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iSmile Products Review

Below is a detailed review of the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit.

One of my favorite parts of my face are my teeth. As weird as it sounds, I actually get many compliments for my smile and teeth. Because of this, I make sure to take extra care of my teeth so I’m always ready to flash my compliment-winning smile. I have actually tried a couple of different ways to achieve whiter teeth. From trying out different toothpastes to home remedies to professional whitening, I’ve tried them all.

One thing I still haven’t tried my hands on are whitening tools and kits. So today, I will be reviewing the fan favorite iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit! This whitening kit and tool is a step up from teeth whitening home remedies. This allows for professional results in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

For today’s review, I made it a point to check multiple websites and real, unbiased customer reviews. I will be laying down our star product’s best-selling features, what makes it stand out, and why it’s a favorite. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without also relaying the bad and the negatives.

Now, if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and check it out!

Product Overview: What is iSmile?

One of the more innovative whitening kits, the iSmile is a teeth whitening kit that comes with a complete package of activation light, whitening gel, and mouth tray.

A ten minutes, once a day teeth whitening treatment, this promises to remove stains your teeth have accumulated over the years. These stains include coffee, red wine, smoking, soda, and more you can possibly imagine.

iSmile promises users to achieve teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just 7 days. The brand also boasts of a huge noticeable difference with just one whitening session – a promise many of its users have attested to in their real user reviews.

This teeth whitening kit comes with both the whitening gel in syringe form and a teeth whitening light tray. This light tray works to accelerate the whitening process of the gel. Thanks to the light tray and its technology, teeth stains are broken down faster, effectively whitening teeth faster and more effectively.

Designed and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility by leading dental experts, this is proven effective yet gentle.

What’s In the Box?

The iSmile Teeth Whitener Kit comes in a complete package so you can achieve whiter and brighter smiles.

The complete teeth whitening kit includes:

  • One (1) battery-operated activation LED light (with batteries for operation included),
  • Three (3) 3ml mint-flavored whitening get in syringe form,
  • One (1) desensitizing gel for users who feel tooth sensitivity after sessions,
  • One (1) universal comfort mouth tray for accelerating the gels’ whitening process, and
  • One (1) detailed user manual for steps and instructions.

How It Works: The Whitening Process

The iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit comes in a complete package. The package includes an enamel-safe 35% Carbamide Peroxide formula. The formula makes use of an advanced whitening technology with safe and gentle ingredients. This formula is applied on the kit’s mouth tray using the syringe it comes in.

This mouth tray has been designed with powerful blue LED light. This light tray technology works to accelerate the formula’s whitening process so you can whiten faster. Working 3x faster than the traditional whitening strips, this promises full 8 shades of whiter teeth in just one week.

This system is all battery-operated and there are no power cords involved at all. This convenient system allows you to walk around and continue with your activities as you whiten your teeth top to bottom.

Suggested usage is once a day for ten minutes. Continue sessions for 7-10 days to experience fuller and whiter results.

iSmile Teeth Whitening: What’s To Love?

The iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit has been a favorite among people who wanted to see a noticeable difference on their teeth for award-winning smiles and smiles that make people do a double take. The question is, why? And to answer that question, read on below!

By Dental Experts

iSmile assures its customers that all its whitening kits have been designed by a team of leading dental experts in the field. This makes sure that the formula and light activation tool is not only effective, but also safe and gentle on teeth and gums. This uses the same advanced and expert-developed teeth whitening technology and the same formula used by dentists.

Also manufactured and developed in an FDA-registered facility, this promises its safety and effectiveness in breaking down and removing stain on teeth.

Gentle Yet Effective Whitening Formula

As it’s been formulated by leading dental experts and professionals, you can rest assured that this is clinically-proven safe and gentle without compromising performance and results. This promises professional and dental-grade results with every session.

A 35% Carbamide Peroxide formula, this is the same formula you’ll find at your regular dentist. The whitening gel formula is enamel-safe and works to whiten teeth gently. A low-sensitivity formula, this doesn’t leave teeth extra sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks after whitening sessions. Though gentle, the kit comes prepared with a desensitizing gel for individuals who would experience sensitivities and would need it after sessions.

Whether it’s stains from coffee, wine, soda, or smoking you’re worried about, this has got you covered and more. The whitening gel has also been infused with peppermint oil. Not only does it whiten but it gives you a fresh and clean peppermint taste during and after each session.

Universal Comfort Mouth Tray

Though the whitening gel is the primary part that whitens the teeth, the kit’s LED activation light and mouth tray accelerate the whitening process for faster and even whiter results.

The activation light has five powerful LED bulbs to make sure you get the most out of your whitening session. Having been made with medical-grade, BPA-free, and 100% silicone, this is one of the most comfortable and safest mouth trays in the market right now.

And branded as a universal comfort mouth tray, this works with any mouth size without having the need to mold the tray for use. The mouth tray is gum-safe, meaning it has a snug fit to seal in the gel and prevent irritation from spilling over to your gums.

With integrated holes on the mouth tray, this provides convenient ventilation for easy breathing. It also has a built-in 10-minute timer with alarm. This lets you know when the session is done so it’s even more convenient for you to  easily track your whitening session without having to constantly look at the clock or a timer.

To help you save even more time as you whiten your teeth, the kit’s universal mouth tray allows users to whiten top and bottom teeth at the same time and in the same 10-minute timer!

Professional Results At Home

Having been developed and designed by leading dental experts, this uses the same formula and whitening technology you will find at a dental office. This promises professional-grade results at the comfort of your own home. And in just 10 minutes with one session a day, you are sure to get whiter and brighter results like you’ve just come from the dentist.

To add even more convenience to your daily whitening sessions, this is all battery-operated and makes no use of dangling cords. Thanks to the convenient operation, this doesn’t restrain you to only one place or position for a whole 10 minutes. As you whiten your teeth, you can move around and do as you please without wasting any time.

No Gum Sensitivity or Irritation

Formulated as low-sensitivity, the whitening gel doesn’t cause any sensitivity or irritation on gums, given that you only use the suggested amount of formula – 0.4 ml per treatment. The universal mouth tray also provides a snug fit along the teeth, a true gum-safe design. This prevents the gel formula from spilling over to your gums and keeps them only on your teeth. If somehow you still feel sensitive on your gums after sessions, this kit comes with a desensitizing gel to ease and relieve those sensitivities.

Fast and Effective Results

Though it’s been suggested that you continuously do the treatment once a day for 7-10 days for full results, you are sure to achieve instant results with only one session!

Thanks to the whitening gel’s low density formula, it offers noticeable whiter and brighter teeth in a one 10-minute session. This is proven powerful yet safe and gentle.

And with one week of treatment, expect up to a full 8 shades of whiter teeth and brighter smiles.

Full Results In One Week

iSmile boasts of fast and instant results but in as little as one week of daily treatments, you can expect full results. This promises up to a full 8 shades of whiter teeth and smiles. Give it 7-10 days of daily 10-minute treatments, your teeth are sure to look better and brighter than ever.

Dental Work-Safe

iSmile’s teeth whitening kit works to whiten only real and natural teeth. Though it wasn’t developed to whiten dental work like veneers and crowns, it won’t cause any damage on them. You have to keep in mind though that if you choose to use the whitening technology on them, it might cause uneven whitening between your real teeth and dental work.

Gel Syringe Refills

The teeth whitening kit comes with three 3ml whitening gels formulas in syringe form. You would only need 0.4 ml per treatment. These inclusive whitening gels will last you for some time. But if you find yourself running out and needing more of the formula, iSmile offers gel and syringe refills you can find here.

It comes with three 3ml whitening gel and one 3ml desensitizing gel, all in syringe form.

iSmile Teeth Whitening: How to Use

Using the iSmile Teeth Whitening kit isn’t much of a complicated or difficult process. It is, however, very important to do it right to get the most out of every session and to ensure that you experience no pain or sensitivity. Luckily, the kit comes with easy to follow instructions and manual guide.

  1. Using the whitening gel syringe, fill the inner front surface of the mouth tray – top and bottom. Make sure to only push out about 0.4ml or less. Using more can cause spillage over the trays, thus causing gum sensitivities or irritation.
  2. After it’s filled top and bottom, insert the mouth tray with the LED activation light into your mouth, over your teeth. Make sure to place it firmly against your teeth to really get the whitening gel there.
  3. After it’s been securely placed against your teeth, turn on the power of the light. This will begin the 10-minute cycle you would need per session per day.
  4. One the 10 minutes is up, the mouth tray will sound an alarm to let you know. Then remove the tray from your mouth and rinse your mouth.

Real User Tip: Some users found filling the mouth tray with the syringe to cause some over spilling into their gums. To prevent this, you can opt to spread the gel to your teeth with a Q-tip. This will also help spread the formula to areas the tray doesn’t seem to reach for some.

What Users Say: iSmile Reviews

I have below a summary of what users have to say about the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit.

The teeth whitening kit offers a quick, effective, and cheap way to achieve whiter teeth and brighter smiles. Though affordable than going to the dentist, this offers professional-grade results with each session.

Many users would attest to how effective this whitening technology and kit is. Many achieved results and very noticeable differences after just one use. And a few days of daily sessions, achieve full results of even whiter teeth.

The mouth tray is very comfortable to wear. The built-in 10-minute timer and alarm have also been a big help and convenience for many as one wouldn’t need to keep track of time.

The light activation tool is all battery-operated and has no dangling cords. This allows users to freely move around and go on with their day and activities while also finishing up their whitening session.

Overall package and the product itself feels very premium and durable. The user manual and instructions also seemed very helpful for many, especially first-time users.

The whitening gel has no horrible after taste and instead leaves breath feeling cool and fresh. Many have also reported no teeth and gum pain or sensitivity. But if you’re one to still get sensitivities, a desensitizing gel is included to ease the pain.

Some have shared that the tray doesn’t sit firmly against their teeth, therefore not getting the whitening gel in those areas. Though gentle, there are still those who experienced gum sensitivities due to spillage of the gel when you over apply. Many have suggested using a Q-tip instead of filling the mouth tray to spread gel over teeth to avoid both instances.


  • Quicker, more effective, and cheaper
  • Noticeable difference after just one use
  • Comfortable mouth tray with convenient 10-minute timer
  • Convenient battery-operated
  • No aftertaste or tooth sensitivity
  • Affordable professional results


  • Tray doesn’t stick well on some
  • Gum sensitivities on some

Worthy Alternatives to the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

From the Same Brand: iSmile Teeth Whitening Pen

If you would like a teeth whitening option from iSmile but don’t feel like the whitening kit is for you, you might want to check this out. Like the brand’s whitening kit and using the same formula, this assures up to 8 shades of whiter teeth in only seven days. Designed as a pen, this is very compact and travel-friendly. The soft bristle brush tip applicator is great for a no mess and quick one-minute application.

Best Premium: GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

If you would like to get your hands on something more premium and at a higher price, check this out. This teeth whitening kit, like our star product for today, comes with a complete set of whitening devices and formula. This promises a painless whitening solution while also strengthening teeth enamel. Suggested use for this is four back-to-back 8-minute treatments per day. And with five days of treatment, you are sure to achieve full results of whiter teeth, as if you’ve gone to a dental office. The whitening device comes with rechargeable batteries and lanyard for hands free and cordless use. The whitening toothpaste is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

Best Value: Crest 3D Whitestrips

And if you’re looking for something very cheap and affordable yet won’t sacrifice performance and results, this might be it. A thin, flexible strip coated with tooth whitening gel formula, this promises to remove 14 years’ worth of tooth stain. The strips are designed with a no-slip technology so you can talk and even drink while whitening your teeth. And with 44 strips in this pack, it’s sure to take a while before you run out.


The iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is a favorite among many teeth care enthusiasts. Thanks to its technology and formula designed by dental experts and professionals, this offers professional-grade results at the comfort and convenience of your own home.

A complete package kit, this includes one battery-operated activation light, three 3ml whitening formula gel, one desensitizing gel, one universal comfort tray, and one user’s manual. With only a single package, this is sure to give you the same professional results as if you’ve just come back from the dentist.

This boasts of an ultra-effective whitening formula. It’s so effective that you are sure to achieve noticeable whiter teeth with just one use! And give it about 7-10 days and you will achieve fuller results this kit can offer.

A universal comfort tray, this wears comfortably on anyone. If it doesn’t seem to fit and reach certain areas, many have suggested that you use a Q-tip to spread the whitening formula in those areas for all-around results. And with a built-in 10-minute timer, this sets off an alarm to let you know that you’re done with your session for today.

If this article has convinced you to get your hands on your own kit, head on over here.

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