Best Korean Foundation for Dry Skin

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If you’re currently on the hunt for the best Korean foundations for your dry skin, make sure to consider these things first: ingredients, coverage, shade, and long-wearing factor. I have searched far and wide for the best ones in the market right now. I have all my favorites listed and reviewed below for you. If you want to find out what made the cut according to these factors, why don’t you scroll along now?

Through years of interest in skincare and makeup, I finally realized that not every product is made to work with all skin types. I have combination skin with leaning more on the oily side but with these annoying dry patches. When I go out with makeup, what I hate most is my makeup clinging onto these dry patches. It makes my skin look worse and pretty much defeats the purpose of wearing makeup in the first place.

I’m a firm believer that considering your skin type doesn’t only apply to skincare but also applies to makeup.

If you’ve always had trouble looking for the perfect foundation for your dry skin, I’ve got you covered right here. And what more – we’re diving into some K-beauty products!

Liquid or Powder Foundation for Dry Skin?

Generally, a liquid foundation is better for dry skin. It often offers hydrating properties and is infused with ingredients that work well for dry skin. They are less likely to cling onto dry patches as well. Whether you have oily, combination, or dry skin, a liquid foundation is sure to work well for you, given that you find the right formula.

Completely opposite of liquid foundation, a powder foundation will do dry skin more bad than good. This type of foundation is more likely to cling onto your dry patches, making them look even more obvious. If you have dry skin, this is one thing you would want to avoid.

In our list below, we have included varied options of liquid foundation you can try, including cushion foundations.

Our Top Picks for the Best Korean Foundations for Dry Skin

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our Pick

Touch In Sol Advanced Real
Moisture Liquid Foundation
Check Price
Best Glass Skin Glow

Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin
Nuder Cushion Foundation
Check Price
Best Skincare Foundation

Troiareuke H+ Cushion FoundationCheck Price

Moonshot Microfit Settingfit Cushion FoundationCheck Price

Etude House Double Lasting Liquid FoundationCheck Price

How to Choose the Best Korean Foundation for Dry Skin

1. Touch In Sol Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation – Our Pick!

Touch In Sol Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation

Our number one pick for the best Korean foundation for dry skin is the Touch In Sol Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation! A specially-made foundation for dry skin, this smooths and hydrates. This boasts of a blend of hydrating ingredients like birch sap, collagen, and glycerin. This is sure to hold your skin’s moisture in, keeping skin soft and hydrated. This is very lightweight and isn’t too heavy on skin after some time. This offers a light to medium coverage.

Packed with collagen, this works to tighten and lift your skin to lessen the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. This dries down to a natural-looking satin finish. This works to remove the appearance of blemishes, redness, and patches for a more flawless-looking skin. You can trust this one to help you achieve the “your skin but better” look. The formula is buildable to allow you to layer it a few times and with other products without ending up looking cakey.

This is currently available in 5 shades: Nude Beige, Natural Beige, Sand Beige, Medium Beige, and Tan Beige. Keep in mind though that like most Korean cosmetic products, this comes in a limited and lighter shade range. Infused with SPF30, this protects you from the sun’s harmful rays. And because this is a specially-made foundation for those with dry skin, you might find this a bit too oily if you have oily skin. Some have also shared that this can feel a bit heavy during very hot weather days.

This Touch In Sol foundation boasts of the coveted dewy and glowy finish. This promises to never accentuate your textures, fine lines, acne, and skin imperfections. This offers a very natural look with a healthy-looking dewy finish without the shimmer like some brands. It blends well with skin allowing it to appear undetectable.


  • Hydrating and lightweight for dry skin
  • SPF30-infused
  • Reduces appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Dewy, glowy satin finish
  • Great coverage but feels nothing on skin
  • Light to medium buildable coverage


  • Not for oily skin
  • Limited and lighter shades

2. Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion Foundation – Best Glass Skin Glow!

Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion Foundation

If what you’re aiming for is a glass skin glow with your new Korean foundation for dry skin, you better check out the Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion Foundation! This cushion foundation boasts of a natural and dewy finish for that true glass skin glow without the oiliness. Specially-designed for combination to dry skin types, this promises a long-lasting and natural wear with a natural gloss and dewy glow. This boasts of a full coverage that lasts all day.

Many have lauded this foundation for its effective performance. This is able to cover everything from scars to acne to hyperpigmentation and doubles as concealer. You would need only a small amount of the product but it is buildable to allow you to achieve your preferred coverage. Even with a full coverage performance, this feels and looks like you’re not wearing layers of foundation.

The Hue Balancing Powder in its pool of ingredients works to correct your skin tone and brighten your skin. This is also infused with SPF50+/PA+++ to make sure that you are also protected from the sun. One unique feature this offers is the textured palette inside the compact. This allows you to remove some product on the applicator once it gets too coated. On top of getting a cleaner and more effective applicator, you are also able to go back and use those excess.

This is currently available in 7 shades you can choose from: Fair, Fair Light, Fair Pink, Light, Pink Light, Medium, and Medium Deep. Though do keep in mind that some found this range a bit limited and on the lighter side. Some also shared smelling a mild scent during application. No worries though as the scent wears off once it dries and sets.


  • Offers a true glass skin glow without oiliness
  • SPF50+/PA+++
  • Natural and dewy finish
  • Long-lasting natural wear
  • Effective coverage acts like concealer
  • Textured palette for removing excess product


  • Limited shade range
  • Slight scent on application

3. Troiareuke H+ Cushion Foundation – Best Skincare Foundation!

Troiareuke H+ Cushion Foundation

If you want to make sure that your new dry skin Korean foundation takes care of your skin from the inside as well, the Troiareuke H+ Cushion Foundation might be what you’re looking for! A 99% skincare and 1% makeup brand, this is a lightweight and hydrating formula. Not only does this make sure you look your best but it also allows your skin to breathe. This helps heal your skin by using only very minimal makeup. No worries though as this promises to cover up imperfections for a flawless, natural-looking makeup base.

This is recommended for sensitive, dry, mature, or complex skin types. Thanks to its ingredients of niacinamide, centella asiatica extract, and adenosine, you are sure this also nourishes your skin from the inside. Niacinamide works to brighten your face while the centella asiatica extract soothes and calms sensitive skin. And for mature skin, the adenosine improves skin’s elasticity. Your skin is sure to enjoy these long-term benefits along with instant effects.

This is formulated with SPF50+/PA++++ to ensure that your skin is protected from the sun. It’s available in 2 shades, which many would agree is too small of a selection and caters only to lighter skin tones.

You can trust this one to provide a lighter coverage to allow your skin to breathe,  which may be preferred by some while others not. This gives your skin a great no makeup look and looks it even up close. Its natural and dewy finish is also the perfect choice for dry skin. This promises to give your skin a natural, moisturizing, and soothing wear without getting too oily or cakey throughout the day.


  • 99% skincare and 1% makeup
  • Lightweight and hydrating formula
  • SPF50+/PA++++ 
  • Allows skin to breathe and heal
  • Covers up well for a natural base
  • Great for sensitive, dry, mature, and complex skin


  • Lighter coverage
  • Only 2 shades

4. Moonshot Microfit Settingfit Cushion Foundation

Moonshot Microfit Settingfit Cushion Foundation

The next item to make it into our list of the best Korean foundations for dry skin is the Moonshot Microfit Settingfit Cushion Foundation! This is a natural to semi-matte finish foundation that many would agree works well with dry skin. If you’re on the fence due to the finish, we’re here to tell you otherwise. This doesn’t cling to dry patches and looks more like second skin. It offers a nice light coverage to cover up any imperfections you want covered up.

Many have praised this cushion foundation because of its very lightweight formula especially considering its finish. It also looks natural on skin while covering up pores, scars, and hyperpigmentation. This is sure to adhere immediately after application and will last long without transferring or smudging. And unlike other foundations in the market, this doesn’t feel sticky to the touch at all. This sets sheerly on skin and with zero clumping as well.

Thanks to the aquatica extract in its ingredients, this feels hydrating against skin, the perfect foundation choice for dry skin type. This features UV protection as well so you can be at peace that whenever you head out, your skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays. This is currently available in only 2 shades. As many Korean brands, this offers a very limited shade range and caters only to lighter skin tones. Many have also shared in their product reviews that this seems to run out fast and only has a little amount of product in the cushion.

Equipped with a unique pointed-edge sponge, this provides a more effective application. The teardrop-shaped cushion helps you apply product evenly throughout your face. The pointed edge is also helpful in getting in hard-to-reach areas like your eyes, nose, and lips.


  • Natural to semi-matte finish works well with dry skin
  • UV protection
  • Nice light coverage and lightweight formula
  • Adheres immediately and lasts long
  • Hydrating against dry skin
  • Pointed-edge sponge for easy application


  • Runs out fast
  • Only 2 shades

5. Etude House Double Lasting Liquid Foundation

Etude House Double Lasting Liquid Foundation

Our last favorite dry skin Korean foundation is the Etude House Double Lasting Liquid Foundation! Another liquid foundation in our list of favorites, this provides full coverage for anyone looking for concealer-like cover up. Even with a semi-matte finish, loyal users would agree that this works well for dry skin. This offers a really nice texture that feels good on skin and doesn’t let your dry skin feel or look dry. This blends well and doesn’t settle onto skin textures.

This applies thinly and covers up imperfections very well. Its buildable formula also allows you to build layers to achieve your desired result and coverage without it thickening. And no worries as this doesn’t ever end up looking cakey or flakey. It boasts of a 24-hour long-lasting wear and has been clinically-evaluated for the claim. Though it adheres and blends well into skin, this doesn’t feel and look sticky at all. This feels weightless so you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Infused with SPF35/PA++, this ensures that your skin is adequately protected from the sun every time you go out. This is currently available in 12 shades – the most number of shades from our list today. Even though that is the case, many are still disappointed at the lack of darker skin tone shades it offers. Some have also shared a perfume scent this comes with. Though not a total deal-breaker, it might be a bit overwhelming for some who are sensitive to scents.

The Double Fix System of this Etude House liquid foundation works to prevent oil from collapsing into your skin and pores. This is to prevent your pores from getting clogged and leading to more serious skin issues. This effective system also makes sure that your makeup stays and looks fresh throughout the day.


  • Full coverage foundation
  • Semi-matte finish works well for dry skin
  • Blends well and doesn’t settle into dry patches
  • 24-hour long-lasting formula
  • SPF35/PA++
  • Weightless, lightweight, non-sticky wear


  • Scent is not for everyone
  • Caters to lighter skin tones

Why are Korean Cosmetics Popular?

K-beauty products have taken the world by storm. Different Korean beauty brands and their many products have enjoyed popularity among consumers all around the world. So, why is that?


One reason why many turn to K-beauty makeup is because they’re not only makeup, they’re also skincare. Most of these K-beauty products have some skincare element to them that works to heal your skin from the inside.


They’re known for utilizing natural and quality ingredients. Their products generally stay away from harmful chemicals and many brands opt for more natural lines of products. Because of the quality ingredients used for most of their products, they’re also healthier and safer for skin.


Many Korean beauty products boast of their affordability, especially in comparison to their Western counterparts without sacrificing results.

A note on Korean foundations

If you’re looking to switch to a Korean foundation from a Western one, there are a few things you should know first.

K-beauty makeup and cosmetic products tend to provide a much lighter coverage than those of their Western counterparts. This kind of formula allows your skin to breathe – something Koreans focus on. Make sure you set your expectations right as they often offer light and sheer coverage.

One other thing you might notice in Korean foundations and makeup is the very limited shade range and how their range mostly cater to lighter skin tones. Though many Korean brands are trying to be more inclusive, their ranges still lack, especially for people of color. This is probably one of the few negative feedbacks you might find about K-beauty makeup.

How to Choose the Best Korean Foundation for Dry Skin


In looking for your new dry skin Korean foundation, you should first read through its list of ingredients. Make sure that what you’re getting doesn’t have any ingredient you’re allergic to. And because you’re looking for something compatible with dry skin, make sure that your new foundation is packed with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients. This will ensure that you don’t end up looking cakey and feeling too dry at the end of the day.


The next important thing to consider is the foundation’s coverage. Foundations offer varying degrees of coverage. You have a pool to choose from whether you’re looking for light, medium, or full coverage. Though Korean foundations tend to play between light to medium coverage, you are sure to find a full coverage line if that’s what you’re eyeing for.


One other important thing you should look into is the foundation’s shade range. Make sure that the foundation you’re considering is carrying the right shade for you. But as we’ve mentioned before, Korean foundations tend to carry limited and lighter shade range. Few carry shades for darker skin tones. They come scarcely but there are definitely brands and foundation lines that cater to darker skin tones.


Because you don’t want your foundation to disappear into thin air in the middle of the day, you want to make sure that you get one that is long-wearing and long-lasting. Your new foundation should be able to stay fresh on your face for hours without having to retouch in the middle of the day. If you don’t mind retouching and would even prefer that, an easy-to-carry compact cushion foundation is a good choice.


K-beauty makeup has become more and more popular the past few years and Korean foundations are definitely at the top of consumers’ lists.

Our number one pick for the best Korean foundation for dry skin is the Touch In Sol Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation! Its hydrating, moisture-packed, and lightweight formula is perfect for dry skin. This leaves your skin with a dewy and glowy finish while covering up skin blemishes you would want covered and hidden. If it is the coveted glass skin glow you’re after, you better check out the Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion Foundation! This gives you a true glass skin glow and finish without the oiliness. On top of that, you can expect concealer-like coverage with this one as well. The Troiareuke H+ Cushion Foundation might be for you if you want your new Korean foundation to not only act as makeup but as skincare as well! A 99% skincare and 1% makeup foundation, this lets your skin breathe and heal underneath.

And those were our top favorite Korean foundations for dry skin! We hope you found this review and guide helpful as much as we had fun writing about them. Happy K-beauty shopping!