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If you want a new HSI flat iron in your hair routine, make sure to stop and consider some important factors first: temperature range, dual voltage, accessories, and price. I made sure to search for the brand’s best of the best out right now. If you want to find out what made it into today’s list considering these factors, go ahead and read along now!

I like wearing my hair natural, waves and frizz and everything in between. I still like to straighten my hair from time to time whenever I’m in the mood for something new and different from how my hair usually is. The thing is, on top of having wavy hair, my hair is dead thick. It’s one of the reasons I never grow my hair past my chest as it gets heavy with the length.

Part of having frizzy, thick, and wavy hair is the fact that not all flat irons work well to straighten and tame them. Thus I begin my search for efficient yet safe options. With my search, I stumbled upon one leading hair styling brand: HSI Professional.

Today, I lay down some of the brand’s best flat irons for you and me both!

Who is HSI?

HSI Professional is a Miami-based beauty product company. The brand aims to deliver salon quality styling tools from flat iron to curling wand to hair dryer. They also include in their wide array of products hair care products from shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and hair protectant. They also offer hairstyling tool accessories to make the overall experience better and worthwhile.

Though a Florida-based beauty styling brand, the brand is able to cater to consumers all over the world. They have people working with their customers to give them the best experience in the business.

HSI Professional has made its way to the top of people’s favorite beauty product companies. Their sure quality and top-performing tools have been a staple for both home and professional salon settings.

HSI Flat Iron Best-Selling Features

HSI Professional’s flat irons are one of its best-selling items. It’s also become a favorite among many hair enthusiasts over the past few years. Why, you ask? We dive into that below.

Professional quality and salon results

HSI prides itself in coming out with hairstyling tools with professional quality. Their flat irons are durable and are sure to last every consumer for a few years.

And with professional quality tools come salon and professional results. Each of the brand’s flat irons will leave each user with hair that is smooth, soft, frizz-free, and with far less damage.

Worldwide dual voltage

For convenience and ease to travel with, HSI’s flat irons are equipped with worldwide dual voltage. This feature allows you to use your hair straightener anywhere in the world without having to worry about voltage compatibility in different countries.

Excellent customer service

As a brand, HSI has excellent customer service. They have customer representatives ready to assist and address consumer issues. You know a brand is serious and loves what it does when they build wonderful relationships with their customers instead of simply stopping after they make a sale.

One year warranty

All HSI flat irons and other styling tools come with a one year manufacturing warranty. This lets you buy with peace of mind that you will not be risking your money.

HSI Hair Straightener: Pros and Cons

If you’re still on the fence on whether or not you should go with an HSI Professional flat iron, I have below a summary of all the good and the bad.

The good

  • Powerful, innovative tools that offer professional and salon quality results.
  • It doesn’t damage hair unlike many of its flat iron hair straightener counterparts in the market.
  • Each flat iron has adjustable temperature settings to accommodate a wide array of hair textures and hairstyles.
  • Even heat distribution throughout the plates allows for hair styling.
  • Extra long and swivel cords for ease of movement and styling.
  • Their flat irons come with a worldwide dual voltage for ease of use wherever you are in the world.
  • Every purchase of an HSI flat iron or other styling tools come with a one year warranty.
  • The brand boasts of excellent customer service and representatives ready for all concerns regarding the product and purchase.
  • HSI flat irons and hair straighteners come with a variety of freebies. These include heat-resistant gloves, travel carry pouch, samples of the brand’s leave-in treatments, and a style guide for tips.

The bad

  • Not all units have a digital display. Some make use of the classic dial for temperature adjustments.

Our Top Picks for the Best HSI Flat Irons

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Overall BestHSI Professional GliderHSI Professional GliderCheck Price
Second BestHSI Professional Glider+HSI Professional Glider+Check Price
Best of the RestHSI Professional Titanium GliderHSI Professional Titanium GliderCheck Price
HSI Professional Gold GliderHSI Professional Gold GliderCheck Price
HSI Professional Steamer GliderHSI Professional Steamer GliderCheck Price

The Best HSI Flat Iron

1. HSI Professional Glider – Overall Best!

HSI Professional Glider

Our number one pick from HSI’s wide array of flat irons is the HSI Professional Glider! Infused tourmaline and ceramic plates, this releases negative ions into your hair’s shaft. These negative ions prevent static and frizz as you style. You can trust this one for a shiner, smoother, and silkier hair finish.

With eight HeatBalance micro-sensors, this regulates temperature. These sensors evenly distribute heat so there are no hot spots. Even heat distribution also allows few passes through your hair, resulting in far less damage. Many have praised this as it heats up within seconds. It has a temperature range of 140°F-450°F to accommodate all hair textures and hairstyles.

With floating plates, this hair straightener gives each user maximum flexibility for any hairstyle they choose. The floating plates will also allow you to style your hair at any angle and still experience a no-snag styling. The 1-inch wide plates are the perfect size for any hair length and can even style bangs with much ease.

This comes with an extra long and 360° swiveling cord so you can move freely without tangling up the cord. And with a worldwide dual voltage, this works anywhere you are in the world – truly the perfect travel buddy.

This glides smoothly on hair and prevents pulling or snagging on hair. And even with just a few passes, this straightens or curls effortlessly. Even with thick and coarse hair, you can expect exceptional results with far less styling time.

For adjusting the temperature, this only comes with a dial and no digital screen. And with only the lowest and highest temperature written on the dial, you would have to eyeball in-between temperatures.


  • 140°F up to 450°F temperature range
  • Hair is shiny, smooth, and soft with less static and frizz
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Floating plates for a no-snag styling
  • Extra long and 360° swiveling cord
  • Worldwide dual voltage


  • No digital display and control

2. HSI Professional Glider+ – Second Best!

HSI Professional Glider+

Coming to a close second of our favorite HSI flat iron is the HSI Professional Glider+! Equipped with 100% solid tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, this promises a variety of hairstyles from straight to waves to curls. And with an ionic system in place, this styles without damaging hair.

This works wonders and helps hair become silky smooth, soft, shiny, and manageable more than ever. This promises to glide through hair smoothly without pulling or snagging, as many would attest to. Though keep in mind that a few have reported experiencing a little bit of pulling and snagging on hair due to some angles they used it in.

This comes with a digital LCD screen to display the unit’s current temperature. It has an adjustable temperature from 240°F to 450°F for all hair textures and hairstyles. There is also a separate button you can press to bring the unit all the way up to its maximum temperature setting.

May have lauded this unit as it heats fast as well and stays hot as long as you use it. Even when not set on the highest temperature, this works to straighten or curl hair very well. With this styler, you can also expect frizz-free and ultra-smooth strands. This also allows far fewer passes on hair yet is able to do its job efficiently.

This also comes with a worldwide dual voltage for ease of use wherever you travel to. It has an easy to handle ergonomic design and an extra long, 360° swivel cord for added convenience. It also comes with an auto shut-off feature for safety purposes. Many would agree that this is very easy to store and travel with.


  • 240°F to 450°F temperature range
  • Hydrates hair for no damage and shiny finish
  • Silky smooth, soft, and manageable hair
  • LCD screen display
  • Worldwide dual voltage
  • Extra long swivel cord and ergonomic design


  • Some hair snagging and pulling

3. HSI Professional Titanium Glider – Best of the Rest!

HSI Professional Titanium Glider

And the HSI Professional Titanium Glider is the best of the rest of the items for today’s list! Built with 100% solid ceramic tourmaline ionic plates, this works to lessen hair damage and protect your strands as you style it as you want.

With eight HeatBalance technology micro-sensors, this works to regulate the unit’s temperature. It also promises even heat distribution throughout the plates with no hot spots on specific areas. This makes sure that the flat iron isn’t too hot and instead it protects hair from further damage.

Having been designed with floating plates and curved edges, this works well at any angle without pulling on your hair. This also allows full control over the iron so you can work with comfort and ease. Many would agree that this glides over hair smoothly. While this styles your hair, it promises to never dry out or fry your strands. Your hair also comes out softer, smoother, and shinier.

This comes with an LED digital display so you can see where the temperature is at. Adjustable temperature goes from 200°F to 450°F. This heats up fast and reaches its maximum temperature within seconds. And like most HSI flat irons, this comes with a worldwide dual voltage. Now you can rest assured to stay in style even when away from home.

The plates are 1 1/4 inch wide and can accommodate any hairstyles and lengths. The power cord is long, sturdy, and swivels up to 360° to prevent tangling. The only downside a few have shared about this is that the iron doesn’t get hot enough even on the highest setting.


  • 200°F to 450°F temperature range
  • Less hair damage and protects hair
  • Even heat distribution
  • Floating plates and curved edges for angle-versatility
  • Softer, smoother, and shinier hair
  • LED digital display


  • Highest setting not hot enough for some

4. HSI Professional Gold Glider

HSI Professional Gold Glider

Our next favorite HSI flat iron is the HSI Professional Gold Glider! With ceramic plates infused with tourmaline, this allows effortless hairstyles from straight to curls to flips. These plates promise to really make a difference on how your hair looks and feels after styling. You can trust this to leave your hair extra smooth, soft, and shiny.

With eight HeatBalance microsensors technology, this keeps track of the unit’s temperature. This technology also works to evenly distribute heat throughout the plates for the perfect hair styling experience. You can expect styling time and number of passes cut down with this tool in hand.

Adjustable temperature for this iron starts from 170°F up to 450°F to suit all hair textures and all hairstyles. The temperature can be adjusted according to your liking with a dial on the unit. This heats up fast and within seconds so you don’t have to lose any more time in your hands.

This is designed with plates that are floating and curved edges. This design allows for flexibility for easy working on different angles. This also allows gliding through hair without any pulling or snagging. It also comes with an extra long power cord that is able to swivel for up to 360° for even more flexibility and comfort without tangling.

Many have lauded this flat iron for leaving their strands smooth as butter. Even for thicker hair, you can expect this to do wonders. Many would agree that this is very lightweight and easy to use. It also provides a comfortable grip thanks to the soft handle.

The only present drawback to this is the lack of a digital display of the temperature.


  • 170°F to 450°F temperature range
  • Smooth, soft, and shiny hair
  • Heat regulation and even heat distribution
  • Floating plates and curved edges
  • Extra long, 360° swiveling cord
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip


  • No digital display

5. HSI Professional Steamer Glider

HSI Professional Steamer Glider

The last item to make it into our list of the best HSI flat iron is the HSI Professional Steamer Glider! What makes this unique from the rest of our favorites is that it dispenses argan oil-infused steam as you style your locks.

This argan oil-infused liquid is antioxidant-rich for nourished and manageable hair. It also boosts your hair’s shine as it smooths down hair so it finishes without frizz. And no worries because a purchase of this unit comes with a free argan oil-infused liquid.

Designed with ionic ceramic tourmaline-coated plates, this protects hair as it styles. This technology works by releasing negative ions into the hair so small water molecules can penetrate deep into your hair’s cuticles.  This prevents your hair from feeling dry from the heat. The steam released by the unit also acts as moisture and extra protection for hair. And if you run out of the liquid mix, you can use simple water for added moisture and protection.

Having been equipped with eight HeatBalance technology microsensors, this works to keep track of the unit’s temperature. This also makes sure that the heat is evenly distributed.

This has a digital display to show the current temperature you’re working with. It has two temperature settings: 360°F and 450°F. This heats up well and offers enough heat for effective styling. Instead of leaving you with dry and frizzy hair, you come out with soft and smooth strands.

One downside a few have shared about this is receiving a few orders without the argan oil mixture. Quite a few have also shared receiving defective products that don’t steam as advertised.


  • 360°F and 450°F temperature
  • Argan oil-infused liquid dispenser
  • Shiny, smooth, soft hair
  • Static and frizz-free hair
  • Releases steam for extra moisture and protection
  • Digital display


  • Missing argan oil on some orders
  • Defective steamer on some units

How to Choose the Best HSI Flat Iron

Temperature range

The first thing to consider in picking your new HSI flat iron is the temperature range it offers. Each flat iron offers a variety of temperature ranges. Make sure that the temperature of your new flat iron reaches a point that will help you achieve your desired results. If you’re not comfortable with styling your hair with too high of a temperature, make sure you get a unit that offers lower temperature choices.

Dual voltage

Most HSI flat iron units are equipped with a worldwide dual voltage. If you’re planning to use your flat iron while traveling across the world, make sure you get one that has dual voltage. This will ease your mind and keep you from worrying about whether or not it will operate in a different country.


One major selling point of a majority of HSI Professional flat irons is the accessories and freebies a unit comes in. Usually, a purchase of a flat iron will also give you different accessories and free hair treatments, even. This can be a travel pouch case, heat-resistant gloves, or a sample pack of the brand’s signature leave-in treatment. HSI flat iron units also come with style guides to help you get started in styling your hair with a flat iron.


HSI flat irons come in a variety of prices. Ask yourself the price range you’re willing to pay for and get the best one out of that price range. The good thing about HSI as a brand is that they offer products at different price points. Lucky for you, we’ve included in our list above flat irons from $40 to $300.


HSI Professional flat irons are one of the favorites among hair professionals and enthusiasts alike. With so many benefits their units offer, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Our overall best pick is the HSI Professional Glider! It has a temperature range from 140°F up to 450°F. This glides smoothly over hair without pulling or snagging and comes with floating plates for extra flexibility. This promises to leave your hair shiny, smooth, and soft with much less static and frizz all over. Coming to a close second is the HSI Professional Glider+! With a temperature range of 240°F to 450°F, this offers much versatility for different hair textures and hairstyles. It has a digital screen for displaying the temperature setting you’re on. This promises far less damage while leaving hair smooth, soft, shiny, and frizz-free. And claiming the third best spot is the HSI Professional Titanium Glider! This offers a temperature range of 200°F to 450°F for all hairstyling needs. It also comes with floating plates and curved edges for flexibility and ease of use. This promises a smooth, soft, and shiny hair finish.

And those are our favorite HSI flat irons! Here’s to happy hair styling!

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