Best Women’s Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

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If you’re looking to up your game with a shaving soap that works amazingly for your sensitive skin, you might want to hold off your horses and stop to consider a few important things first: the ingredients, scent and fragrance, and the price range. With these in my mind, I review and summarize below the best women’s shaving soap for sensitive skin. If you’re interested in making shaving relaxing and an experience to look forward to, go ahead and read along with us!

Shaving is a huge part of any woman’s life – at least for me it is. I started regularly shaving my legs not too long ago, maybe just a few months ago. And because I am a beginner with the regular use of razors to shave, razor burns and even cuts are a regular thing for me. There are times when I come out of the shower with blood running down from cuts I’ve managed to give myself while trying to shave.

To avoid more cuts and burns in the future, I started researching shaving creams. But upon reading about them and user reviews on different brands, I realized they were not the best choice, especially for regular and long-term usage. Spraying aerosols and the amount of waste a single can leaves is not something I’d want to contribute to. So I guessed my best bet would be on shaving soaps.

If you’re thinking of getting one yourself, read on to find out what I’ve read and researched on some of the best women’s shaving soaps for sensitive skin!

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream

A shaving soap is essentially a bar of soap – sometimes as it is or sometimes in a bowl – that is used to shave, replacing the usual shaving cream or gel that are usually by most people. So how does a shaving soap differ from a shaving cream?

Essentially, you need to work up and lather a shaving soap with a brush, while shaving creams usually lather easily without much effort. You have to keep in mind, though, that to lather up a shaving soap, you would need a bit of technique. But don’t worry because it’s definitely not something you can’t learn from a few tutorials and research.

Shaving soaps usually have a faint scent to their formula that don’t linger much on the skin too. If you find shaving creams to have too strong of a scent or fragrance for your liking, you can always opt for a shaving soap that has barely noticeable scent or even a completely fragrance-free one.

And finally, a shaving soap will usually last longer than your usual shaving cream. If worked up properly, shaving soaps give you a much richer and luxurious lather than a cream would. A tub or jar of shaving soap will last you much longer than a can of shaving cream would.

Our Top Picks for the Best Women’s Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickMen’s Soap Company Himalaya Shaving SoapMen’s Soap Company Himalaya Shaving SoapCheck Price
Best UnscentedVan Der Hagen Fragrance-Free Shave SoapVan Der Hagen Fragrance-Free Shave SoapCheck Price
Best MultipurposeThrive Shave & Shower SoapCheck Price
Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Sensitive SkinProraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Sensitive SkinCheck Price
Aspen Kay Natural Aloe Vera Calendula SoapAspen Kay Natural Aloe Vera & Calendula SoapCheck Price

The Best Women’s Shaving Soaps for Sensitive Skin

1. Men’s Soap Company Himalaya Shaving Soap – Our Pick!

Men’s Soap Company Himalaya Shaving Soap

Our pick for the best women’s shaving soap for sensitive skin is the Men’s Soap Company Himalaya Shaving Soap! This shaving soap – that’s both for men and women – gives you a thick and rich lather so you can shave comfortably with so much slickness. Your skin feels much smoother while and after shaving, too! If you have sensitive skin, you don’t need to worry because you’ve got zero problems with this. It is very sensitive skin friendly with no irritation and bad reactions.

Thanks to its natural and minimal ingredients, your skin is sure to get only the best every time you shave. The creamy lather from this shaving soap – that’s fairly easy to build – allows your razor to glide much smoothly on your skin for a smoother and cleaner shave. It also has shea butter and a glycerin base so you won’t have to worry about your skin drying. It instead helps your skin be much more moisturized.

It has a very simple and refreshing scent that’s also very mild and gentle and leaves you with a light fragrance for just the right amount of time – it doesn’t linger for much longer but also doesn’t completely disappear after washing it off. If you prefer a low scent soap, this might be what you’re looking for.

To top off all the good things about this shaving soap, the company has superb customer service as well! After purchasing one for yourself, the company will be sending out emails to you with tips and instructions on how to use the soap, asking whether you need assistance, and if you’re satisfied with your purchase. And in all of those emails, they’re very friendly and communicative. Now that’s a company that’s doing their customer service right!


  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Good and natural ingredients
  • Thick and rich lather
  • Easy to build lather
  • Smoother shaving
  • Soft skin while and after shaving
  • Non-drying, moisturizing
  • Mild fragrance that stays for the right amount of time
  • Amazing customer service


  • Scent might be too faint for some

3. Van Der Hagen Fragrance-Free Shave Soap – Best Unscented!

Van Der Hagen Fragrance-Free Shave Soap

Our pick for the best unscented women’s shaving soap for sensitive skin is Van Der Hagen’s Fragrance-Free Shave Soap! If you’re looking for a fragrance-free shaving soap, this one is definitely the way to go. Its formula is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, so if your skin easily reacts badly to new products or to any kind of fragrance and scent, this one promises to be very safe to use.

This shaving soap gives you a rich, thick lather that’s easy to achieve given you’ve done proper research on how to do it, especially if you’re completely new to shaving soaps. Thanks to its rich lather, you are able to shave much comfortably without the usual razor burns you get. It also allows you to achieve a slick and smooth shave every time you need to. And it just doesn’t stop there – your skin feels much smoother too even after shaving.

This fragrance-free shaving soap doesn’t dry out on you quickly while you’re shaving. It has enough lather to keep your skin protected throughout your shaving. But don’t worry, it doesn’t leave you with oily residue from the soap as it rinses off well too.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin
  • Rich, thick lather
  • Smooth, slick shave with no razor burns
  • Skin feel softer after shave
  • Doesn’t dry while shaving
  • No oily or greasy residue


  • Lather may be minimal and not enough for some

3. Thrive Shave & Shower Soap – Best Multipurpose!

The next item on our list is our pick for the best multipurpose women’s shaving soap for sensitive skin and it is the Thrive Shave & Shower Soap! This is a 2-in-1 soap that can be used for both everyday shower and cleansing and as shaving soap! It gives you a thick enough lather that acts as a protective barrier for your skin and allows the razor to glide smoothly while shaving. It also soothes and moisturizes your skin while and after shaving.

Its formula is very sensitive skin friendly and won’t cause irritation or your skin to react badly. With this as your shaving soap, it’s sure to feel amazing on your skin every time you slather it on your skin. You also end up with a much cleaner and moisturized feeling on where you usually shave. It also doesn’t dry out your skin, like other shaving creams tend to do.

It has a great unisex scent that can fit both men and women. The scent is pleasant – nothing chemical or overwhelming. It’s somewhat a light, earthy smell – not flowery at all and thus great for those sensitive to fragrances.


  • Multipurpose soap – cleansing and shaving
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • Thick lather for smoother shave
  • Soothes and moisturizes skin
  • Non-drying
  • Unisex, light scent


  • Scent is not up for everyone’s taste

4. Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Sensitive Skin

Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Sensitive Skin

A favorite among regular shavers, the Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Sensitive Skin also made it into our list of the best women’s shaving soaps for sensitive skin! This shaving soap has oatmeal and green tea in its ingredients that effectively calm, soothe, and protect inflamed and irritated skin. It also has amazing moisturizing properties and gives your skin a great finish after shaving with this.

This shaving soap provides you with a nice, slick, and thick lather to help your razor glide on skin much more effortlessly and seamlessly. The lather also allows you to achieve a smoother and closer shave than ever before. The soft and luxurious lather of this shaving soap is also easy to achieve given that you’ve worked it properly. And achieving the right lather, your razor is sure to glide well and the shaving soap itself won’t dry out while you’re still shaving.

Thanks to its soothing and calming ingredients, you are sure to avoid further redness and irritation from this shaving soap. It also has a pleasing aroma that smells clean and nice and not too overpowering at all to the point that it causes even more irritation.


  • Soothes and calms inflamed and irritated skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Nice, slick, thick lather
  • Seamless and effortless shaving
  • Smooth and close shave
  • Soft and luxurious lather
  • Doesn’t dry out while shaving
  • No redness or irritation
  • Clean and pleasant scent


  • Cooling sensation that’s not for everyone

5. Aspen Kay Natural Aloe Vera & Calendula Soap

Aspen Kay Natural Aloe Vera Calendula Soap

Aspen Kay Natural’s Aloe Vera & Calendula Soap is the last item to make it into our list of the best women’s shaving soap for sensitive skin! Infused with organic aloe vera, calendula, and turmeric, this shaving soap is sure to nourish and moisturize your skin whether you use it as a cleansing soap or as a shaving soap.

Your skin will definitely feel richer with this in hand every time you shave. Its formula is very friendly to sensitive skin and won’t irritate it and won’t dry out your skin. It lathers up nicely – just enough to be able to protect your skin while shaving. It allows your razor to glide smoothly on skin for a more comfortable shave.

With this as your regular shaving soap, there is no irritation or itching especially on very sensitive skin. The oil in the soap doesn’t just dry on your skin, but instead keeps your skin moisturized while and after shaving.


  • Nourishing and moisturizing
  • Cleansing and shaving soap
  • Safe to use for sensitive skin
  • Aloe vera, calendula, and turmeric extracts
  • No itching or irritation
  • Non-drying


  • Scent is not for everyone

How to Take Care of Sensitive Skin for Shaving

Shaving, for anyone, can be tricky, but more so when you have sensitive skin. It’s really not enough that we switch to sensitive skin friendly shaving soaps, we should also go the extra mile of caring for our sensitive skin whenever a shave is needed.

Shave at the end of your shower

Wait until you finish washing your hair and body first before you proceed shaving whatever needs to be shaved. This helps soften your hair follicles and helps you shave much easier and without much irritation.

Always use a shaving soap

The use of shaving soaps whenever you’re shaving will save your sensitive skin from horrible razor burns that you’re most likely prone to. Your regular cleansing soap may do a superb job at cleaning your body but using the same for shaving will only cause dryness to your skin.

Moisturize after shaving

If you have sensitive skin, make sure to always moisturize whatever part you shaved once you hop out your shower to counter irritation, redness, or itching that can be caused by shaving.

How to Find the Best Women’s Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

In looking for the best shaving soap for sensitive skin, it’s important that you stop and consider a few important things before rushing to buy one.


As with other skincare products, you should always consider the ingredients used in the formula of the shaving soap you’re currently considering. Each shaving soap has a different set of ingredients that’s completely unique to them. Make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients listed to avoid further skin issues and sensitivities.

Scent and fragrance

Shaving soaps come with a variety of scents and fragrances, and in the same way, they differ in levels too. Some shaving soaps contain strong scents while some have faint fragrances. Consider this when you’re deciding on your new shaving soap.


Shaving soaps also vary in price range. Some from more high-end brands cost more than those that don’t come from high-end brands. But it doesn’t mean that shaving soaps priced higher work better than those priced cheaper. It all comes down to how much you’re willing to pay for a shaving soap for an improved shaving experience.


A shaving soap will definitely up your shaving experience. There are so many options of shaving soaps for sensitive skin and we get that it can be confusing to choose which one would work best for your skin’s individual needs. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

Our pick for the best women’s shaving soap for sensitive skin is the Men’s Soap Company Himalaya Shaving Soap thanks to its thick and rich texture for a smoother shaving experience. It also has nothing but good and natural ingredients – definitely a plus for those with sensitive skin! The Van Der Hagen Fragrance-Free Shave Soap is our pick for the best unscented shaving soap for sensitive skin! Its hypoallergenic and unscented formula is sure to be safe for use on sensitive skin while allowing you to achieve a better shaving experience. The Thrive Shave & Shower Soap is our favorite multipurpose shaving soap for sensitive skin. It can be used effectively as both a cleansing and shaving soap – talk about getting your money’s worth!

We could only hope you found your new favorite shaving buddy as you read along this article with us. Here’s to your pleasant shaving experience!

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