How To Avoid Duck Lips With Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are one of the popular ways to get fuller and plumper lips. While a lot of people are already familiar with this procedure, there are others who worry about getting duck lips after a session. Lip fillers should give you natural-looking fuller and kissable lips!

Swelling lips after getting lip fillers is natural. If you want to avoid getting duck lips you have to make sure to go to a reputable practitioner, choose the right filler material, and avoid over-filling your lips.

If you are getting your lips filled and are worrying about having duck lips, you can rest easy. This article will tell you how to avoid duck lips with lip fillers so you can be at ease if you are planning to get your lips filled.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Lip fillers, or lip augmentation, are injected directly into one’s lip to achieve fuller and plumper lips. These lip fillers can increase the size of your lips as well as remove lines and wrinkles on your lips. It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is popular with both men and women.

Lip fillers are not permanent and if you want to have fuller lips every time, you have to get new lip fillers every 12 months or so. Some lip fillers are injected in 2 to 3 sessions with a 30-day interval between each session. This will depend on how many fillers you may need.

When getting lip fillers, it is natural for the lips to swell as it is the body’s way of reacting to the injected substance. Hyaluronic acid fillers are typically used for lip filler procedures. Hyaluronic acid attracts water which causes the lips to swell up after an injection.

Aside from swelling, bruising on the lips may also happen as a side-effect of having your lips filled. Swelling and bruising typically last 3 days for up to 2 weeks depending on your body’s reaction to the lip filler injection.

The swelling of your lips after an injection may also cause “duck lips” as an end result but, this can definitely be avoided. When getting a lip filler, you want to achieve a natural, fuller-looking lip instead of having duck lips.

How To Avoid Duck Lips With Lip Fillers

In order to avoid duck lips after having lip fillers, it is important to know why duck lips happen in the first place. As we have said earlier, swelling of the lips is normal after getting a lip filler. After the recovery period, your lips should look healthy, fuller, have more volume, and should look natural.

If you get duck lips after having your lips filled, it can be caused by over-filling the lips or lip migration. Getting too much lip filler can cause your facial contours to appear unnatural or uneven. Having over-filled lips can also cause the filler to migrate or “bleed” into different areas of your lips and face.

If you want to avoid getting duck lips after a lip augmentation procedure, here are several ways you can do to make sure that you have natural-looking lips as an end result:

Choose A Reputable Practitioner

There are many clinics that offer lip filler injections. Choosing a professional aesthetics provider is essential if you want to avoid having duck lips.

Before making an appointment with a lip filler injector, make sure to research their clinic and ask if they have done a lot of lip filler procedures. You can also ask to view their portfolio to see their previous works.

A portfolio will showcase before and after photos of their previous treatments. You will be able to see if what they have done is aligned with what you want to achieve for your lips.

A professional lip filler practitioner should be able to give you sound advice and recommendations based on what you want and need for a natural end result. Asking questions about the procedure before making any appointments is also a way to know if the injector is knowledgeable about the topic. The injector, and their staff if any, should also make you feel safe about getting a lip filler at their clinic. Choosing a practitioner that has had years of experience will also ensure that they will not have a poor injection technique.

Ask Your Provider What Products They Use

Once you already have a practitioner in mind, ask them about the products they use for the lip filler procedure. While lip fillers are essentially low-risk, you still want to know what is going to be injected into your lips.

There are several lip fillers on the market and your provider should be able to tell you about the products they use and their experience in using that product for lip filler treatments. Your provider should also tell you about the side effects and possible risks of using lip fillers.

Choose The Right Lip Filler Material

This goes in line with asking your provider about the materials they use for lip filler treatments. Your lip filler injector should tell you about the products they use so you can make the right decision when choosing a filler material.

This should be discussed with your injector before getting the procedure to ensure that you don’t get any drastic side effects after getting a lip filler. Different lip filler materials have different properties and it is important that you know what you are getting to make sure it is what’s best for you. Discussing with your provider about the right material to use will ensure that you are not allergic to the product they will be using on your lips.

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Get The Right Amount Of Lip Filler

Some people might think that more injections are needed to achieve fuller lips. About 1 mL or one syringe is actually needed for a session of lip filler treatment.

Getting more injections than you need can cause lip filler migration. This is because your lips are being injected with too much filler. Since your lips are being over-filled, some of the lip fillers can bleed or migrate to different parts of your lips and face, mostly towards the nose.

Overfilling your lower or upper lip will cause the fillers to be in places that they don’t need to be. This can cause duck lips as an end result. Different types of lip fillers can provide different results so you have to make sure that you talk to your injector about the products they use and ask them for advice if you think you need more lip injections. Sometimes you think you need more than you do and the doctor can give you advice regarding that matter.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

Your lip filler injector should provide post-treatment instructions for you to follow. These instructions typically consist of what you can and can’t do during the duration of your recovery period. 

Your provider may also give you a list of things you can and can’t eat or drink. Following your provider’s after-care instructions will ensure that you don’t do anything to damage your lips while they are healing. Read more about how long filler will leave lips swollen.


Getting lip fillers can be intimidating, especially with the chance of getting duck lips instead of natural-looking lips. While that is possible, having duck lips after lip fillers can be avoided.

Not over-filling your lips will help you achieve more natural, fluffy, and plumper lips. This article has listed other ways to avoid getting duck lips to help keep you at ease if you plan on getting your lips filled. If you have any questions, let us know via the contact form on our website!