Light Blonde Hair Shades

Light Blonde Hair Shades Featured Photo

A light blonde hair shade is the perfect hair color for someone looking to add to their daily style. Light blonde hair can range from ash, white, silver, platinum blonde and anything in between.

Light blonde hair never seems to go out of style. It can be bold, subtle, shiny, or muted. It can also lean towards yellow, orange, gold, brown, and red. One can easily get a customized blonde hair color that’s uniquely theirs, keeping in mind their skin tone, eye color, and preferences.

If you’re looking to dye your hair to a light blonde hair shade, I’ve got the best hair-spirations and light blonde hair color ideas below!

The Best Light Blonde Hair Shades To Try On Your Next Salon Visit

1. Light Natural Blonde Hair Color

Light Natural Blonde Hair Color

Light natural blonde hair is perfect for those looking to look like a natural blonde. If you’re not too sure about going silver or platinum for that big change, this is the way to go. It mixes different shades of blondes with the same tone to give a softer and more natural shade of blonde.

2. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair Shade

Platinum blonde hair is a very pale blonde shade. The shade is so light that it looks closer to white blonde. It has a more silvery and somewhat metallic finish. It’s a cool, icy blonde with silver, grayish undertones and pigments. It also flatters most skin tones, so that’s a huge plus.

3. Light Ash Blonde Hair

Light Ash Blonde Hair Shade

Ash blonde has cooler tones with gray, silver, and ice white hues and undertones. Aside from grayish tints, it also incorporates some green or blue underlying pigments for that cool tone. It also has a dusky and smokey finish, thus the name ash blonde.

4. Light Silver Blonde Hair

Light Silver Blonde Hair Shade

Silver blonde hair color is another very pale blonde shade. It has a cool tone to it that has more silvery and ashy tones. It’s slightly different from a platinum blonde color in the way that silver blonde looks and is a darker shade. It’s basically a hybrid color between a pale blonde and silver pigments.

5. Light Blonde Hair With Highlights and Lowlights

Light Blonde Hair With Highlights and Lowlights Hair Shade

Lighter and darker blonde highlights and lowlights on light blonde hair give it depth, texture, dimensions, and volume illusion. You can, of course, get only one of the two. The difference? Highlights use a lighter color than the rest of your hair on specific strands while lowlights use a darker color on specific strands.

6. Light Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Light Blonde Hair With Dark Roots Hair Shade

A good way to amp up simple light blonde hair is with dark roots. If highlights, lowlights, balayage, and ombre hairstyles aren’t your thing, this might be for you. Because the roots are left darker, it looks more natural, softer, and is a more organic transition from a darker natural hair color to light blonde. It looks effortless and gives a lived-in vibe.

7. Pearl Blonde Hair

Pearl Blonde Hair Shade

A pearl blonde hair color shade looks very close to ash blonde hair color. The difference is that while ash blonde has cool tones, pearl blonde has warm tones and pigments. If you like platinum and ash blonde shades but have been wanting to switch it up a little, try pearl blonde.

8. Light Golden Blonde Hair

Light Golden Blonde Hair Shade

Golden blonde hair color gives hair a dimensional look with the use of different tones. The hair color is achieved using a mix of golden, honey, and buttery blonde tones. This is yet another warm-toned hair color and offers an effortlessly beautiful look.

9. Light Blonde Hair Ombre

Light Blonde Hair Ombre Shade

Ombre is a bold hairstyle that is often darker at the top, going lighter as your eyes move to the ends of the strands. It’s a gradient and contrasting two-toned color effect. The coloring technique gives hair a seamless look gradually going from dark to light hair color. 

10. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Light Strawberry Blonde Hair Shade

A strawberry blonde hair shade has a softer pink color than the typical ginger or red hair. It’s light and warm. It mixes light red hues and warm blonde colors, resulting in coppery hues just like ginger hair.


Light blonde hair colors are great in amping up your daily style. When one thinks of light blonde, you might think you’re limited to platinum blonde, white blonde, or silver blonde shades but not at all! 

Going light blonde gives you a lot of colors to choose from. Whether you’re going for bold, classic, or subtle, you’ll never be out of light blonde hair colors to choose from! Once you pick your shade of blonde, make sure you match it with the right lipstick for blonde hair.