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If you’re currently hunting down the best stick-on bras to get your hands on right now that also work well with small busts, make sure you stop and consider a few very important things first: size and color options, durability and longevity, and the skin-friendly factor. I took it upon myself to look for the best of the best in the business right now and I have all my favorites listed and reviewed below for you! If you want to find out what made it into my favorites list and how these factors I mentioned came into play, go ahead and read along with me now!

I used to always be on the safe side when it comes to fashion. I have always opted for the simple jeans, shirts, skirts, and dresses that don’t require much complicated things to wear along with it. Along with my preference for simplicity, I also didn’t own ‘special’ bras that are worn under clothes with special and complicated cuts and designs. As I venture into more unique wardrobe pieces, I find myself needing special bras like ones that I should be wearing under strapless or backless shirts and dresses.

As I build up more of my wardrobe and the pieces inside it, I’m also having the urge to add in new bra pieces that go well for different styles of clothes – low cut, halter, strapless, backless, and more. I’ve had a few successes in doing so and I realized I still have to add stick-on bras to have a wider and more varied bra options for all my wardrobe needs. You know what I like to say, a woman needs her stick-on bra for the perfect strapless or backless fit.

If you’re also looking to add a few new pieces in your wardrobe and stick-on bras come to mind, I have got you covered right here, right now!

What are Stick-On Bras and How Do They Work?

Stick-on bras are bras designed with an adhesive. Because these bras are not at all equipped with strands of bands along the sides, the adhesives are the ones responsible to stick and adhere to your skin and your breast. Sticky bras are made to be washable and intended to be reused several times before it requires changing. They are hand-washed and air-dried after each use. The stickiness regenerates itself and is brought back to its original state for your next use.

Stick-on bras offer freedom and the feeling of a no-bra wear but gives you and your busts great support and lifting. They do this without the annoying (and sometime) painful feeling of straps on your shoulders and bands around your chest, making them appear invisible under most, if not all, clothes. The strapless bra and backless bra design also offers maximum freedom in choosing their clothes and outfits.

These adhesive bras can be worn under and with any piece of clothing in your wardrobe but they especially go well with backless styles, low-cut styles, and strapless clothes where you can’t have any straps or bands showing for the sake of style. They appear invisible under these clothes so you can move around with much ease and confidence. This is a main and common reason why many try to add stick-on bras in their wardrobes.

Do stick-on bras work for small busts?

Stick-on bras work well for smaller busts – given that you find the right one for you in the perfect size as well. These don’t only offer you and your girls enough coverage, but some also work to bring your breasts together and hold them there in place, allowing you to achieve cleavage you might have had trouble achieving. Spending on the bra’s design and structure, some can also offer your breasts a little push up and lift so they can appear fuller.

Stick-on bras are lightweight, natural, and very comfortable to wear – a very great choice and go-to for those with either smaller or larger busts. As many loyal users would agree, once you get a taste of stick-on bras, it would be hard to go back to wearing regular bras!

If you want to find the best stick-on and sticky bras out in the market right now for your small busts, I hope you’re ready because we are diving right in!

Our Top Picks for the Best Stick-On Bra for Small Busts

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickAdarados Plunge Adhesive BraAdarados Plunge Adhesive BraCheck Price
Best for Natural Nipple CoverageNippies Nipple CoversNippies Nipple CoversCheck Price
Best CleavageNuBra The Feather-Lite Super Padded Light Adhesive BraNuBra The Feather-Lite Super Padded Light Adhesive BraCheck Price
MITALOO Invisible Adhesive BraMITALOO Invisible Adhesive BraCheck Price
Flizzot Self-Adhesive BraFlizzot Self-Adhesive BraCheck Price

The Best Stick-On Bra for Small Bust

1. Adarados Plunge Adhesive Bra – Our Pick!

Adarados Plunge Adhesive Bra

Our number one pick for the best stick-on bra for small busts is the Adarados Plunge Adhesive Bra! Having been made with sticky natural silicone adhesive, you can trust this one to stay on without falling off, while allowing you to securely move throughout the day. This is sure to provide you and your girls with natural, soft, and comfortable padding and support that appears virtually invisible under any clothes you choose to wear. This is washable and reusable for your convenience. And as long as you gently clean each time, this is sure to last for some time.

Designed with a micro-edge design, this makes sure it remains seamless and invisible under any clothes in your wardrobe for a no-exposure wear. This one also comes with a unique front clip to hook and unhook the bra for you to wear. The front clasp design works to gather your girls – front and center – to a fuller finish under low-cut necklines! The adhesive silicone used for this is sure to be breathable, promising you a comfortable wear without any pain, irritation, or traces of residue on your skin no matter how long you choose to wear it under your clothes.

Thanks to the unique design, this Adarados sticky bra will help you achieve the coveted v-shaped cleavage. If that sounds appealing to you, make sure you check this one out. Even if you have small busts and small boobs, you can rest assured that this will not fail you at all and will give you the lift, support, and cleavage you want. You can trust this to fully cover, support, and make your breasts look better than ever! The elongated shape and design makes sure to pull and hold everything in, even some loose skin, as shared by some users.

The plunge adhesive bra comes with an ergonomic design for a comfortable gathering and pushing-up of your breasts for that extra oomph under backless or plunging dresses. This promises a bra-free feeling but with the support and lift of a regular banded and strapped bra. You can also rest assured that this wears seamless under even tight–fitting clothes and is sure to look smooth all over, without showing any signs or edges while also allowing you to move freely without worrying about its performance.

The adhesive used for this Adorados adhesive bra has been extracted from natural plants, making sure that it performs while being delicate and soft on skin. You can rest assured that this is sensitive-skin friendly and will not cause irritations. The adhesive used is also more advanced than others in the market, promising a stay-on stickiness that is sweat-proof and will not slip off during the day, even on stage or on the dance floor!

Color options for this stick-on bra include black, beige, dark beige, off-white and nude for all your wardrobe and outfit needs. Sizing options range from A, B, C, and D cups for all breast shapes and sizes. The only drawback a few users have to share regarding this favorite of ours is that you might have to readjust the fit the first few uses as it can be difficult to find the perfect fit and spot for the perfect coverage and support. But rest assured that once you find the perfect fit, it will be easy breezy for you the next time you need to wear it.


  • Provides natural, soft, and comfortable padding and support
  • Washable and reusable for some time with gentle cleaning every time
  • Micro-edge design for seamless and virtually invisible wear even under tight clothes
  • Front clasp design to easily hook and unhook the bra
  • Gathers and holds breasts for a much fuller look and finish
  • Breathable and comfortable adhesive silicone for all-day wear
  • Pain-free, irritation-free, and residue-free wear
  • Helps achieve v-shape to create cleavage, even for small breasts
  • Fully covers and support for better looking breasts
  • Ergonomically designed and elongated for comfortable and effective gathering and hold
  • Adhesive has been extracted from natural plants so it is delicate and soft on skin
  • More sticky adhesive is sweat-proof and will not slip off
  • Black, beige, dark beige, off-white, and nude colors with sizing ranging from A, B, C, and D cups


  • Might be difficult to find the perfect fit and spot at first

2. Nippies Nipple Covers – Best Natural Nipple Coverage!

Nippies Nipple Covers

The next item on our list of the best stick-on bras and our top pick for the best natural nipple coverage is the Nippies Nipple Covers! If what you would prefer in your new stick-on bra is a more natural nipple coverage, make sure you keep an eye out for this one. This one works to give your nipples coverage and helps conceal them under clothes but doesn’t really give your girls a lift or push-up. If a natural-looking nipple coverage is much up your alley, make sure you consider clicking both ‘add to cart’ and ‘check-out’ on this one.

Having been made and designed with medical grade silicone, this promises a skin-safe wear that will not aggravate your skin or cause irritation or sensitivities. This also makes use of Invisifeel and ultra-thin silicone for a soft, thin, and comfortable wear and fit under even the most tight-fitting clothes in your wardrobe. With a unique skin-like texture, these nipple covers feel and look like your skin while offering maximum coverage for your girls so you can avoid unexpected slip-ups and exposure.

This Nippies adhesive bra comes in two pieces, for anyone who prefers something without the clasp connecting the two parts and covers as you would usually find in other adhesive bras. Because of this, this doesn’t have a push-up and lifting effect on your girls and opts for a more natural look. This has been made to be lightweight and comfortable to wear without adding any bulk underneath your clothes. With this as part of your ensemble for the day, you are sure to not feel like you’re wearing it and even forget about it throughout the day!

With a smooth edge design, this wears virtually seamless and visible under any of your clothes. This works great for smaller busts as well and provides great coverage and protection. You can wear this under tight or lightweight clothes without any worry of accidents and exposures. Many small-busted women have said that this is a great bra alternative that still provides coverage and looks and feels natural as well. You can rest assured that this will totally conceal your nipple and adhere securely on your breasts.

These nipple adhesive bras are waterproof and will withstand any occasion, activity, and sweat – truly the perfect company for when you make your way to the dance floor! This has been designed with a matte finish so it doesn’t catch and reflect any light, not making them appear obvious under your clothes. This is the perfect choice for when you know there will be lots of lights and cameras on you. With this in your hand, you are sure that there will be no embarrassing exposures. This is sensitive skin-friendly and will not cause any irritations even with long wear.

The stick-on silicone adhesive nipple covers are currently available in creme, caramel, and choco color variations for different skin tones while sizing options go from small (for A-C cups) and large (for D+ cups). If what you’re looking for in a stick-on bra is lift and a push-up bra to create cleavage, you might want to move on to our other picks as this provides a more natural-looking nipple coverage without the lift and push-up.


  • Ideal for natural nipple coverage
  • Conceals and covers nipples without push and lift for breasts
  • Sensitive skin-friendly without irritation even with long wear
  • Invisifeel and ultra-thin silicone for soft and comfortable wear
  • Skin-like texture wears natural and blends seamlessly with skin
  • Matte finish so it doesn’t catch and reflect light
  • Lightweight fit without adding additional bulk and padding
  • Smooth edge design for a seamless and virtually invisible wear
  • Great bra alternative for small busts with maximum nipple coverage and protection
  • Provides coverage while feeling and looking natural
  • Waterproof and withstands sweat
  • Creme, caramel, and choco color options with sizes from small to large


  • No push or lift provided for breasts

3. NuBra The Feather-Lite Super Padded Light Adhesive Bra – Best Cleavage!

NuBra The Feather-Lite Super Padded Light Adhesive Bra

Our next favorite stick-on bra and our pick for the best cleavage is the NuBra The Feather-Lite Super Padded Light Adhesive Bra! If what you’re looking for in your new sticky bra is holy(!) cleavage, get ready to find out more about this. Designed with comfortable, lightweight padded fabric cups, you can trust this to truly enhance your bust and get outstanding cleavage enhancement under a variety of clothes in your wardrobe. Even if you have smaller busts, you can rest assured that this will give you the illusion of cleavage and add more to your breasts.

Having been designed with a center clasp, this allows users to adjust cleavage enhancement so you can finally get the cleavage you’ve always wanted! Because this is the brand’s padded version, you can trust this one to really enhance small busts and provide lift and acts as a push-up bra for better-looking breasts under any of your clothes. The extra padding for the bra also offers control over how much of your breasts you wish to push together and lift for that extra cleavage effect.

This NuBra stick-on bra is special silicone adhesive that has been tested and is safe and skin-friendly. The padded fabric cups are lightweight and comfortable, ideal for an all-day wear without any pain or discomfort. This is sure to adhere and stick to skin while providing great coverage for your breasts, without having you constantly worry about accidental slip-ups and exposure. This is washable and reusable, lasting you for quite some time with proper and gentle cleaning. Care instructions are also included in the package so you’re sure you’re doing it right.

If what you’re prioritizing in your new stick-on bra besides full coverage and support is cleavage enhancement under clothes with plunging necklines, make sure you seriously consider this padded one from our list of favorites. This is currently available in black, fair, and tan color options for all your wardrobe needs. Sizing options go from AA, A, and B cups.

The only drawback users have to share regarding this cleavage-enhancing stick-on bra is that it can come with noticeable quality change as it doesn’t come with outstanding longevity anymore, compared to the previous version. Many have shared that it doesn’t seem to hold up as well as before and the stickiness of the adhesive might wear off rather quickly. If you don’t mind this drawback and it would be okay for you to frequently change your stick-on bra for the sake of cleavage, then go on right ahead with this one!


  • Ideal for cleavage enhancement
  • Comfortable, lightweight padded cups for bust-enhancement
  • Enhances breasts’ cleavage, even for small-busted women
  • Gives the illusion of cleavage and gives more to small breasts
  • Center clasp allows to adjust cleavage enhancement
  • Provides needed lift and push-up for better finish and look under clothes
  • Padded cups allows you control over how much is pushed together and pushed up
  • Lab-tested special silicone adhesive is skin-friendly and safe
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
  • Really sticks to skin for coverage and security without accidental slip-ups
  • Comes with care instructions for [proper caring and washing
  • Black, fair, and tan color options with sizes from AA, A, and B cups


  • Not so great longevity – stickiness wears off quickly
  • Changed product quality doesn’t hold up as well as before

4. MITALOO Invisible Adhesive Bra

MITALOO Invisible Adhesive Bra

The MITALOO Invisible Adhesive Bra is the next item to make it into our list of the best stick-on bras for small busts! The adhesive sticky bra with silk buckles front closure works to gather and hold in your breasts for the coveted deep v effect on your chest, allowing you to show off your cleavage. The design has been made as such to help your chest achieve a fuller look under any clothes you choose to wear for the day. This has been designed to lift your girls as well for a better look and finish, yet still remains looking natural and not obviously fake.

This adhesive bra comes with strong adhesion, assuring you of a strong and secured hold so you can drop your worries of it ever slipping off. This is sure to stay firm all day or all night without ever coming undone in the middle of the day or night. Thanks to this ultra-thin and lifting bra, you can rest assured that your small busts will stand out with enough cleavage you don’t usually get with your regular bras. This is sure to make you feel sexy and pretty while still feeling safe and secure without worries of exposure.

The material and cloth used for these MITALOO sticky bras is soft and comfortable, ensuring that you are never in pain or any discomfort even through an all-day wear. If you’re a complete novice when it comes to stick-on bras, no need to worry as this comes with instructions on putting it on to make the process much easier for you. This provides outstanding hold and offers you great support. The material, as some have pointed out, seems to be of great quality and will likely last for quite some time.

These invisible adhesive bras are currently offered in black, creme, nude, and off-white color variations while sizing options go from A, B, C, and D cups for all breast size and shapes. This promises a flattering wear and fit, whether you are on the smaller or bigger chest size.

The only drawback users have noticed regarding this stick-on bra is that you might come and slip off with extreme sweating. The brand has said in their product description that this isn’t meant for high outdoor temperatures and exercises because too much sweat will affect the bonding effectiveness. This disclaimer has been posted by the brand itself so users who experienced this couldn’t really blame the product. Though this has been posted, some still experienced great bondage even with sweating and humidity.


  • Gives breasts deep v effect and cleavage
  • Chest achieves a fuller look and finish under clothes
  • Front silk closure gather and lift breasts up
  • Strong adhesion provides secured hold throughout the day
  • Ultra-thin and lifting bra makes small busts stand out with more cleavage
  • Lifts but looks and feels natural
  • Soft and comfortable material for all-day wear
  • Comes with instructions on how to put it on for complete beginners
  • Outstanding hold and great support, even for small busts
  • Great quality material seems it will hold well
  • Black, creme, nude, and off-white color options with sizes from A, B, C, and D cups


  • Might slip off and lose adhesion with extreme sweating, exercise, and high outdoor temperatures

5. Flizzot Self-Adhesive Bra

Flizzot Self-Adhesive Bra

Our last favorite stick-on bra for small busts is the Flizzot Self-Adhesive Bra! A push-up bra with a buckle front design, this works to gather your girls and form a v-shape for a better look and fit under any clothes you choose to wear. You can trust this one to give your breasts a much fuller look and prevent them from sagging and looking like it as well. For women with smaller busts, this is sure to be a god-send for you to achieve more cleavage than you normally would so you can look even better whether you’re out partying or celebrating an occasion.

Having been equipped with high quality soft fabrics and non-toxic biological gel, you can rest assured that this will give you comfortable all-day wear and is skin-friendly even with long wear. This will not cause any skin irritation or pain and discomfort. The micro-edge design of this adhesive bra also makes it possible to fit seamlessly and invisible under even the tightest of your clothes. This will allow you to comfortably sport it in a more natural and not-so-obvious way, compared to your regular bras.

This Flizzot adhesive bra has been designed with strong adhesive that stays on and doesn’t slip off through the day or through the night, even with sweating and dancing. A few users have shared that the adhesive is extra sticky for a more secure hold. The nipple spot doesn’t have an adhesive and gel on it, making sure that it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort during removal. No worries though as this purchase comes with a pair of nipple covers so you can have the option of using them under.

This adhesive bra comes with honeycomb breathable cups, so you can stay cool and dry without much excessive sweating throughout the day. Not only does this keep you comfortable throughout the day or night but it keeps the adhesive from losing its effectiveness, therefore never slipping or coming off. The cups are also sure to be soft and comfortable, while naturally fitting your curves for a natural look.

A purchase of this favorite of ours will instantly give you two pairs of stick-on bras: one in black and one in nude. The set, as we’ve mentioned earlier, comes with a pair of silicone nipple covers so you can have the option of using them for even more security and making sure your nipples don’t poke out. The only downside some users have to share regarding this self-adhesive bra is that it may take you a while to get the perfect fit and placement before you get the hang of it for that maximum coverage and support for your girls.


  • Gathers your breasts for a v-shaped look and finish
  • Breasts look fuller and don’t sag
  • Helps small busts achieve more cleavage than ever
  • High-quality soft fabrics for comfortable all-day wear
  • Non-toxic biological gel is skin-friendly and non-irritating
  • Micro-edge design for seamless and invisible wear and finish
  • Looks natural under a variety of clothes
  • Strong adhesive stays on even with sweating
  • Adhesive is extra sticky for extra secured and firm hold
  • Nipple spot doesn’t have gel and adhesive for comfortable and pain-free removal
  • Honeycomb breathable cups for dry and cool wear
  • Comes with 2 pairs of stick-on bras (black and nude) and 1 pair of nipple covers


  • Might take a while and a couple tries to find the perfect fit and placement

The Correct Way of Wearing and Cleaning Stick-On Bras

How to properly wear adhesive bras

When you’re an absolute beginner when it comes to stick-on bras, I get that it can be confusing to know how to wear them. These things usually come with instructions on how to put them on but essentially, this is how you properly wear stick-on bras to ensure maximum coverage and support:

  • Wear and place the cups on skin individually.
  • Place the cups directly onto your skin.
  • Depending on the shape and size of the cup, you might need to extend further on where you place it. You can also adjust the placement of the cups to add more cleavage or push your breasts.
  • Once you have placed the cups where you want them to be placed, clip the buckle or closure on the front to keep them secured and firmly holding your breasts.

How to properly care for sticky bras bras

Stick-on and sticky bras are ecological and a great way to save money because they are made to be washable and reusable multiple times before having to throw them out and replace them. To ensure your stick-on bras’ life and longevity, it’s important that you also know how to properly care for them.

Brands would usually let you know in their product descriptions or packages the ways and steps on properly caring for your new stick-on bra from their brand. Generally, the following cleaning guidelines may be observed:

  • Do not fold adhesive bras because not only will this compromise the adhesive but will also ruin the bra’s shape.
  • Rinse the cups with water and go in with soap to really clean the bra.
  • Remove dirt, oil, hair, and dust on the bra’s adhesive side.
  • Once you are satisfied with how they have been cleaned, let them air dry. Do not ever use towels, cloth, paper, or tissues on your stick-on bras because these will only ruin the bra’s adhesive, making them less effective.
  • When air drying your stick-on bra, keep the adhesive or inside facing up.
  • Once completely dried, keep them in their package or storage to prevent any dirt or dust from sticking on the bra.

How to Choose the Best Stick-On Bra for Small Bust

With so many options for stick-on bras available to everyone right now with just a single click, it’s very important for all buyers to know exactly what is it to consider to make sure that we get our hands on only the best.

Size and color

One of the first things to consider in your new stick-on bra is the size and color options and availability. Most are offered indifferent colors for different wardrobe needs. You don’t want to be getting a color that will appear visible under the clothes you’re meaning to wear it with. Make sure to consider that factor.

Even though stick-on bras are designed without straps and bands, it does come with cups and therefore, you should pick your correct cup size. This is to make sure that it will give you not only maximum coverage and support but a wear that is comfortable as well.

Durability and longevity

Because stick-on bras rely on the adhesive it comes equipped with, you would want to make sure that your new stick-on bra has proven durability and longevity. You would want to get your hands on something that will hold up well and will last you for quite some time without losing adhesiveness and stickiness too quickly. This factor will make sure that you don’t feel the need to frequently and quickly change your stick-on bras.


Because stick-on bras will adhere directly onto your skin, specifically on your breasts, you would want to make sure that you are getting your hands on something that is skin-safe and skin-friendly. Make sure that your new stick-on bra offers comfortable wear without causing any skin irritation.

A breathable pair of stick-on bras is also a good way to go to make sure that you stay cool and dry under, because the sweat can tamper with the effectiveness of the adhesive. And going back to being a skin-friendly stick-on bra, you might want to get something that is painless when taken off of your skin.


Whenever you want to or need to sport an outfit that’s backless, strapless, or plunging, a stick-on bra is a good way to give yourself and your girls the perfect coverage, support, security, and even lift.

Our number one pick for the best stick-on bra for small busts is the Adarados Plunge Adhesive Bra as it works to provide a soft, natural, and comfortable padding and support for smaller breasts underneath any clothes you would want to wear! This also provides your breasts with the v-shaped cleavage, even if you are on the smaller side. The Nippies Nipple Covers is our choice for the best small bust stick-on bra for a more natural nipple coverage! If what you’re looking for is a stick-on bra that doesn’t necessarily lift and push your breasts together for cleavage but rather something that will give enough coverage for a more natural look, make sure to check this one out. And our pick for the best cleavage-enhancing stick-on bra for small busts is the NuBra The Feather-Lite Super Padded Light Adhesive Bra! If what you’re prioritizing above anything else are breasts that look fuller and a huge difference on your cleavage, this might be the one you’re looking for.

And there you have it – our top five picks for the best stick-on bras for small busts! We hope you found your new favorite stick-on bra from our list and guide above.

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