reVive Light Therapy Wrinkle Reduction Reviews

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If you’re looking into adding a reVive light therapy device into your routine to address various skin concerns, make sure you consider a few important things first: handheld or panel, skin concerns, and LED lights. I made sure to look for and weigh in the best of the brand, with these factors in mind. I have all my current favorites listed and reviewed below for you!

I love trying out a lot of varied skincare products. Though I have my staple set of skincare products and routine, I always still find myself researching other products. As I do more research and as I dig deeper into the world of skincare, I learned that skincare is more than just the creams I apply on my face.

Thanks to further research and innovation, more and more brands have developed skincare devices for even more skin improvements. One of these brands is reVive Light Therapy. They’re known for coming out with scientifically-proven and innovative products for your skin’s benefit. Their products don’t only address aging skin but a whole lot of other skin concerns as well.

If you want to know more about the brand and the products they offer, go ahead and read along now!

What is reVive Light Therapy?

reVive Light Therapy is a wellness brand that develops and produces LED devices to address a variety of skin concerns. These LED devices aim to address skin issues and concerns like  acne, acne spots, aging skin, and wrinkles. The brand promises smoother, clearer, and healthier skin all over with every session with their devices.

The brand has made it a point to come out with devices that help consumers deal with acne, breakouts, aging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. It also prides itself in producing treatment devices for all ages, all skin types, and concerns.

Who is it for and where can it be used?

reVive Light Therapy products can be used by anyone with varied skin concerns. It offers solutions for aging skin, wrinkles, acne, and acne spots. If you deal with these skin concerns or would want healthier overall skin, one of their light therapy products will be a beneficial addition to your routine.

You can use reVive Light Therapy devices anywhere on your skin. You can choose to use it on your cheeks, nose, eye areas, and forehead. The brand also has a device you can use on your lips for a plumper, fuller look.

How does it work?

Light therapy skincare and wellness devices use and produce different light wavelengths. A device can have red, amber, blue, or infrared light. These devices work and affect skin differently depending on the light used. These light wavelengths penetrate into skin to increase blood circulation and stimulate collagen and elastin production. This allows skin to heal and rejuvenate.

Listed below are the benefits offered by each type of light, as provided by the brand. It shall help you decide which type of light therapy is best for you and your skin concerns.

  • Red light: repairing, refining, rejuvenating
  • Amber light: brightening, elasticizing, balancing
  • Blue light: treats acne, soothing, purifying
  • Infrared light: replenishing, anti-aging, energetic

Benefits and Side Effects: Is It Safe To Use?

The technology of LED light therapy is generally safe for all skin types. The brand, reVive Light Therapy, is FDA-cleared and is backed by science and research. Not only that, but real consumer reviews and results can also attest to how their devices worked and changed their skin for the better.

The good:

  • Proven effective system and technology backed by science, research, and real consumer experiences.
  • Small, handheld devices for ease of use anywhere, anytime.
  • Achieve professional results in the comfort of home, at a much less expensive price.
  • Safe, gentle yet effective results.
  • Great treatments for many skin concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and acne spots.

The bad:

  • Don’t expect overnight results. Major changes might take some time.
  • The light can be uncomfortable on the eyes. Long-term exposure can damage the eyes and vision. Make sure you use proper eye protective gears.
  • If you’re on any medication i.e. acne medication or have some medical condition, it can cause some adverse effects. Make sure you consult with your dermatologist or doctor before proceeding with the treatment.

These light therapy devices are proven safe to use on skin. Follow instructions on how long and how many times you should treat areas of concern. Doing so and listening to your skin at the same time should help you avoid issues.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

  • Dimensions: 4.02 x 7.99 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.95 Pounds
  • Product Benefits: Improves Skin Tone,Minimizes Pores, and Calms Redness
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
  • Dimensions: 8.23 x 4.41 x 2.64 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Product Benefits: Combats Acne: A non-invasive and cost-effective clinical-strength treatment
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.39 Ounces
  • Product Benefits: Combats Aging: A non-invasive and cost-effective lip line wrinkle treatment
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
  • Item Weight: 9.14 Ounces
  • Product Benefits: 3 Minute Treatment Time With an Auto Shut-Off Feature that Purifies the Skin
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The Best reVive Light Therapy Wrinkle Reduction Devices

1. reVive Light Therapy dpl IIa Wrinkle & Acne Treatment Device – Best Overall!

reVive Light Therapy dpl IIa Wrinkle & Acne Treatment Device

Our best overall reVive Light Therapy pick is the dpl IIa Wrinkle & Acne Treatment Device! A two-in-one light therapy device, this offers healing and combatting treatment for both aging and acne. Equipped with three treatment settings, this improves your skin according to what it needs and what you would like. You can choose to treat your skin for concerns on anti-aging, acne, or both!

This device allows you to treat larger areas at a time, compared to the brand’s other light therapy devices. Aside from using on the face, you can use this on other areas like the neck, chest, hands, legs, and even the back!

This works to clear out pores and stabilize oil glands to keep acne and breakouts at bay. This boosts and stimulates collagen and elastin production for overall healthier, younger-looking skin. It also promotes skin healing and recovery while minimizing sunburn, bruising, and cuts damage.

This works to improve skin tone and even out dark spots left by acne. It also works to soothe and calm inflammation and redness. This comes with infrared, deep red, red, amber, and non-UV blue lights to address a variety of skin concerns. Many have lauded this device for huge improvements on their skin. Quite a few saw real difference in just under a week and even more with each session.

Many have favored this device from the brand as it helped reduce blemishes, acne, wrinkles, and improved skin health. This is lightweight and easy to carry around with you. It’s also very easy and straightforward to use.

The one drawback for some is that this is expensive and is actually the most expensive on today’s list. It also needs longer treatment time than the other devices. Some have also reported receiving a defective product. To address this, the brand offers a one year warranty with the device.


  • Three treatment settings: anti-aging, acne, or both
  • Purifies pores and stabilizes oil
  • Improves collagen and elastin production
  • Soothes skin inflammation and redness
  • Reduces blemishes, evens out tone
  • Helps skin healing and recovery


  • Expensive
  • Longer treatment time

2. reVive Light Therapy Clinical Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging Treatment Device – Best Anti-Aging Treatment!

reVive Light Therapy Clinical Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging Treatment Device

If the skin concern you would like to focus on is anti-aging for youthful-looking skin, check out the reVive Light Therapy Clinical Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging Treatment Device! With only three minutes for each treatment area, this promises to help your skin look and feel more youthful than ever. With regular use, this works to minimize and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and most signs of aging.

This works to boost and stimulate production of collagen and elastin to bring a youthful glow and radiance to otherwise aging skin. With each session, this tightens and firms skin to bring your skin back to how it originally looked.

By combining the technologies of infrared, red, and ambler lights, this penetrates deep into the skin. This also works to repair and rejuvenate skin’s cells to increase circulation. This improves overall skin tone with zero dullness, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation.

Many have lauded this device for a vast improvement on their skin tone and texture. Overall, regular use helps them achieve softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin. Skin looks more radiant and healthy with a beautiful glow.

This is a handheld device the size of a hairbrush for easy and convenient on-the-go use. It’s also very easy to use and you won’t feel anything with this against your face. It comes with a travel bag for easy storage. And to protect your eyes from excess exposure, it also comes with a pair of protective goggles.

The one downside this presents is that major results are slow to come by. And unfortunately, a few have reported seeing no results at all even with long-term use. A few also shared that even with the protective goggles, the light can still pass through so you might need to find better eye protection.


  • Minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases circulation for skin repair
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Gives skin a radiant and youthful glow
  • Fades away dark spots and eliminates dullness
  • Softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin


  • Slow results
  • Light can pass through goggles

3. reVive Light Therapy Clinical Acne Treatment Device – Best Acne Treatment!

reVive Light Therapy Clinical Acne Treatment Device

If you’re on the lookout for the best reVive Light Therapy acne treatment, you better read on about the Clinical Acne Treatment Device! A non-invasive acne treatment device, this penetrates deep into the skin and works to purify pores. By doing so, it actively keeps acne and breakouts at bay. This also stabilizes oil glands to keep balance on skin and reduce future flare-ups caused by excess oil.

By making use of the science-backed light therapy technology, this destroys acne and its bacteria from deep within the skin’s surface. With regular use, this leaves you with skin that looks clearer and overall healthier. On top of controlling acne and breakouts, it also prevents future acne scarring to make sure your skin stays clear and radiant.

Combining the powers of both red and non-UV blue lights, this promises your skin natural rejuvenation. This helps bring your skin’s health back to its peak. On top of keeping acne and breakouts at bay, this device also soothes skin inflammation and calms redness. And as it clears and purifies pores, it helps minimize them in appearance.

Though most beauty devices like this would take some time before noticeable changes, many were impressed at how only one use already made a huge difference. This accelerates acne healing overnight. And in a matter of three days, you can expect huge results on your skin’s condition.

If you’re someone who has been suffering with acne, you can trust this to really clear up stubborn skin issues. This keeps breakouts at bay and stops breakouts from becoming full-blown acne that is often painful.

Also a handheld device and with a travel bag, this allows for easy and lightweight use you can bring and use wherever. Though the size is perfect for on-the-go sessions, a few found the device to be too small. The small size also means getting to work on smaller treatment areas.


  • Purifies and minimizes pores
  • Stabilizes oil glands
  • Keeps acne and breakouts at bay
  • Prevents future acne scarring
  • Soothes inflammation and calms redness
  • Destroys acne bacteria from deep within


  • Small treatment area

4. reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device

Our next favorite reVive Light Therapy is the Lip Care Device! If you want naturally fuller and plumper lips, make sure to check this one out. Equipped with the brand’s effective red light therapy for the face, this works from the inside out to add natural volume and plumpness to lips. Each session also works to restore youthfulness on your lips.

For youthful-looking lips, this doesn’t only add volume but also helps minimize the impact of lip creases, vertical lip lines, and smile lines. If you would like to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your lips, this is the way to go. And as it increases circulation on lips, this enhances the overall appearance of otherwise dull lips.

This device works to rejuvenate your lips to stimulate and boost collagen and elastin production. More collagen and elastin means filling in lines for fuller, younger-looking lips. It also firms and tightens lips and increases elasticity.

Aside from promoting naturally fuller lips, each session with this device helps in lips’ healing and recovery processes as well. This minimizes sunburn, bruising, cuts, and cold sores damage to your lips to reveal a healthier look and feels. It also restores your lips’ beautiful tone and increases circulation through.

Many have lauded this lip care device for improving and softening their lips. There is also a noticeable increase in size of the lips. The increase in size is not Kardashian-lips full but definitely and noticeably plumper. The difference is subtle but it’s there. There is also some sensation on lips while using but rest assured it’s never painful.

Like most beauty devices, it might take some time before you see major changes on your lips. Quite a few have also shared in their reviews receiving defective products that won’t hold a charge, therefore unable to turn on.


  • Adds natural volume and plumpness to lips
  • Minimizes smile lines, vertical lip lines, and lip creases
  • Improves lips’ overall tone
  • Increases circulation on lips
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Noticeable increase in size


  • Major changes might take some time
  • Some devices won’t hold a charge

5. reVive Light Therapy Spot Acne Treatment Device

reVive Light Therapy Spot Acne Treatment Device

Another acne treatment device, reVive Light Therapy’s Spot Acne Treatment Device is the last item to make it into today’s list! The blue light of the device penetrates deeply into the skin to deal with and break down acne-causing bacteria. This has a 3-minute treatment time and auto shut-off feature.

This works to purify skin and pores and stabilize oil glands to balance sebum production. You can trust this to stabilize, soothe, and calm inflammation and redness.

This keeps future acne, breakouts and flare-ups at bay. It also helps skin fight against future acne scarring. This is a spot treatment device so it works really well for those minor breakouts or the occasional few pimples you notice on skin.

This has been lauded by many of its users as many have noticed a difference in acne and inflammation with just one use! Many also found this to be of great help in dealing with acne scarring.

This is the brand’s introductory LED light therapy device. If you still aren’t sure whether the technology is for you or not, this might be a good place to start. It also comes in a portable and handy design so you can take it anywhere you go and still be able to treat acne. This is both battery and USB-powered for convenience of use.

The new design of this light therapy device doesn’t only come with blue lights but now with red lights as well. This addition helps users achieve a more even skin tone by minimizing the appearance of sun, age, and dark spots.

Like some of our favorites in today’s list, its effects will be different for every skin. While many have experienced instant results with just one use, some may need more time for major results. The newly-designed red light wasn’t favored by those who would prefer an all-blue device as well.


  • Breaks down acne-causing bacteria
  • 3-minute time and auto shut-off
  • Purifies and clears skin
  • Stabilizes and balances oil glands
  • Controls inflammation, redness, and future flare-ups
  • Promotes even skin tone


  • Results might take time for some
  • Not all blue lights

How to Use reVive Light Therapy Devices

Each device comes with instructions and how to use guides to make sure you maximize use and get the results you want for your skin.

  • Wash your face or your desired treatment area. Make sure to dry the area well for the device to work.
  • It is recommended that you use the device on clean skin, free from makeup, skincare, or anything layered on top. Having any product on the treatment area will prevent the light from penetrating well. For the best results, remove all makeup and products on the skin or treatment area.
  • Turn on the device. Wear eye protection goggles that usually come with the package.
  • For handheld devices, place the device directly onto your skin without any distance. This would need 3 minutes to work on each treatment area. Make sure the device stays put on the treatment area without moving or waving across the rest of your face.
  • For panel devices like the dpl IIa Wrinkle & Acne Treatment Device, do not place it directly onto your skin. You should keep a distance between your skin and the device to avoid feeling hot lights directly on the surface of your skin.
  • After one treatment area, move on to the next area. Repeat the steps for each treatment area.
  • Make sure you don’t exceed the number of treatments per day per treatment area. Make sure you take a good look at that information on the manual booklet the device comes with.

How to Choose the Best reVive Light Therapy Wrinkle Reduction Device

Handheld or panel

reVive Light Therapy offers a variety of skin treatment devices from handheld to panels.

Handheld devices are used directly on skin without any distance in between. These are great for spot treatments. They’re also small and lightweight, very easy for to-go treatments and to bring along while traveling. But because they are small in size, it might take users more time to finish each session, especially if you have several treatment areas to go over.

Panel devices, on the other hand, are larger. These devices are used without direct contact on skin. And because of the larger size, it is able to cover larger areas of skin. This takes less time for each session. You can also use it on larger areas like your neck, back, arms, and legs.

Skin concerns

The brand offers a variety of LED light therapy devices for various skin concerns. From anti-aging, to acne, to uneven skin tone – you are sure to find the perfect device for your skin concerns. Lucky for you, we have reviewed above devices that address various skin concerns, not just for anti-aging and wrinkle-reduction. And if you want to make sure you get the most out of it, there are devices that help deal with all those skin concerns!

LED lights

Light therapy devices can come in different LED light colors. It can be infrared, red, amber, or blue.

Red colors penetrate more deeply into the skin and offer great solutions for age-related skin concerns. Blue colors penetrate closer to the skin’s surface and are great for dealing with acne, inflammation, and redness.


reVive Light Therapy offers a variety of devices that aim to address various skin concerns from anti-aging to acne to uneven skin tone.

Our best overall pick from reVive Light Therapy is the reVive Light Therapy dpl IIa Wrinkle & Acne Treatment Device! A panel device with three treatment settings, it addresses anti-aging, acne, or both concerns with just one session. This works to purify skin, balance sebum production, and boost skin’s collagen and elastin production for healthier-looking skin. It also minimizes blemishes and helps skin heal and repair itself. If you want to focus on anti-aging treatment, check out the brand’s Clinical Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging Treatment Device! This increases circulation and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It tightens and firms skin and helps you achieve a youthful and radiant glow. It also fades away dark spots and evens out skin tone. And the reVive Light Therapy Clinical Acne Treatment Device is our top acne treatment! This works to break down and destroy acne-causing bacteria. It also stabilizes oil production on skin for healthier and clearer skin.

Those are our top favorites from reVive Light Therapy! Here’s to your happy and healthy skin!

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