Light Brown Hair Shades

Light Brown Hair Shades Featured Photo

Brown hair color is a popular hair shade wherever you are in the world. Admittedly, it’s also my go-to hair dye color whenever I feel like amping up my daily style.

Light brown hair colors and shades are popular and trendy, especially with many celebrities sporting different varieties of the color for red carpet events.

It’s a versatile color and is sure to complement all skin tones. It also allows for customized shades to fit each person’s personal preference, hair texture, and even eye color. It’s universally-flattering and why it’s so trendy doesn’t come as a surprise. No matter what you natural hair color is, a light brown hair color is sure to look flattering on you.

For the best light brown hair color ideas and inspirations to try next, read on below!

The Next Light Brown Hair Shades You Should Try

1. Natural Light Brown Hair

Light Bronde Brown Hair Shade

Natural light brown hair color is that brown shade that sits right in between a dark brown hair color and a medium brown hair color. It’s neither of the two and is a very soft color. Light brown locks have a more neutral tone and will go well with all skin tones. This shade of brown hair also gives it a more natural color and vibe.

2. Light Golden Brown Hair

Light Golden Brown Hair Shade

A light golden brown hair color adds beautiful golden tones to the soft and light brown hue. This golden brown hair results in a warm and bright shade of brown hair. This gives hair a warm tone and such richness that captures the sun well to give it some depth.

3. Sun-Kissed Brown

Sun-Kissed Brown Hair Shade

A sun-kissed light brown hair color gives hair a beach, effortless vibe. This is achieved through a hair coloring technique, usually with highlights on a solid dark brown base with light brown highlights, rather than with a specific hair color or dye. It gives hair the illusion of depth and texture and will look beautiful on just about anyone – whether you like being under the sun or not!

4. Mushroom Brown

Mushroom Brown Hair Shade

A mushroom brown hair color combines different soft shades of gray and brown tones. This color combination mimics the color similar to that of a mushroom, hence the name. It uses both highlighting and lowlighting techniques to add dimension. This light brown hair color has a more neutral to cool undertones and can appear ashy.

5. Light Auburn Brown

Light Auburn Brown Hair Shade

Auburn is part of the red hair color family, though it’s not entirely ginger. The hair color has hints of red. Depending on how dark or light the auburn color is, it can lead to more reddish or orange tones, respectively.

6. Light Caramel Brown

Light Caramel Brown Hair Shade

A caramel brown hair color blends brown, amber, and golden blonde hues. This exudes warmness and richness, definitely a favorite brunette and light brown hair variation among many. This along with light brown highlights adds depth and dimension to hairstyles and is sure to flatter anyone with any skin tone.

7. Light Ash Brown

Light Ash Brown Hair Shade

Light ash brown blends hues of silver, blonde, and dirty brown to achieve a cool undertone light brown hair color. This leans more on the gray spectrum, giving it a multi-dimensional look. This light brown color brings out the cool tones of your hair. You can also opt for more light brown highlights to give it more depth.

8. Light Sandy Brown

Light Sandy Brown Hair Shade

A light sandy brown shade uses both brown and blonde hue for a neutral and soft look. This looks light and cool and definitely exudes beauty and sophistication. If you’re going for something simple with style, this shade of brown hair is for you. It has a dusty finish and can look light brown hair in the shade while looking blonde under the sun.

9. Light Chestnut Brown

Light Chestnut Brown Hair Shade

Chestnut brown is a light brown hair color with beautiful red undertones and pigments. The red pigments often appear and become obvious under sunlight. One can say that this is in between the standard brown and auburn hair. While auburn has more obvious red tones, chestnut has more brown. This can be customized so clients can achieve either light or dark brown hair.

10. Light Bronde

Light Bronde Brown Hair Shade

Bronde is a brown blonde hair color that sits right in between brown and blonde shades. This gives hair a sun-kissed look through the balayage technique. It looks subtle, natural, and effortless. This gives your locks a mix of brown and blonde streaks throughout. Anyone – whether you have prior light or dark hair – can enjoy this light brown color.


Light brown hair colors are ever so popular and trendy. A very versatile and universally-flattering hair color, anyone can sport and own this hair shade.

No matter your skin tone, undertones, eye color, and hair texture, a brown shade is the way to go if you’re looking to amp up your style but aren’t ready for the drastic changes of bleaching and going blonde. It’s a more natural color yet very eye-catching. Once you pick your shade, consider styling with a curling iron or wand – do you know which is better?

Happy hair coloring!