Best Exfoliator After Brazilian Wax

Exfoliator After Brazilian Wax

If you’ve got your eyes peeled out for the best exfoliator after Brazilian wax, make sure to stop to consider some important things first: sensitive skin-friendly, gentle and non-abrasive, and scent. I have searched far and wide to find the best ones available in the market right now. And I have my current favorites listed and reviewed below!

I love exfoliating my skin – from my face to my body and to even a specially-made butt scrub. I find it relaxing and invigorating. And exfoliating in the shower is very therapeutic for me, especially after a very long and busy day. It also helps me achieve smoother and softer skin with lesser spots and bumps.

Waxing is an effective hair removal method. While it leaves skin hairless, it can often leave bumps and cause ingrown hairs. These annoying ingrown hairs and bumps can often defeat or reduce the purpose of a Brazilian wax. Instead of achieving smoother, beach-ready skin, you are instead left to deal with these annoying bumps.

If you want to combat these post-wax side effects, I’ve got you covered below with the best post-Brazilian wax exfoliators!

Should You Exfoliate After a Brazilian Wax?

Exfoliating the area post-Brazilian wax is as important as pre-Brazilian wax exfoliation. As hair will grow back after your waxing session, your skin will also be prone to bumps and ingrown hairs. Exfoliating post-wax is the best way to prevent these and to get your skin ready for your next waxing appointment.

Exfoliating entails removing and getting rid of dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation will prevent this buildup and will instead leave you with skin that is smoother and softer. After a Brazilian wax, this will help hair regrow better, with far lesser bumps and ingrown hairs caused by the regrowth.

When should you exfoliate post-Brazilian wax?

While it is important to exfoliate after the waxing session, it’s also important that you don’t rush into it.

After waxing, skin is extra sensitive and delicate. Exfoliating right after will be too harsh and abrasive on the skin. Make sure you wait 48-72 hours or 2-3 days after waxing before exfoliating. This will give your skin enough time to heal before you exfoliate.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Active Ingredients: Vitamin_e
  • Product Benefits: Exfoliating
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  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Active Ingredients: Lactic acids
  • Product Benefits: Exfoliating
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
  • Skin Type: All, Oily, Sensitive, Dry, Normal
  • Active Ingredients: Calendula oil
  • Product Benefits: Exfoliating
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  • Skin Type: All
  • Active Ingredients: Collagen
  • Product Benefits: Exfoliating, pore treatment, anti-acne, blemish control, hydrating, anti-aging, detoxifying, cleansing, softening
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  • Skin Type: All
  • Active Ingredients: Rosemary
  • Product Benefits: Self heating formula gently exfoliates the skin with sea salts. Hydrates the skin with algae extract and glycerin.
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The Best Exfoliator After a Brazilian Wax

1. Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Scrub – Our Pick!

Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Scrub

Our number one pick for the best exfoliator after a Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Scrub! A gentle sugar scrub, this is ideal to care for your skin after waxing as well as to prepare skin before the next appointment. This works as a body, face, and foot scrub.

Specially-formulated as a gentle scrub for sensitive skin, this is an ideal choice for the sensitive and delicate bikini area. This is made with only pure and natural ingredients and free from alcohol, parabens, or sulfates. This has also been formulated vegan and cruelty-free.

Though a gentle and sensitive skin-friendly formula, this does a great job at exfoliating skin. Many were impressed at how well this exfoliates. When used as post-wax care, this helps reduce and prevent bumps and hair ingrown until your next appointment. This promises smoother and softer skin.

While this offers an effective exfoliation for waxed areas, this doesn’t ever leave skin feeling dry. Packed with moisturizing essential oils, this makes sure you leave the bathroom feeling moisturized. When used as a face scrub, you can expect a healthy glow and radiance to your skin as well.

The one downside a few have shared about this is feeling a bit greasy getting out of the shower, especially for those who are not overly dry. The moisturizing essential oils can also cause a bit of oiliness in the tub.


  • Gentle yet effective sugar scrub
  • All-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free
  • Free from alcohol, sulfates, and parabens
  • Reduces and prevents bumps and ingrown hair
  • Exfoliates and moisturizes
  • Smoother and softer skin


  • Can be oily on some skin and in tub

2. First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub – Best for Waxing Bumps!

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

If your main post-Brazilian wax concern is skin bumps, the First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub might be what you’re looking for! Specially-developed for Keratosis Pilaris or more commonly known as chicken skin, this promises to eliminate these dry and rough bumps on skin.

Many would agree that this works well in getting rid of after-wax bumps. One can also expect this to help prevent and control ingrown hair. Regular use will help reduce the appearance of dark spots in the area.

Formulated with both glycolic and lactic acids, this works to decongest pores and free it from impurities. There are also pumice buffing beads that buff away dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin underneath. And with both bisabolol oil and vitamin E, this soothes and calms skin the delicate and sensitive bikini area.

This has been developed without alcohol, artificial colorants and fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and any animal testing. For sensitive skin and areas parts of the body, this has been dermatologically-tested. The formula is proudly vegan and gluten, nut, oil, and soy-free. If you’re someone with allergies to these ingredients, this is good news for you.

Though an effective exfoliator for getting rid of bumps and preventing ingrown hairs, this doesn’t dry the skin. This leaves skin feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated. The one downside this comes with is that it’s pricey.


  • For skin bumps and chicken skin
  • Gets rid of after-wax bumps
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Soothes and calms skin
  • Clean ingredients, vegan, and cruelty-free
  • Smooth, soft, and hydrated skin


  • Expensive

3. Dove Exfoliating Body Polish – Best Moisturizing Exfoliator!

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

If you often feel dry and sensitive after a Brazilian wax, you might want to check out our best moisturizing exfoliator pick: Dove Exfoliating Body Polish with 1/4 moisturizing cream, this restores skin’s natural nutrients and imparts moisture to reveal softer and smoother skin.

A moderate scrub, this provides gentle exfoliation without being too harsh or abrasive on skin. While it leaves skin feeling moisturized, this doesn’t leave you ever feeling greasy. If you’re someone with sensitive skin and has not fared well with other scrubs, this gentle and moderate option might be for you.

As post-Brazilian wax care, this works to exfoliate and eliminate post-wax bumps. It also prevents and keeps ingrown hairs at bay. This is sure to leave your skin silky smooth and soft after your waxing treatment.

With a blend of vanilla, macadamia, rice milk, and floral notes, this comes with a mild and fresh yet hypoallergenic scent. The scrub itself is smooth and easily spreadable. This is free from parabens, sulfates, and aluminum. This is cruelty-free and pH-balanced as well.

This promises no skin irritations and breakouts for sensitive skin. Even the mild scent poses no issues for those sensitive to smells.  Because this is the brand’s moderate exfoliator, this works more gently. While it may be ideal for sensitive skin, some found it not to be enough for their needs.


  • Moisturizes and restores natural skin nutrients
  • Moderate exfoliation
  • Not too harsh or abrasive on post-wax skin
  • Moisturizing but not greasy
  • Reduces bumps and ingrown hairs
  • Hypoallergenic scent


  • Not enough exfoliation for some

4. M3 Naturals Himalayan Scrub

M3 Naturals Himalayan Scrub

Our next favorite post-Brazilian wax exfoliator is the M3 Naturals Himalayan Scrub! An exfoliating salt scrub, this works to lift and scrub away toxins, impurities, and dead skin cells. It also scrubs away impurities lodged deep in the pores for healthier-looking skin. Its blend of powerhouse ingredients also reduces the appearance of blackheads, scars, blemishes, and after-wax bumps.

Many would agree that this helps reduce and eliminate after-wax bumps and ingrown hairs. This leaves skin feeling smooth, soft, and moisturized too. While this is an effective exfoliator, this isn’t too harsh or abrasive especially on the delicate bikini area.

Formulated with collagen and stem cells, this offers exceptional anti-aging benefits. It helps boost skin’s natural collagen production, promoting cell longevity. Unlike other body scrubs, this doesn’t let you out of the shower feeling tight and dry. It instead locks in moisture so you feel hydrated and moisturized down there.

This is another ideal exfoliator for sensitive skin. The scrub isn’t too harsh and provides just enough exfoliation. This is a strong enough exfoliator to get rid of after-wax bumps but gentle enough to not damage skin. This scrub is cruelty-free and assures you it only made use of quality and natural ingredients.

Though an absolute favorite among many, this can melt fast with water. Make sure to be careful and not get any water on the tub itself to preserve the scrub.


  • Reduces after-wax bumps and ingrown hairs
  • Scrubs away dead skin cells, toxins, and impurities
  • Smoother and softer skin
  • Not too harsh or abrasive
  • Locks in moisture
  • Anti-aging benefits


  • Melts fast with water

5. Bliss Hot Salt Scrub

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub

And the last item to make it into our list of the best exfoliators after a Brazilian wax is the Bliss Hot Salt Scrub! A self-heating exfoliator formula, this offers every user the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your own home. This works to lift and eliminate dry, tough, and dead skin cells. This reveals skin that is brighter, smoother, softer, and all-around healthier.

With natural sea salts, this buffs away skin’s rough and dry patches. This works to reduce and eliminate after-wax bumps. You can also trust this one to prevent and keep ingrown hairs at bay.

This warms up as you rub it to your skin – loosening knots and relaxing tired muscles. It’s very soothing and calming as well, truly an at home spa-like experience.

With glycerin and algae extracts, this is moisturizing and promises to leave skin feeling smooth like a baby’s! No worries because this isn’t every oily either. And with eucalyptus and rosemary oils, this has a spa-like scent that stimulates your senses and clears sinuses. On top of that, this is paraben and cruelty-free.

This works by scrubbing it on dry skin and will self-heat. Wash off with water after. The few downsides quite a few have shared about this is that the scent can be too strong for some. Others also felt like it doesn’t heat enough for their preference.


  • Self-heating exfoliator
  • Smoother and softer skin
  • Eliminates rough and dry patches
  • Reduces after-wax bumps and ingrown hairs
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Stimulating and sinus-clearing scent


  • Not enough heat
  • Scent can be too strong for some

How to Choose the Best Exfoliator After a Brazilian Wax

Sensitive skin-friendly

The skin on the bikini and Brazilian area are generally delicate and sensitive. When they are freshly-waxed, they can be tender and even more sensitive. Because of this, you would want to get an exfoliator that is sensitive skin-friendly. This would mean an exfoliator that will not aggravate sensitive skin or cause rashes and breakouts.

This also entails safe and gentle ingredients. Also make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients formulated in the scrub.

Gentle and non-abrasive

Because skin is extra sensitive and tender post-Brazilian wax, it’s very important that you get your hands on a gentle and non-abrasive exfoliator. An exfoliator that’s too harsh can rip and damage newly-waxed skin. It will also not help waxed skin heal overtime. This would mean gentle beads so as not to cause skin injuries, wounds, or rashes to that delicate and tender area.

Using an exfoliator that’s too strong and abrasive will do your bikini and Brazilian area more harm than good. This can sting and is overall uncomfortable for you. And yes, even if you wait the recommended 48-72 hours after waxing to exfoliate, you should stick with a non-abrasive formula.


As the Brazilian area is more sensitive, artificial fragrances and perfumes can also cause reactions, breakouts, and rashes. It would be better to stick with a scrub formula without these fragrances.

Now, even without artificial fragrances, body scrubs can still have some scent due to the natural ingredients. This can be less of a risk for allergic reactions. Still, make sure that you’re comfortable with the scent it comes in, especially if you’re sensitive to smells.

Other Post-Brazilian Wax Care Tips

  • If skin feels tender and looks red, apply a cold compress or cooling gel. These will help calm and soothe the skin while also controlling the skin’s redness after waxing.
  • No baths for a while. Dipping and keeping newly-waxed skin under water can cause irritations. After waxing, pores are still open and exposing open pores to water for longer periods of time can cause even more sensitivity and even cause rashes or breakouts.
  • A shower is fine, but do it at least two hours after waxing!
  • When showering after your waxing session, make sure to only use a mild, gentle, and unscented cleanser with lukewarm water.
  • After showering, make sure to apply a moisturizer. An unscented one is also recommended as artificial scents can aggravate freshly-waxed skin.
  • Opt for looser clothes and underwear to avoid friction and sweat on the waxed-skin. Give the area enough room to breathe to avoid bad reactions and irritations.
  • Exfoliate, but wait at least two to three days. This will give your skin enough time to heal itself. And on the topic of exfoliating, make sure you choose a gentle and non-abrasive one to avoid damaging or ripping off your skin.
  • Wait at least 48 hours before exposing waxed skin to the sun to avoid burning and scarring the area.


Exfoliating after a Brazilian wax is essential and does wonders for after-wax skin.

Our number one pick for the best after-Brazilian wax exfoliator is the Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Scrub! A gentle yet effective sugar scrub, this works to reduce bumps and prevent ingrown hairs after waxing. Not only does it exfoliate but it also moisturizes for softer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. It’s free from harmful chemicals and uses only clean, safe ingredients.

If your main concern is after-wax bumps, check out the First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub! This works wonders for skin bumps and Keratosis Pilaris or chicken skin. It also keeps ingrown hairs at bay and leaves skin smooth, soft, and moisturized.

And that has been our list of the best exfoliators after Brazilian wax! We hope you found your new favorite from our list above!

Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson