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If you’re currently on the hunt for the best coolsculpting machines for home use you can get your hands on at this very moment, make sure you stop to consider a few but important things first: manual or electric operation, target areas, and accessories included. I have searched far and wide for the best of the best in the business right now and have them all listed and reviewed below for your reading pleasure. If you want to find out what made the cut according to these factors, go ahead and have a read!

I have always been insecure about my body. From pre-teen to my teenage years and as far as I can remember, I didn’t love my body. I guess it’s inevitable when you live in a society that likes to dictate unattainable beauty standards. It took me a while to find the love and acceptance for my body – and let me tell you, it was a painful and long journey. Today, I have come to love and accept my body for what it is. And no, I’m nowhere near the idea of society’s ideal body type.

For a few years now, I’ve made it a point to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle. The only difference now from before is that I prioritize my health above achieving a skinny body. I’m not going to lie – I suffer from very stubborn body fat in many areas of my body, especially my stomach and abdomen area. Though I have come to love my body now more than ever, it has still caused some insecurities that can sometimes take a toll on me and my built self-confidence over the years. I started researching for other ways to help with weight loss and this is where I have come across the technology of coolsculpting.

To aid myself in getting rid of stubborn fat in several areas of my body on top of leading a healthy lifestyle, I have searched for the best coolsculpting machines I can conveniently use in the comfort of my own home. If you’re hoping to do the same thing, get ready as I list them all down below!

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting, otherwise known as fat freezing or technically known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive localized body fat reduction method. This is often a favored fat reduction alternative to liposuction.

The procedure works by freezing fat cells on different parts of the body by using a specified temperature. The cold temperature targets localized parts to freeze and ultimately destroy unwanted fat cells. Once frozen due to the cooling process, these cells are removed through the body’s natural excretion process.

Unlike the invasive procedure of liposuction, results from coolsculpting may take some time to present itself in your body. This is because the process and way of eliminating the dead fat cells are all natural.

Coolsculpting can both be done in professional clinics and conveniently in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of coolsculpting

Coolsculpting has been a favored method of body fat reduction by many. With so many benefits one can get from the method, we can see why.

  • It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure and method to eliminate body fat
  • Your body eliminates stubborn fat cells through a natural process and with cold temperatures
  • It can target specific and localized areas that need fat reduction
  • It can be done in the comfort of your own home
  • It can be used on multiple parts of your body
  • It is a safe procedure with less and minor risks involved

Side effects of coolsculpting

Though it presents many benefits, there are still some risks and side effects you might want to consider first before deciding whether this is for you or not.

  • The localized and treatment area that has undergone the fat freezing method can develop a tugging sensation
  • The cold temperatures can cause uneasiness and discomfort especially if you’re a beginner
  • Minor side effects can include swelling, bruising, redness, and sensitivity to the treated area
  • Results are not immediate and instant and could take weeks or even months

These side effects are temporary and would go away on their own and naturally after a few days or weeks. You can rest assured that these would not cause any permanent damage or effect on you at all.

Now that we’ve got all that out of our way, it’s now time to dive in on my current favorites in the business!

Our Top Picks for the Best Coolsculpting Machine for Home Use

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickBlaset Freeze Fat MachineBlaset Freeze Fat MachineCheck Price
Close SecondIsavera Tummy Sculpting Freeze SystemIsavera Tummy Sculpting Freeze SystemCheck Price
Best for Complete and Total CoverageCRYOBOD Cool Body Sculpting SystemCRYOBOD Cool Body Sculpting SystemCheck Price
Tagefa Fat Freezing Body SculptingTagefa Fat Freezing Body SculptingCheck Price
BEAUTYKO Ultimate Fat FreezerBEAUTYKO Ultimate Fat FreezerCheck Price

The Best Coolsculpting Machine for Home Use

1. Blaset Freeze Fat Machine – Our Pick!

Blaset Freeze Fat Machine

Our number one pick for the best coolsculpting machine for home use is the Blaset Freeze Fat Machine! Utilizing the safe and proven method of cryolipolysis, this works to freeze fat cells to help reduce the appearance of excess body fat on your stomach, back, and abdomen area. This is a great way to get slimmer faster and easier. A non-invasive alternative to fat reduction procedures such as liposuction, this lets you lose unwanted fat cells without going through the pain and long recovery process.

In comparison to other coolsculpting machines out in the market, the belt of this Blaset system proves to be more effective for every session. When frozen to reach the desired temperature, the band remains flexible in order to follow your body’s contours so each session is not only effective but also comfortable for the users. The fat freezing belt has been designed with adjustable velcro straps and breathable mesh for maximum comfort and performance for increased fat reducing result every single time.

This coolsculpting system promises to naturally eliminate up to 20-25% of belly flat over the course of 2-3 months. If you have trouble areas you would want to target, this is definitely a good way to go for that painless and safe experience. The belt comes with pillowcase style pockets that hold the gel packs better and neoprene material to ensure that the gel packs do not melt too quickly. You can trust this fat freezing system to target specific areas in the comfort of your own home.

A purchase of this Blaset coolsculpting machine includes a cellulite massager, a fat caliper, custom gel packs, the slimming belt, and a tape measure – talk about complete package! This has also been lauded by users for its more affordable price in comparison to its counterparts in the market. This also conveniently allows you to go about your day while wearing this around your waist so you are sure you’re not wasting any time waiting for it to do its magic.


  • Safe and proven method of reducing fatty cells
  • More effective belt compared to others in the market
  • Belt band remains flexible even when frozen to follow the body’s curves
  • Adjustable velcro straps and breathable mesh for comfort
  • Pillowcase pockets belt for better hold of the gel packs
  • Neoprene materials keeps gel packs from melting quickly
  • Able to target specific areas
  • With cellulite massager, fat caliper, gel packs, belt, and tape measure
  • Very affordable price for quality and complete package


  • None

2. Isavera Tummy Sculpting Freeze System – Close Second!

Isavera Tummy Sculpting Freeze System

The next item on our list of the best coolsculpting machines for home use and coming to a close second is the Isavera Tummy Sculpting Freeze System! Equipped with dual action gel packs to target stubborn areas, you can trust this system to reduce the appearance of surface flabs. The belt band this comes with promises maximum performance and results by working on a large surface area including your abdomen, waist, and love handles so you don’t only target one area but three!

Designed with a durable and super soft neoprene belt, this helps protect your skin from burning and irritation thanks to its skin-friendly surface. You can rest assured that you never sacrifice comfort as you reduce the appearance of extra fat on your body. You can comfortably wear this for longer hours and while you are working or doing chores at home without the uncomfortable feeling you can’t shake off. The non-invasive and proven fat reducing method comes with a belt so comfortable you can also choose to wear it as you relax on your couch or bed.

Every purchase of this Isavera package comes with a fat caliper, a cellulite massager, gel packs, the slimming belt, and a tape measure to ensure you have everything you need for your coolsculpting journey. A single purchase would also include instructions on how to use and operate, free fitness ebooks, printable progress log, and prompt customer support. One thing many users would agree with regarding this coolsculpting system is that they have superb customer service who seem to really care about their customers and not just about sales.

The only downside a few users have shared is the fact that the gel packs are not sold separately. If you want to get your hands on replacement gels for your coolsculpting system, you would have to buy a new entire package. If that downside isn’t a major deal breaker for you, this is a great option for someone looking to reduce that stubborn extra fat without pain and surgery.


  • Dual action gel packs for targeting localized fat
  • Targets waist, abdomen, and love handles all at once
  • Durable and soft belt band for maximum comfort
  • Skin-friendly surface doesn’t cause skin burning or irritation
  • Comes with fat caliper, cellulite massager, gel packs, belt, and tape measure
  • Comes with instructions, fitness ebooks, and printable progress log
  • Great customer support and service
  • Non-invasive fat reduction procedure


  • Gel pack replacements are not sold separately

3. CRYOBOD Cool Body Sculpting System – Best for Complete and Total Coverage!

CRYOBOD Cool Body Sculpting System

Our next favorite coolsculpting machine for home use and our choice for the best complete and total coverage is the CRYOBOD Cool Body Sculpting System! If what you’re on the hunt for is a coolsculpting machine that can provide you with the largest body coverage in the market yet, you might want to check this one out. Designed with a larger, taller, and wider front to target  total upper, mid, and lower abdominal, wasit, and love handles, this is sure to provide you with an even faster fat loss procedure.

Concentrating super cold temperature for optimal thermal transfer, this provides enhanced fat burning so you can achieve your desired toned result. The fat freezing belt this CRYOBOD system comes with is medical-grade, durable, and soft made with neoprene materials. This works to protect your skin from burning and irritation as you are going about your session. This is also sure to be skin-friendly so you can wear it against your skin for longer hours and with much comfort as well.

Every purchase of this coolsculpting system comes with the belt band and a VIP tracker card for a daily treatment plan, so you are sure to achieve your goals in no time. With this extra large belt band, you can rest assured that you are able to target multiple areas at once and not waste a single minute every session. Whenever you whip this one out for use, you are sure to get to your goal in as little time as compared to its other counterparts.

A downside a few users have commonly shared regarding this fat freezing system is that the cold and temperature can be uncomfortable at first and would take some getting used to. And because it covers a larger area of your body than most of its counterparts, the cool temperature is sure to cover a larger area as well. If you ever decide to with this one, just make sure to take that factor into consideration.


  • Ideal for complete and total coverage
  • Largest body coverage in the market yet
  • Larger, taller, and wider front to target upper, mid, and lower areas
  • Enhanced fat burning with every session
  • Medical-grade, durable, and soft belt band
  • Skin-friendly belt without skin burning or irritation
  • Comes with VIP tracker card for daily treatment plan
  • Targets multiple and larger areas in one session


  • Can be a bit uncomfortable at first

4. Tagefa Fat Freezing Body Sculpting

Tagefa Fat Freezing Body Sculpting

The Tagefa Fat Freezing Body Sculpting is the next item to have made it into our list of the best coolsculpting machines for home use! This non-invasive and non-surgical method of reducing the appearance of fat is composed of a premium waist wrap and specially-designed gel packs that reaches up to a certain temperature and works to reduce fat cells. On top of using it for the benefit of your abdomen and stomach areas, this can be used on your thighs, back, and more that needs fat reduction.

The gel packs and belt this system comes with are designed to be flexible even at their frozen stage to follow your body’s curves and contours. The belt also aids the packs to stay cool longer for much longer sessions and treatments as you would see fit your needs. The overlock stitching and non-slip neoprene material of the belt band assures you that it’s made of durable and premium materials. It’s been equipped with velcro for locking it in around your body for optimal fat reduction.

Every purchase of this Tagefa coolsculpt system comes with the waist wrap belt, special gel packs, silicone massage cups, a tape measure, a cellulite massager, and a storage mesh bag for all the system’s accessories. By purchasing this system, you are sure to have everything you would possibly need in your coolsculpting journey.

From what we have gathered from several reviews from multiple users, the belt isn’t offered in varying sizes. The standard size can be a bit big for some users. If you can look past that one minor downside, go on right ahead with this one.


  • Premium waist wrap and specially-designed gel packs
  • Flexible belt and gel packs
  • Durable, quality, and premium belt band
  • Packs stay cooler longer
  • Belt follows body’s curves and contours
  • Designed with velcro for locking belt around body
  • Comes with belt, gel packs, silicone massage cups, tape measure, cellulite massager, and storage mesh bag


  • Belt comes only in one size

5. BEAUTYKO Ultimate Fat Freezer

BEAUTYKO Ultimate Fat Freezer

Our last favorite coolsculpting machine for home use is the BEAUTYKO Ultimate Fat Freezer! This non-invasive fat reduction procedure works to sculpt and shape your body by destroying and eliminating fat cells. This works on different areas like your thighs, waist, back, and even your bottoms. This safe and simple procedure works on designated and localized areas you would want reduced and slimmed down.

This fat freezer system offers users to select from two session options – either a 30 minute session or a 60 minute session. Many users can attest to how effective this is to help your fat go down at a significant level. The machine itself is easy to use as you would only need to plug it in to get it going for all your fat reduction needs. A purchase of this BEAUTYKO fat freezer system comes with the velcro belt, skin protection pads, a diet plan, and a fat measuring device – promising you that you would get everything you would ever need.

The only downside a few users have shared regarding this fat freezing system is that it can get extremely cold fast. This is why the skin protection pads are extremely important for you to place between your skin and the machine.


  • Works on areas like thighs, waist, back, and bottoms
  • Works on designated and localized areas well
  • Offers 2 session options – 30 or 60 minutes
  • Really noticeable change
  • Easy to use and operate by just plugging in
  • Comes with velcro belt, skin protection pads, diet plan, and measuring device


  • Can get cold fast

The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Coolsculpting Machine

To ensure that you get the best results possible with minimal risk and side effects, we have listed below some dos and don’ts you can keep in mind.


  • Read the instructions and manual carefully on how to use the coolsculpting system
  • Use the machine on designated areas only, as stated by the manufacturer and manual
  • Wear comfortable clothes during the session
  • Prepare for minor side effects of swelling, bruising, and redness among others
  • Use the machine for only the allotted and instructed time from the manufacturer and manual
  • Partner it with proper diet and exercise
  • Listen to what your body says
  • Do it with caution


  • Be impatient with the results
  • Rush your body to recover after each session
  • Expect the treatment and procedure to be solely the reason for your to not put on more weight
  • Forget to take care for your body – food and exercise-wise

How to Choose the Best Coolsculpting Machine for Home Use

With so many options to choose from with just a single click on our computers or on our phones, it’s important that we know what important factors to consider to make sure we get the best among the rest.

Manual or electric

Coolsculpting systems can be used by either manual or electric operation. Manual systems utilize gel pads that need to be manually freezed before use. They usually come with waist wrap belts that also hold the gels to press them against your target area. Electric systems need to be plugged in and don’t require gel pads that need freezing. They get cold and reach a targeted temperature once plugged in.

Each type of operation comes with its own pros and cons. Ask yourself how you would prefer to go about your treatments and procedures and make sure you get one according to your preference.

Target areas

Different coolsculpting machines are designed to cater to different target areas. Some are made to only work for the waist, stomach, and abdomen area. There are also ones out in the market that can be used on the arms, thighs, and even bottoms. Consider this factor when deciding on what machine or system to get next.

Accessories included

Coolsculpting machines currently available in the market often come in packages that not only include the main machine or part but also some extra accessories and freebies. Some might come with tape measures, massagers, and even e-books and additional manuals. Make sure you read through the inclusions of your chosen system. It’s always better to get one that is a complete package so you can have everything you would need for your coolsculpting journey.


There is absolutely no shame in admitting that we have stubborn fat in some areas of our body and admitting that we require some aid to finally get rid of them. A coolsculpting machine is a good way to go for that reason.

Our number one pick for the best coolsculpting machine for home use is the Blaset Freeze Fat Machine thanks to its more effective belt in comparison to many out in the market. This comes with an adjustable velcro belt and a breathable mesh material to ensure maximum comfort and performance while it works to eliminate fat cells! Coming to a close second of our favorite coolsculpting machines for home use is the Isavera Tummy Sculpting Freeze System! It has dual-action gel pads that target multiple areas at once while maintaining maximum comfort on skin. And the CRYOBOD Cool Body Sculpting System is our pick for the best complete and total coverage coolsculpting machine for home use! Designed with a larger, wider, and taller wrap waist band, this is able to target the complete upper, mid, and low area of your stomach and abdomen for maximum results with every session.

We hope our review and guide above of our favorite coolsculpting machines brought you to your new go-to home system for fat reduction!

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