Dark Brown Hair Shades

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Dark brown may not be the most eye-catching hair color there is but it remains to be one of the classics. Dark brown hair (and brunette shades in general) never goes out of style, no matter what trends come and go.

Many people seem to think that dark brown is a very boring color, but with the right shade and style from its endless varieties, dark brown shades are sure to take your style to a whole new level. Regardless of skin tones – dark, medium, or fair skin tones – you’re sure to find a dark brown hair color for you.

If you’re hoping to dye your hair a beautiful dark brown, we’ve got some of the best dark brown hair color ideas and inspirations to get you started.

The Best Dark Brown Shades and Color To Try Next: More Than Just Dark Hair

1. Natural Dark Brown Hair Color

Natural Dark Brown Hair Color

Natural dark brown hair is subtle but oh-so-classic. It brings your everyday style up a notch without being too drastic. Also, it lays down the base for other hairstyles you might want to try in the future, whether it be balayage, subtle highlights, or lowlights.

2. Dark Golden Brown

Dark Golden Brown

A dark golden brown hair color combines a dark brown base with bright gold tones. This results in a rich and warm brunette hair shade that sits in the middle of a deep brown and blonde, basically a common ground between the two.

3. Dark Mahogany Brown

Dark Mahogany Brown Hair Shade

A mahogany brown hair color is a reddish-brown shade that has both brown and red hues and tones. It often has a deep and rich color. Depending on the customized shade you ask your colorist, it can be subtle and soft or bright and vibrant. Sometimes, violet pigments are also present.

4. Dark Honey Brown

Dark Honey Brown Hair Shade

A dark honey brown hair color has a dark brown base with varying honey-colored highlights. There can also be underlying golden pigments to give it a color close to real honey. A honey brown hair shade has varying tones to choose from and can be adjusted light or darker according to your preference.

5. Espresso Brown

Espresso Brown Hair Shade

Espresso brown is a coffee-based hair color, thus the term. It combines pigments of both brown and black for that dark yet beautiful color. Espresso brown hair is mostly dark brown with the right amount of black hints for a cool-toned color. Though it’s often confused with true black, the dark brown hue is more obvious under specific lighting settings.

6. Dark Auburn Brown

Dark Auburn Brown

Just like mahogany brown, auburn brown is a hair color shade that is reddish-brown. It mixes both red and brown hues together and forms a very deep ginger. The color can be customized and adjusted to achieve medium to dark tones.

7. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Hair Shade

A chocolate brown shade is a deep brown color that closely resembles the true color of, you guessed it, chocolates. A dark chocolate hair color also has pigments of red and gold to give it hints of bronze and gold. This dark chocolate hair color is rich, warm, and oh-so-yummy to look at.

8. Dark Caramel Brown

Dark Caramel Brown Hair Shade

Caramel brown blends brown and golden blonde hues for a warm and rich caramel brown hair shade. It’s not too light nor too dark and incorporates amber and gold for a flattering tone. Caramel brown hair creates depth and brings the standard dark brown hair even more life.

9. Dark Brown Ombre

Dark Brown Ombre Hair Shade

Ombre is a great coloring technique to give your hair a beautiful two-toned effect. Ombres usually have a darker color on top and roots with a lighter color going to the ends of the strands. This gives hair a dramatic gradient effect that can be achieved with any hair color or shade.

10. Dark Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

If you want to give your dark brown hair depth and dimension, highlights and lowlights are the way to go. These coloring techniques use either a lighter or darker color than your base color. Dark brown hair with highlights and lowlights are great if you want to amp up your hair without risking too much damage.


Dark brunette hair colors never go out of style. It’s simple, classic, and remains to be a favorite go-to for so many, no matter the skin tone, eye color, and hair texture.

Brunette hair is also a very versatile color. One can choose to customize with varying undertones, pigments, and coloring techniques so the notion that dark brown is boring has never been more false!

Dark brown hair color never goes out of style and professionals will only continue developing it to many varieties people will fall in love with. If you have blonde or light hair, learn how to dye blonde hair brown.