Best Leggings for Bigger Thighs

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If you’re hunting down the best leggings for bigger thighs you can get your hands on right now, make sure you stop to consider a few important factors first before making your final decision: when and where to use it, the size, and fabric and material used. I have searched far and wide for the best in the business right now and I have all my favorites listed and reviewed below just for you. If you want to find out what lived up to my standards and how these factors came into play, go ahead and real along with me now!

I never wear leggings. Because I have always had – or at least when I started going through puberty – bigger and thicker thighs, leggings were one of my worst nightmares and enemies. As I have always been insecure about my thighs (something I’ve thankfully grown out of), I always felt like they would only accentuate them and make them look bigger. Whenever I see anyone with bigger thighs like mine in leggings, I say more power to you but I never understood how they were able to sport and look good and confident in them.

Even now, as I have learned to accept and love my body’s features – thick thighs and all – I still couldn’t bring myself to go out in leggings. I fear that if I do, I would constantly be too conscious outside and would eventually want to crawl back home, feeling bad about myself. The first pair of leggings I bought and made myself use were thick activewear leggings. And then I thought to myself, if I find more of this kind and quality, I might actually find myself wearing it casually and when I’m running a couple errands. Thus began my search for the best leggings to complement and suit bigger thighs like mine!

If you’re having a hard time looking for leggings to provide you with the perfect support and fit, throw your worries away because we are diving right in to my favorites!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  • Material: 88% Polyester
  • Closure Type: Elastic closure
  • Wash type: Machine Wash
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  • Material: 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex
  • Closure Type: Elastic closure
  • Wash type: Machine Wash
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
  • Material: 65% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Closure Type: Pull On closure
  • Wash type: Machine Wash
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
  • Material: 88% Cotton, 12% Spandex
  • Closure Type: Elastic closure
  • Wash type: Machine Wash
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  • Material: 88% Cotton, 12% Spandex
  • Closure Type: Pull On closure
  • Wash type: Machine Wash
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The Best Leggings for Bigger Thighs

1. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants – Our Pick!

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants

Our number one pick for the best leggings for bigger thighs is the IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants! Designed with an ultra-stretch fit, this works to conform and follow your body’s movements, whether you’re in the middle of your exercise routine, yoga, or simply lounging around the house. For people with bigger thighs, you can trust this pair to perfectly fit them without being overly tight to the point that you feel uncomfortable or in constant pain throughout the day and no matter how active you are.

Featuring a buttery soft and 4-way stretch fabric, this works to provide each user with maximum compression and support with every pair. The soft fabric used for these leggings are sure to be comfortable and skin-friendly, making it very ideal for an all-day comfortable wear. On top of providing maximum comfort, this has been equipped with a streamlined design to provide you with a figure and form that bring your confidence to a whole new level!

Equipped with a high-rise waistband, this offers amazing tummy control features. Users have shared that the fabric is snug and tight enough to hold in your stomach securely and works to make you appear slimmer all over. You can really trust this pair of leggings to hold everything in place throughout the day but still feel comfortable and be able to allow free movement for your active or casual lifestyle. The high waistband also promises to stay up and in place even through high intensity workout sessions.

A few users have compared the fabric quality of these IUGA leggings to that of a spanx, but this one is more breathable and has more space for bigger thighs to move and breathe. If you have bigger thighs, I’m pretty sure you’re also familiar with the difficulty of finding the right pants size as you need something that offers enough space and room for your thighs yet fit your waist without being too loose or too tight. With these leggings, you can rest assured that while these offer your thighs more room and stretchability, this also fits snugly around your waist.

Having been designed with 2 side pockets and a hidden waistband pocket, this offers convenient storage for your phone, keys, and cards whenever you head to the gym or go out for a run. This is currently available in a whopping 41 color variations while sizing options vary from x-small to 3x-large, assuring you that you will be able to find one for your needs and your size. The fabric used for these leggings are wonderfully thick and soft, promising a non-see-through performance every time.

Though this is considered high-waisted by many, some still found the waistband to not be as high as they would have expected. Some would refer to it as mid-waist as the band rests more below the belly button. Because it is not as high as some would expect, they also experienced having to pull up the band to have them where they wanted them to be on their stomach. If this minor inconvenience isn’t much of a big deal for you, go on right ahead with this top pick of ours.


  • Conforms to and follows your body’s movements
  • Available in 41 colors and sizes from x-small to 3x-large
  • Fits bigger thighs without being tight around them
  • 4-way stretch fabric provides maximum support and compression
  • Buttery soft and comfortable fabric is ideal for all-day wear
  • High waistband has tummy control features
  • Waistband is able to hold stomach and everything in all day
  • Stay-in-place waistband even with intense workouts
  • Spanx-like fabric but is more breathable and offers more space for thighs
  • Provides thighs with more room but fits snugly on waist without being tight or loose
  • Comes with 2 side pockets and 1 hidden waistband pocket
  • Thick, soft, and non-see-through fabric
  • Figure and form-fitting streamlined design


  • Not as high-waisted as some would expect

2. KIWI RATA High-Waisted Compression Leggings – Best Figure-Enhancing!

KIWI RATA High-Waisted Compression Leggings

The next item on our list of the best leggings for bigger thighs and our top choice for the best figure-enhancing pair is the KIWI RATA High-Waisted Compression Leggings! If what you’re looking for right now is a pair of leggings that can enhance your figure so you can walk with more confidence, you want to make sure that you check this one out from our pool of favorites. Specifically designed to contour and shape your body, you can trust this pair of leggings to enhance your body and give you a more streamlined look!

Specifically designed with a compressive fit and glute enhancing and contouring details, you are sure to achieve a better-looking figure than ever with this one. Its stretchy fabric and high-rise waist design also works to hold your belly and prevent the appearance of muffin tops, whether you are in the gym, out for a run, or just hanging around the house. By making this pair of leggings a staple in your daily and casual wear, you can rest assured that you will only highlight your figure and learn to love your curves even more than before.

Equipped with a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, this KIWI RATA pair promises a comfortable all-day wear. These have been designed with mesh jacquards on both sides of the thighs, this allows air to enter the fabric so your legs and lower body are able to breathe and move comfortably throughout the day, even with intense workout sessions. The fabric used for this pair also has 4-way stretch to really fit and form to your body and curves, never restraining and constricting you underneath.

These high-waisted compression leggings fit like second skin, providing maximum and high levels of support and compression – truly a flattering fit for anyone. Designed with a contouring ruched detail on the rear area, this works to lift and enhance your bums as well. The high-rise waistband also offers efficient tummy control and promises to hold everything in as you go about your day in these leggings. These also promise a non-see-through and squat-proof performance so you don’t ever have to feel self-conscious outside.

These seamless leggings pairs are sure to comfortably fit and flatter thick thighs like ours! This fits hips and waist well without ever leaving you with love handles instead. It doesn’t give a very tight and constricting fit but is still able to hold everything in. You can trust this one to shape, contour, and hold things in place all day! Many users have also praised this pair as the material used feels durable and high-quality, not at all cheap-feeling. The high waistband also stays up and in place as you go about your exercise routine.

Currently available in 44 color variations and sizing options ranging from x-small to x-large, you are sure to find out for your needs. Because this is a figure-enhancing and form-fitting pair of leggings, some might find this a little bit too snug than what they would have preferred. The snug fit is essential for compression and enhancing the figure. If you feel a bit too tight in them, some have suggested that you could size up for a more loose but still compressing fit.


  • Ideal for figure-enhancing
  • Available in 44 colors and sizing options from x-small to x-large
  • Works to contour and shape body for a streamlined look
  • Compressive fit and glute-enhancing details
  • 4-way stretch fabric conforms to your body without suffocating
  • Fits like second skin with maximum compression and support
  • Contouring ruch butt details for lifting and enhancing bums
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable fabric for comfortable all-day wear
  • High-rise waistband offers tummy control and holds in everything
  • Non-see-through and squat-proof fabric for maximum security
  • Material is durable and high-quality
  • Waistband stays in place throughout the day and workouts


  • Might fit too snug on some

3. CompressionZ High-Waisted Compression Leggings – Best Compression!

CompressionZ High-Waisted Compression Leggings

The next item to make it into our list of the best leggings for bigger thighs and our top pick for the best compression is the CompressionZ High-Waisted Compression Leggings! If what you’re looking for in your new pair of big thighs-friendly leggings is the compression it can offer, make sure you check this one out. This works to give users a comfortable yet firm pressure on your thighs, calves, quads, and hamstrings every time you enjoy your workout routine. This is a great choice for anyone who works out, runs, does yoga, or simply for casual everyday wear.

You can trust these high-waisted leggings to offer outstanding compression for your muscles with light pressure to keep them warm and keep the blood flowing efficiently. With this pair of workout leggings, you are sure to achieve a more time-worthy workout every single time. Many have lauded this pair as true compression leggings made correctly to provide great support. The material of this pair feels thick yet lightweight against skin, offering unrestricted and free movement.

Having been equipped with sweat-wicking and breathable fabric, this CompressionZ leggings promise maximum comfort for an all-day wear. It also makes use of a 4-way stretch fabric, assuring you that the leggings will truly conform and follow your body’’s curves and movements with much comfort and stretchability. With material similar to spandex, you can rest assured that this will hold you in and offer maximum support no matter how much you move throughout the day.

Boasting of a non-see-through fabric, this pair of leggings is squat-proof so you can workout with confidence and security, without having to worry about whether or not you’re showing too much. The high-rise waistband promises to keep things in without cutting onto your sides or rolling down throughout the day. Fitting tight along the stomach area, this also offers a great slimming effect that brings out the confidence in you! If you have thigh fat or bigger thighs, you can trust this one to shape and contain them so they don’t jiggle as they usually would.

This is currently offered in 19 color options and sizing varies from x-small to 6x-large – talk about sizing inclusivity! Many users have also shared the great benefit that the leggings retain their shape well after many uses and washes. You can trust this one to last you for quite a while before having to replace it. Despite the many features this offers, there is one drawback many have shared. The leggings’ sizing chart can be confusing, as many have said in their reviews. Some have said it might run big so make sure to go through others’ experiences as well.


  • Ideal muscle compression while working out
  • Available in 19 colors and size ranges from x-small to 6x-large
  • Comfortable yet firm pressure to keep muscles warm and blood flowing
  • Light yet firm pressure on muscles
  • True compression leggings provide great support
  • Fabric feel thick yet lightweight for unrestricted movement
  • Holds everything in for maximum support
  • Non-see-through fabric is squat-proof
  • High waistband gives slimming effect on stomach
  • Keeps bigger thighs contained so they don’t juggle as you move
  • Doesn’t cut into sides or rolls down with movement
  • Washes and retains shape well


  • Sizing chart may be confusing

4. Redqenting Workout Leggings

Redqenting Workout Leggings

Our next favorite leggings for bigger thighs are the Redqenting Workout Leggings! Specially designed to contour and conform to your body, you can trust this one to help you achieve a more streamlined look. This works to highlight your body’s natural curves and helps accentuate them. Many would agree that this is extremely flattering and gives great compression levels in all the right places, exactly where you need it. While it hugs you in places where you need it, this one doesn’t leave you with any hints of a muffin top.

Having been equipped with moisture-wicking, breathable, and soft fabric, this works great for comfortable all-day wear, whether you are in the gym working out or simply hanging out in the house. The 4-way stretch fabric also assures you that you get full coverage while it shapes and conforms to your body. The material used for this pair is sure to be strong while staying soft and breathable. You can trust the stretchable fabric to perfectly fit your waist and thighs with ample room to move and breathe.

Designed with mesh jacquards on both sides of the thighs, this Redqenting leggings allow air to get in and out of the fabric so you can stay dry and cool throughout the day or throughout your workout session. This also comes with a high-rise waistband that works to gather and conceal any excess fat on your stomach and midsection area without ever digging into them. Some have also shared that this is great to help you achieve that coveted hourglass figure!

The rear and lower areas on these workout leggings are extremely flattering and give both your thighs and bums an extra lift to bring out even more confidence in you.They make sure to hug your bums to further accentuate the curve on them. Users have said that the fabric used for this pair of leggings are thick and of high-quality. It boasts of a non-see-through fabric so you aren’t constantly worried about showing too much.

This is offered in 8 color options and sizing goes from small, medium, and large. While this may be non-see-through and squat-proof on some occasions, some color options, especially the lighter ones, are not so squat-proof and can show a little more than what you would want. In thinking of colors to choose, do keep this in mind for this favorite of ours. In hopes of keeping users feeling cool, this comes with hole-like designs along the sides. While it is a good thing, some found the design to be a bit delicate and can rip easily if not careful.


  • Contours and conforms to your body
  • Available in 8 colors and sizes from small, medium, and large
  • Great compression levels in all the right places
  • Doesn’t leave you with muffin tops
  • Moisture-wicking, soft, and breathable fabric for comfortable all-day wear
  • 4-way stretch fabric offers full coverage and perfect fit
  • Durable and strong fabric
  • Stretchable fabric fits waist and thighs comfortably
  • High-rise waistband offers tummy control
  • Allows to achieve hourglass figure
  • Provides thighs and butt extra lift
  • Non-see-through fabric


  • Some color options may not be completely squat-proof
  • Holes in the design may be delicate and rip easily

5. Rainbeau Curves Plus-Size Basix Compression Leggings

Rainbeau Curves Plus-Size Basix Compression Leggings

And the last item to make it into our list of the best leggings for bigger thighs is the Rainbeau Curves Plus-Size Basix Compression Leggings! Specially designed for our plus size queens, this is sure to comfortably fit bigger thighs while also leaving you with a more flattering look all over. This offers you thighs enough room for free and comfortable movement without having the waistband sit too big on your body, something girls with bigger thighs are too familiar with. This was really made and designed for girls with curves!

Designed with a wide and power-stretch waistband, this offers great tummy control wherever you need it. Thanks to extra wide panels, this is sure to hold in your stomach for a slimmer figure. You can trust this one to smooth out any cellulite and fat rolls that may usually appear under your clothes. If you’re someone with curves, this is for sure to look flattering on you while also offering a very comfortable wear. The waistband also doesn’t roll down your stomach, no matter how much you move throughout the day.

This has been equipped with moisture-wicking fabric, making sure that you stay and cool throughout the day or throughout a workout session. The fabric with compression technology prevents muffin tops and makes sure to nicely shape your body. And thanks to the leggings’ compression level, this also works to lift your butt to improve your body’s curves. This fits from waist all the way down to the ankles, truly offering users full coverage.

Though it offers compression at some level and degree, some have shared that it isn’t as tight, snug, or compressing as they would’ve hoped for and expected from a pair of compression leggings. If you ever decide to go with this one, make sure to keep that in mind as well.


  • Specially designed plus size leggings
  • Enough room for thighs for free movement
  • Waistband doesn’t sit too big on body
  • Truly made for women with curves
  • Wide and power-stretch waistband offer tummy control
  • Extra wide panels holds stomach in for a slimmer sigure
  • Smooths out cellulite, fat rolls, and muffin tops
  • Waistband doesn’t roll down and really stays in place
  • Moisture-wicking fabric is compatible for an all-day wear
  • Lifts butt and tightens thighs
  • Fit from waist to ankles offer full coverage


  • Might not be as compressing for some

How to Choose the Best Leggings for Bigger Thighs

With so many leggings options popping in and out of the market right now, it’s very important that you know what you should take a look into to make sure you are getting your hands on the best of the best for your needs. If you don’t know what to consider just yet – no need to worry because we have you covered right below!

When and where to use it

When looking for new pairs of leggings to get your hands on, it’s very important to consider where and when you will be using them. It’s important to keep in mind that leggings aren’t only meant to be used as activewear. Leggings are also comfortable as casual and daily pants many turn to for comfort and practicality.

Where and when you choose to use your new leggings will likely affect your decision process. Will you be using it for the gym, for running, or will you use it as everyday casual wear for maximum comfort? Leggings are also a popular choice among many who go on vacations and trips and would want to make sure that they are at their most comfortable for maximum enjoyment. Consider these and make sure you choose your next pair of leggings accordingly.


When it comes to leggings for bigger thighs, the size of the garment matters. Looking for bigger thighs-friendly leggings are a waste if you get it in the wrong size. You would want to make sure that you are getting it in the right size, both according to your measurements and according to the brand’s size chart. Make sure that the size of your new leggings comfortably fit your thighs with room for free movements but also isn’t loose or tight on your waist. Also keep in mind, clothes are designed to fit you, not the other way around!

Fabric and material

The last important factor to keep in mind is the fabric and material used. With leggings, you want to get your hands on a pair with fabric and material that is thick enough to make sure you aren’t showing anything through. Though you’re aiming for a thick material, make sure that it is still soft, breathable, and comfortable no matter how long you choose to wear it. You don’t want to be in pain, discomfort, or suffocating under your new leggings so make sure you check on what material it was made from.

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Leggings have been around for so long and have been a staple wardrobe piece in many people’s lives. For us with bigger thighs, it is often more of a struggle looking for pairs of leggings that will suit and complement us.

Our number one pick for the best leggings for bigger thighs is the IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants thanks to its 4-ways stretch fabric that fits bigger thighs well without being too tight around them! Its buttery soft and spanx-like fabric conforms to your body’s form and movements while being comfortable for an all-day wear.

Our top choice for the best figure-enhancing leggings for bigger thighs is the KIWI RATA High-Waisted Compression Leggings! This pair is sure to contour and enhance your curves and gives you a better figure than ever.

And the CompressionZ High-Waisted Compression Leggings are our best compression leggings for big thighs! This offers comfortable yet firm pressure on your muscles so they stay warm and keep the blood flowing.

We hope our list of current favorites led you to your new favorite leggings for big thighs. Happy shopping!