsuit

Racerback bras offer a great solution for bringing wide-set breasts closer. In swimsuits, they are a comfy and practical choice if you’re looking for good boob support.

If you’re a bit sporty, you can opt for something like the beauty in Athletic Racerback Swimsuit, which covers the front view while still offering a sexy silhouette. Since it conceals most of the chest area, it may be a great option for hiding asymmetric breasts or thinner upper breasts.

The cups are padded, so no need to worry about your breasts spilling out the sides. It also comes with dual shoulder straps for added support. We love the back detailing of this suit, though. The front lining extends to the straps at the back for a cohesive look.

Halter Top

Daci Ruffle Bikini Set

Halter bikini tops offer good support for wide-set breasts because they typically have customizable straps to achieve a more secure and comfortable fit. The Daci Ruffle Bikini Set makes everything so simple with adjustable straps for better boob support.

If you have big busts, this is one of the best plus-size swimwear styles because the top’s wide straps provide comfort on the shoulders. You can also ​​adjust the drawstring to achieve a V-neck look. You can leave it as is to kind of compress pointed breast tissue.

We appreciate the stylish twist, which is the ruffle flounce. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a no-fuss swimsuit that is also chic.

Underwire Bikini Top

Body Glove Women's Standard Bikini

For large wide-set bosoms, support is key. You’ll want something that helps push your breast tissues up and together. One of the key design elements of a good swimsuit for side-set breasts is the underwire. But we also know that they can be uncomfortable. You want to go for something that’s designed with comfort in mind.

The Body Glove Women’s Standard Bikini is probably the prettiest we’ve seen on the market. This bikini top is definitely a “body glove” because it accentuates your curves without sacrificing comfort. It has soft cups with removable pads, and you can wear the straps in two ways.

Smart & Sexy Halter Bikini Top

The Smart & Sexy Halter Bikini Top boasts a clever design because it looks so simple yet it’s so beneficial for wide-set breasts. It boasts a comfortable underwire for boob support and wide paddings to bring the cleavage out. You can tie it, and can be customized with the G hook in the back with 3 notches.

Its metallic details and adjustable neck straps are also our favorite features. Plus, it’s easy to pair with any bottoms.

Design Features To Look For

Swimsuit styles for wide-set breasts can come in different designs. Some are designed to enhance the boobs, while others are made for comfort. You don’t always have to forego comfort in favor of glorious cleavage, though. Just look for certain design elements when buying a piece or two for your beach day.


The best swimsuit style for a wide-set breast will offer good support. Look for swimsuits with cups, underwire, or molded padding to help achieve a more defined and lifted look. These design elements not only provide support but also minimize any gaping breasts and the fabric. They help create a better silhouette.

If you’re not into padded cups, you can also look for a bikini top without the paddings but make sure to look for something with a plunging neckline to draw the attention at the center.

Wide Bands

Our big-busted besties will benefit from wide bands. We all know the struggles of carrying all that front weight, so you’ll want reliable, comfortable, and supportive swimsuits. Bathing suits with wide bands under the bust offer added support. They help hold the swimsuit in place.

The wider bands also keep the bathing suit from shifting or sliding around too much, all while still providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps allow you to customize your fit better. If you can tailor the tightness of your swimwear to your level of comfort, it will be easier for you to move around and swim. It also helps pull the boobs closer, minimizing the gaps and giving a more secure and flattering fit.


What Swimsuit Is Best for Wide Rib Cage?

Look for tie-front tops. It can also help narrow out your rib cage if you look for a ruched bikini top with underwire, support, or wide straps. These design elements help with the overall silhouette.

What Tops Look Good on Saggy Breasts?

Saggy breasts happen when the fibrous structures that support young breast tissue during breast development weaken over time. The best tops to go with are ones with underwire, push-up or padded bras, and front-closure bikini tops. They do wonders at lifting sagging breasts and making them look firmer and fuller.


Finding the best swimsuit style for wide-set breasts is essential for a comfortable and flattering fit. If you want to enhance the look and draw attention to your girls, go for bathing suits with plunging necklines.

Our favorites are the CUPSHE Ruffled V Neck Swimsuit, SPORLIKE Ruffle Swimsuit, and CUPSHE Vintage Lace Deep V Swimsuit. These are so pretty when worn and offer a stylish way to enjoy the beach. They are also great for both small and large busts.

You can also check out the rest of our recommendations and see which one best suits you. Whether it’s one with a deep V cut or a boob-enhancing push-up and underwire bikini top, make sure to choose one that makes you feel good and comfortable.

Good luck!

Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson