Dirty Blonde Hair Shades

Woman mixing some hair color

Dirty blonde hair is slowly making its way to one of many people’s favorite color trends as of late. Dirty blonde hair is a very versatile hair color. It goes well with pretty much anyone, no matter the skin tone.

The dark blonde and soft brunette in between shade allows for a wide range of styles and coloring techniques.

For the best hair inspirations for the best dirty blonde style, I’ve got you covered below!

What is a Dirty Blonde Shade?

A dirty blonde color is a medium blonde hair color. It sits right between a dark blonde and a very light brown. It has light brown tones, with bright blonde colors that complements any skin tone and complexion.

A colorist can adjust the warmness and coolness of the hair color to fit specific clients’ skin tones and preferences, while also taking into consideration their natural hair color.

Also referred to as dishwater blonde, the hair color somewhat looks like dishwater after dirty dishes have been washed in it. As yucky as that sounds, it looks really beautiful on hair.

The subtle and not too extreme hair transformation allows for very little damage on hair. It’s also low-maintenance and looks effortlessly beautiful. Check out the inspiration pics below and learn how to dye brown hair blonde once you’ve picked your shade.

The Best Dirty Blonde Hair Shades to Try On Your Next Salon Visit

1. Natural Dirty Blonde Hair

Natural Dirty Blonde Hair

A natural dirty blonde hair color is perfect for girls who don’t like high-maintenance hairstyles. It’s subtle, simple, and would look natural on just about anyone. Whether it’s you’re going for deep dirty blonde hair or light dirty blonde hair, this gives you an effortless beautiful look.

2. Dirty Caramel Blonde

Dirty Caramel Blonde

Getting your dirty blonde hair done with hints of caramel hue can work golden tones and depth into your hair. Caramel blonde can be light and bright, dark, and radiate the autumn season. When it comes to caramel blonde, think of maple syrup.

3. Dirty Blonde Hair With Highlights and Lowlights

Dirty Blonde Hair With Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights on hair is achieved by lightening hair strands with a lighter color than the rest of the hair. Lowlights, on the other hand, are achieved with the same technique but with a darker color instead. You can ask your stylist to do just one if you have a preference. But having both dirty blonde highlights and lowlights will give hair depth, volume, and texture.

4. Dirty Blonde Melt

Dirty Blonde Melt

Color melting is a styling and coloring technique that uses 3 or more overlapping colors. The style is achieved through seamless blending that looks natural and without harsh lines, given the dark roots. This gives an illusion of low-maintenance yet beautiful grown out, natural hair color.

5. Dirty Ash Blonde

Dirty Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair is a cool blonde shade that mixes shades of blue, violet, green, and gray. It sometimes also makes use of silver and platinum for the brightest ash blonde shade. It’s also flattering on skin tones with cooler undertones. This is an overall fun and edgy hair color and style.

6. Bright Face-Framing Highlights

Bright Face-Framing Highlights

Face-framing highlights are a coloring and highlighting technique that are strategically designed and placed on hair to highlight and bring out your best facial features and assets. It creates depth and naturally guides other people’s eyes where you want them to look. Whether you’re sporting long dirty blonde hair or short dirty blonde hair, this is sure to complement.

7. Dirty Honey Blonde

Dirty Honey Blonde

A honey blonde shade blends warmer blonde shades with light brown shades. This gives hair a rich and deep hair color for dark dirty blonde results. Staying true to its name, honey blonde hair color closely resembles the color of real honey.

8. Dirty Blonde Balayage

Dirty Blonde Balayage

Balayage is a hair coloring and highlighting technique that uses hand-painted highlights on hair. This appears more natural and subtle. It’s also very low-maintenance so if you don’t appreciate frequent salon appointments, the dirty blonde balayage might be for you.

9. Dirty Sandy Blonde

Dirty Sandy Blonde

A sandy blonde hair color is your go-to if you’re hoping to give your hair some natural-looking depth. It blends both warm and cool tones with beige and blonde shades. This is a more subtle color as well and gives hair a more sandy and dusty finish.

10. Dirty Strawberry Blonde

Dirty Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde hair color has both red and warm blonde shades and tones. Mixing all these hues together results in a pretty coppery tone and shade. If you want to get something more than a simple blonde but not a true red yet, this is for you.

Try Toning Down Your Blonde

Sometimes dyeing hair on top of existing similar color doesn’t turn out as expected. If you’re just trying to get a bit of the brightness out of your hair, read some tips on how to tone down blonde hair color.


If you’re looking for a medium blonde shade that sits right in between a dark blonde and a light brown, dirty blonde hair color or dishwater blonde might be for you.

A dirty blonde color is subtle and a not too extreme hair color transformation is probably one of the many reasons for its skyrocketing popularity and why many are always looking for the best dirty blonde hair ideas.

Dirty blonde hair is also low-maintenance and looks effortlessly beautiful whether you have naturally blonde hair or are a natural brunette so think about asking your hairstylist on your next visit so you can be part of the dirty blonde hair trend!