Type of Bra for Halter Top

Type of Bra for Halter Top

As a woman, I hate wearing bras. I often feel suffocated and tight in them. Whenever I can, I tend to go braless. But whenever I head out, I don’t have much choice but to wear a bra for coverage and support.

I also like fashion. I’m not the most fashionable person there is but I enjoy playing around with different clothes – pants, skirts, tops, dresses, and shirts. One thing I hate the most is when I’ve found and assembled the perfect outfit but everything falls apart and goes wrong when it comes to my bra.

With the wrong bra under the wrong outfit, I’m bound to show the straps, the band, or even the cups. And it just ruins the entire outfit. Because of this, I started buying different bra types over the past few months to solve the issue.

One of the bras I have yet to buy are for halter tops and dresses. If you’re also looking forward to wearing a new halter you just bought but have been having a hard time finding a bra for it, I’ve got you covered below!

What is a Halter Top?

Kinds of a Halter Top

A halter top is a women’s clothing style where the strap goes around the neck, often leaving a backless design. The straps are either pulled over the neck or connected with a closure or by tying it around the neck.

The neckline or front area of the top can take on different cuts and designs from round, v-neck, or an x form. The straps can also vary in width. Some straps are thin while some may be thick.

A halter top often reveals skin on the sides, the back, chest area, and shoulders. Because of this construction, using a conventional bra with it will lead to exposed bra straps, bands, and closures.

And for the best bras for halter tops, read on below!

7 Types of Bras for Halter Tops

1. Halter bra

Halter bra

A halter bra is the way to go when you’re wearing a halter top or halter dress. Just by the name, you know these two will work well together. A halter bra is constructed the same as a halter top, halter neck and all. This means the straps of a halter bra also connect around and on the neck the same way a halter top does.

Using a halter bra with a halter top means hiding the straps underneath the top. There’s no showing signs of straps, closures, and bands.

Halter bras can be padded or non-padded. The absence of the conventional bra straps also relieves pain and pressure from your shoulders while still giving enough support and lift.

2. Convertible bra

Convertible bra

Convertible bras are the ultimate flexible undergarment. They allow you to wear your bras in many different ways, whatever your outfit calls for.

A convertible bra is any standard bra but gives its users the option of detachable straps and converting it to criss-cross, one shoulder, racerback, halter, or no straps at all as a strapless bra.

A convertible bra – sometimes referred to as a multiway bra – allows you to enjoy wearing tops and dresses with different styles and cuts.

3. Strapless bra

Strapless bra

Strapless bras are another easy and no effort bra to use with halter tops. As this eliminates the use of straps altogether, you don’t have to worry about them showing under your top at all.

Strapless bras can come without straps at all or simply be your regular bra with removable straps. When going for a strapless bra, consider the width of the band. Make sure this part doesn’t show and peek under your top as well.

Strapless bras also come with extra features like silicones on the band to make sure it sticks on skin and doesn’t slip off. Make sure you look for those features to ensure support without having to pull it up constantly.

4. Halter bralette

Halter bralette

A bralette is a more lightweight and less structured bra. It’s generally designed to be prettier than a regular bra. Though prettier to look at, it offers only light support. They’re usually lightly-padded and have no wires, closures, or adjustable straps. This is a famous go-to for women who prioritize comfort above anything else.

Many women don’t like wearing bralettes as it doesn’t have much support and lift to provide. But then again, a bralette’s purpose is to mainly cover instead of support.

If you’re going for a bralette, make sure you get a halter bralette cut and design. This way, it would have the same construction and design as your top.

Bralettes usually have a layer of lace finish on top. This is why many women use it as a top as well. And because of the usually lacy finish, not everyone would mind a bralette peeking out of a halter top.

5. Bandeau

Bandeau Bra

A bandeau bra is a piece of clothing made with what looks like a strip of cloth. It wraps around the chest and breast area for very lightweight support. It usually doesn’t have any straps and offers little to no shaping for busts. Though this is the case, many women like wearing bandeaus for its lightweight and comfortable wear that still covers.

Much like a bralette, a bandeau bra is meant to be seen under clothing and can even be worn as a top itself. It goes well under a halter top and wouldn’t look tacky if it does show under your top.

6. Adhesive bra

Adhesive bra

Adhesive bras are the perfect option for halter tops that are also backless or those with very deep cuts on the back. An adhesive bra, as its name suggests, is designed to stick on the busts. Some come with adhesive wings while some don’t.

Though they don’t offer the best support, especially for women with larger breasts, they do work best at showing no signs of visibility under halter tops. Some adhesive bras can also give your girls some cleavage by pulling them into the center with front hooks and closures.

These are great options for women with small to medium-sized breasts. Women with larger busts can definitely wear them but keep in mind, they don’t have the best lift and support. There are, however, adhesive bras with larger cups so keep an eye out for those.

Adhesive bras are waterproof and reusable many times so you’re not just throwing it away with every use.

7. Pasties

Pasties Bra

Like adhesive bras, pasties stick on breasts but for nipple coverage only. They’re virtually seamless under any clothes for a smooth look under. They’re great options for thin fabric halter tops.

These are great if your halter top has a deep or plunging neckline as there’s two separate pasties for each side. This is lightweight and very comfortable to wear as well.

And just like adhesive bras, pasties are waterproof and therefore allow you to wash and dry them without damage so you can reuse it next time.

If you don’t mind wearing a bra with no lift at all, this is a great halter top bra choice.


Halter tops and dresses are one of many fashion trends that don’t seem to go away.

As glamorous and beautiful halter tops are, your entire getup can be ruined if you wear the wrong type of bra. Regular bras can show and peek on halter tops and it’s bound to ruin the outfit you carefully curated.

When sporting halter tops, you want to make sure you’re using the right bras to complete your outfit.

Halter bras, as the name suggests, go perfect with halter tops. With the same design and construction, it’s bound to never show up under your top. Convertible bras are the ultimate flexible undergarment one can ask for. You can wear it as regular, criss-cross, halter, racerback, or no straps at all! If you don’t want straps at all, try a strapless bra under your top.

Bralettes and bandeaus are both lightweight though less-structured bra options. It offers light support but great coverage. Both items can be worn as a top itself and don’t look tacky under halter tops even if they peek through.

Adhesive bras and pasties stick on your busts for seamless coverage under any top, no matter the back cut or neck line.

And there you have it – the 7 types of bras for halter tops! Happy shopping!