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If you’re hunting down the best bikinis to give you and your girls a little push-up for your beach getaways, make sure to stop and consider a few important things first before going ahead with your purchase: the style; the available sizes; and coverage, support, and lift. I took it upon myself to look for the current bests out in the market right now. If you want to find out what made it into my favorites list and how these factors I mentioned came into play when it was time to decide, go ahead and read along with me now!

I love going to the beach and playing in the water with friends and family. I don’t usually like going out but when it comes to a beach trip, you can definitely count me in! And with beach trips come the hunt for bikinis that will not only flatter my body but will also lift my confidence up. Growing up, I was a very insecure girl, especially about my body. Swimsuits and bikinis were one of my top enemies. It was only a few years ago that I finally gathered enough confidence to sport a few pairs on different holiday trips.

As I grew older I realized how important it is to find wardrobe pieces that will not only fit my body, but pieces that are sure to complement, flatter., and help me with my problem areas for a more confident me. Personally and normally, I would prefer bathing suits with tummy control as I carry most of my weight in that area. But looking through a lot of bikini and swimsuit choices, I realized how good push-up ones look. It got me thinking of getting a few ones for my wardrobe for when I want that little push and lift for me and my girls.

If you’re also looking for the best push-up bikinis to get your hands on at this moment, no need to look further because I got you covered right here. Whether you’re looking for a classic style or a more trendy choice, I hope you’re ready to find out what my picks are because we are diving right in!

Our Top Picks for the Best Push-Up Bikinis

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickSmart & Sexy Women's Swim Secret Convertible Push-Up Bikini TopSmart & Sexy Women’s Swim Secret
Convertible Push-Up Bikini Top
Check Price
Best for Tummy ControlTempt Me Retro Halter Ruched High-Waisted Two Piece BikiniTempt Me Retro Halter Ruched
High-Waisted Two Piece Bikini
Check Price
Best for Small BustsSherryDC Push-Up Brazilian Thong Two Piece Bathing SuitSherryDC Push-Up Brazilian
Thong Two Piece Bathing Suit
Check Price
RELLECIGA Women's Push-Up Bikini TopRELLECIGA Women’s
Push-Up Bikini Top
Check Price
Astylish Women's Push-Up Two Piece Bikini SwimsuitAstylish Women’s Push-Up
Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit
Check Price

The Best Push-Up Bikinis

1. Smart & Sexy Women’s Swim Secret Convertible Push-Up Bikini Top – Our Pick!

Smart & Sexy Women's Swim Secret Convertible Push-Up Bikini Top

Our number one pick for the best push-up bikinis is the Smart & Sexy Women’s Swim Secret Convertible Push-Up Bikini Top! Designed with push-up padding, this offers you and your girls a push and lift where you need it. The push-up is especially beneficial for girls with smaller busts. If you’re someone with a fuller bust size, this will give you maximum shaping support whenever you head out to the beach. No matter if you have a smaller or fuller bust, you can confidently stride any beach with this favorite of ours in your hands!

Designed with soft padded cups and underwire support, you can trust this one to give you a much-needed lift where you need it. You can show off your cleavage and achieve lifted busts for a more confident you than ever! This offers a lift that is a lot to give you cleavage but isn’t crazy and obviously fake. You can rest assured that the lift you will be getting will look natural yet visually different and there. This one is equipped with soft padding and not overly padded, allowing you to wear this with still much comfort all day.

This Smart & Sexy push-up bikini top comes with convertible straps and allows you to style this in three different ways: classic back, cross back, and halter. With just a single bikini top, you are sure to achieve a lot of versatile styles for all your beach trips! The straps on this one are also adjustable to assure you of the perfect and secure fit whenever. You can trust this to hold you in and keep everything in, without having to constantly worry about accidentally exposing anything. This is cut in all the right places and has enough padding for both modesty and a fun wear.

Having been made with good quality material, this offers an all-around flattering and comfortable fit. This promises not to gap at your armpits or squeeze any side fat so you can achieve a smooth finish and even more reasons to feel confident. Thanks to its supportive and smoothing side boning, you busts are not the only ones who get support, but your sides as well. A few users have also shared that when the straps are crossed and worn as a halter, they feel extra secure so you can bend over and not be worried of anything slipping out.

This push-up bikini top is currently being offered in a variety of 12 colors many have fallen in love with and bra sizes from 32A to 40D for all bust sizes. The brand also offers four different options for matching bottoms you can get as well to match this top. You can really trust this one to push your girls up but still look natural and keep you where you’re supposed to be without suffering comfort and security. On top of all that, the brand promises that for every garment sold, they will make a donation to an organization that empowers and supports women!

Even with topping our list of favorites, this bikini top still comes with a few drawbacks you should know. Some users have shared that this swimsuit top can run small, so make sure you not only check the brand’s sizing chart but also read enough user reviews to really get the right size for you. This also comes with straps that are on the thinner side, so make sure you’re comfortable with straps this size before going ahead.


  • Pushes smaller busts up for the perfect cleavage
  • Gives fuller busts shaping support
  • Bra-sized bikini top for the perfect fit and wear
  • Soft padded cups and underwire support for maximum lift
  • A lot of natural-looking, not fake-looking cleavage
  • Not overly and heavily padded for maximum comfort
  • Convertible straps for three ways of wearing: classic, cross back, and halter
  • Secure fit without exposing anything
  • Supportive and smoothing side boning for flattering way all around
  • No fat squeezing
  • Available in 12 colors and bra sizes from 32A to 40D
  • 4 options for matching bikini bottoms are available
  • For every garment sold, a donation is made to an organization that empowers and supports women


  • Straps are on the thinner side
  • Can run small on some

2. Tempt Me Retro Halter Ruched High-Waisted Two Piece Bikini – Best for Tummy Control!

Tempt Me Retro Halter Ruched High-Waisted Two Piece Bikini

The next item on our list of the best push-up bikinis and our pick for the best tummy control is the Tempt Me Retro Halter Ruched High-Waisted Two Piece Bikini! If what you’re looking for is a bikini two piece set with tummy control bottoms, make sure you check this one out. Equipped with a pleated front panel, you can put your trust in this one to really flatter your body and conceal any extra fat you don’t want to show. The ruched design of the bottoms are great for hiding any lower stomach fat you want to keep to yourself.

As for the other half of this tummy-controlling bikini set, this comes with a structured halter top and offers a push-up effect, especially if tied snug and tight. You can trust the bikini top to offer more coverage and extra support while also lifting your girls up for more cleavage where and when you need it. The bra of the bikini top are padded for that extra and maximum support and coverage as you enjoy your day at the beach. The top also comes with an adjustable self-tie halter neck and a clasp hook closure to make sure you get to customize for the perfect fit.

The push-up padded bra of this Tempt Me swimsuit set is sure to be very flattering on women with smaller breasts and give them their desired lift and support. The tie at the back not only adds style and sophistication but also works to keep things up and secured throughout the day. You can trust the push-up top to just the right amount of sexy look but still feel covered and not over-exposed. This is currently available in 43 colors and sizes go from x-small to 2x-large for anyone looking for their new go-to two piece swimsuit set.

Thanks to the back and side straps, you can trust this Tempt Me two piece swimsuit that keeps you and your girls held in without fear of showing anything you don’t want shown on the beach. The back and side panels also make sure that you achieve a smooth finish all over without allowing any fat rolls to show. Many users have lauded the extra tie design of the top as it gives you better support and security. The adjustable halter straps even allow you to adjust the lift and push your girls according to the level you prefer.

Thanks to the ruched bottom design, this works to hide and conceal any puchy fat on your lower abdomen area! This is sure to flatter anyone as it works to flatten fat and belly rolls. The high-waisted bottoms are also great for covering up stretch marks you don’t want to show so you can walk and swim with more confidence than ever. Thanks to the thick material of both the top and the bottom, you can rest assured that this will give you great support while offering a non-see-through, comfortable, soft, and stretchy wear.

A few drawbacks users have shared regarding this push-up bikini is that because some of the color options come in different prints and designs, a few have noticed that they can come a little bit pixelated. No worries though as it is only noticeable up close. Some have also shared in their reviews that the bottoms can run big on sonme. And because you can’t order across sizes for the top and bottom, this can pose as a minor issue.


  • Ideal for tummy control
  • Pleated front panel bottom to conceal any pouchy stomach fat
  • Hides lower stomach fat and stretch marks
  • Structured halter top for a push-up effect
  • Adjustable self-tie halter and clasp hook closure offers levels of lift and security
  • Supportive coverage while offering a push-up effect
  • Padded top for maximum support and coverage
  • Flattering on small-busted women to give them lift and cleavage
  • Adds enough sexiness but still feels covered and secured
  • Available in 43 colors and sizing from x-small to 2x-large
  • Back and side panels keep everything in without any fat rolls
  • Non-see-through, comfortable, soft, and stretchy wear


  • Print options can be pixelated up close
  • Bottoms can run big – can’t order across sizes for top and bottom

3. SherryDC Push-Up Brazilian Thong Two Piece Bathing Suit – Best for Small Busts!

SherryDC Push-Up Brazilian Thong Two Piece Bathing Suit

Our next favorite push-up bikini and our choice for small busts is the SherryDC Push-Up Brazilian Thong Two Piece Bathing Suit! If what you’re on the hunt for right now is the perfect push-up bikini two piece set for small busts, you better check this one out. A sporty tank bikini top, this offers small-chested women the perfect support, coverage, and fit. The top comes with light and soft padding to give you and your girls the extra lift and support for that extra cleavage you would want for your day at the beach.

As many users have pointed out, this two piece swimsuit set comes with a smaller top, allowing your boobs to get a little push up so they appear with more life than ever. You can also achieve the coveted cleavage with this pair in your wardrobe. If you have small boobs, you can rest assured that this will really flatter your size and won’t make you as self-conscious. The top is small but not too tight anywhere at all. This features an elastic underbust and no underwires at all for that comfortable support and lift.

This SherryDC two piece swimsuit set comes with a cheeky pair of bottoms for that extra sexiness and fun for your beach getaways. This wears super sexy on anyone but rest assured, you won’t feel as exposed as you think you would. The bikini bottoms are not overly tight at all and wouldn’t give you muffin tops. This is a snug fit and will surely look beautiful and sexy in pictures for your Instagram moment. Keep in mind that this is very cheeky, and if that’s not what you‘re looking for right now, better move on to the rest of our list.

The push-up bikini top of this swimsuit set has adjustable straps to make sure you get the perfect fit for your body both for the sake of comfort and security. The material used for these swimsuit tops and bottoms are thick and stretchy, making sure they are not too tight anywhere and instead offers a very comfortable fit. The fabric promises to stay on and is super flattering on anyone, up close or in photos. Many users have also praised this set because it feels well-made and of great quality, considering the reasonable price.

This two piece set from SherryDC is currently available in 20 color variations while sizes range from small to x-large. If what you’re going for is a small chest-friendly swimsuit that still allows you to look and feel sexy with a natural-looking lift and cleavage at the beach, make sure you check this one out. As this is our pick for small-busted women, if you’re someone with larger busts, you might want to proceed with caution. You can, of course, opt to buy this set but just keep in mind that it can only offer you minimal coverage.


  • Ideal for small busts
  • Offers small-chested girls with enough support, coverage, and lift
  • Soft-padded bra for that extra lift
  • Smaller top gives breasts a push-up effect and cleavage
  • Flatters small breasts well
  • Elastic underbust and underwire-free bra for comfortable and not too tight wear
  • Bottoms are not tight and doesn’t leave muffin tops
  • Fabric is thick and stretchy for comfortable wear
  • Sexy cheeky bottoms don’t feel as exposed
  • Adjustable straps for fit customization
  • Stays on and looks flattering
  • Well-made and great quality for the price
  • Available in 20 colors with sizes from small to x-large


  • Might be small for women with bigger busts
  • Bottoms can be too cheeky for some

4. RELLECIGA Women’s Push-Up Bikini Top

RELLECIGA Women's Push-Up Bikini Top

The RELLECIGA Women’s Push-Up Bikini Top is the next item to make it into our list of the best push-up bikinis! Designed with underwire, push-up,and molded cups, you can trust this one to offer you and your girls maximum support and that extra lift whenever you need it. This is softly padded for a comfortable yet effective lift. You can trust this one to help you achieve that cleavage you’ve always wanted! Many have described this bikini top’s effect as extreme push-up, so if that’s what you’re looking for, go on right ahead with this one.

Having been equipped with adjustable straps, this bikini push-up top allows each user to fully customize as to how they see it fit. The freedom to adjust the straps allows you to achieve maximum support, security, and comfort all over. It comes with non-removable and built-in padding making sure they stay in place no matter what water activities you engage in. This top promises to give each user a supportive and flattering coverage for anyone who wants an extra push and lift or simply wants maximum support and coverage.

Designed with an ergonomic back design, this RELLECIGA bikini top is sure to not only give you a push and lift but also a stylish back that helps accentuate your body’s curves. This comes with an s-hook as well for maximum security for your and your girls, without ever worrying about them slipping out. It may seem like so at first, but rest assured that the back design isn’t hard to wear at all. The front part of the top comes with a twisted design for style and sophistication while also allowing your cleavage to peek out a little without being too much.

This is currently available in 11 colors options while sizes go from small to 2x-large for anyone looking for their new go-to push-up bikini top. The material used for this bikini top is soft, breathable, and skin-friendly for comfortable wear no matter how long you choose to. Overall, many users would agree that this is an inexpensive bikini top for such a quality piece of wardrobe.

The only downside a few users have to share is that the sizing of this generally runs small, so it is recommended for anyone to size up. Some also shared that the sizing can vary from one variation to another, so it is best to check on the sizing chart provided and the reviews left by other buyers.


  • Underwire, push-up, and molded cups for support and lift
  • Softly padded for comfort bale lift and push-up
  • Adjustable straps for customized fit
  • Non-removable pads stay in place where they should be
  • Supportive and flattering coverage for small and big busts
  • Stylish back design with s-hook for total security
  • Unique back design is easy to wear
  • Twisted front design for added style and sophistication
  • Gives and shows off cleavage
  • Available in 11 colors with sizes from small to 2x-large
  • Soft, breathable, and skin-friendly fabric
  • Quality bikini top for the price


  • Size can run small and varies from one variation to another

5. Astylish Women’s Push-Up Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit

Astylish Women's Push-Up Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit

And our last favorite push-up bikini is the Astylish Women’s Push-Up Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit! If none of our favorites listed above have spoken to your heart just yet, this might be what you’re waiting for. With the bikini top staying away from the normal bikini padding and instead opting for actually formed wired cups, you can trust this one to give you and your girls the lift and support it needs for every beach getaway on your way. Whenever you whip this one out as you head out for a day at the beach, you are sure to achieve the cleavage you have always wanted!

The bikini top of this two piece set offers each user moderate coverage and works to support and keep everything in place and secured, without fear of exposing too much. Even as you bend down to reach something, you can rest assured that this will not embarrass and expose you in the process. This comes with adjustable, spaghetti straps to ensure that you get the perfect fit that does not only flatter but also provides comfort. The straps have also been designed to not dig into your shoulder and instead provide a comfortable and soft wear.

Now onto the other half of this swimsuit set – the bottoms. The bottoms in this two piece set offer enough coverage for your front and back. It doesn’t crawl up whenever you move and promises to stay in place no matter how long you choose to wear it on a beach day. Resting just below the belly button, the bottoms still provide enough coverage as you sit down and work to not reveal anything you don’t want revealed. This has been praised and favored by many as this offers an overall great quality two piece suit that lifts and supports the girls.

This two piece swimsuit from Astylish is currently available in 18 color options while sizing options go from small to 2x-large. The color and design options offer stylish and vibrant options for anyone looking for their new go-to push-up bikinis.

With so many great benefits from the set, it couldn’t help but have a few drawbacks to it. According to many customers, the sizes run small so it might be a good idea to size up – just make sure to still review the sizing chart and what other reviewers have to say regarding size. And as with other two piece listings in the market, one cannot opt to buy across sizes for the top and bottom, so just keep this in mind.


  • Formed wired cups for maximum support and lift
  • Allows users to achieve and show off cleavage
  • Top offers moderate coverage while keeping everything in and secured
  • Adjustable straps for maximum fit customization
  • Comfortable straps don’t dig into shoulders
  • Bottoms offer enough coverage, front and back
  • Doesn’t crawl up and stays in place – even with walking and sitting down
  • Overall great quality for target price
  • Available in 18 colors with sizes from small to 2x-large
  • Fun and vibrant color and print options


  • Size can run small
  • Can’t buy across sizes for top and bottom

How to Choose the Best Push-Up Bikinis

With so many bikini options with just a single click, it’s important that as a consumer, you know exactly what to consider and look for in looking for your new go-to push-up bikinis. If you don’t know yet what these factors are, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered right here!


As with any fashion item you try to buy, the first thing you would be considering in your new push-up bikini is the style. Is it one piece or two-piece? What colors and patterns are available? How do you feel wearing that specific style and design? Consider asking yourself these questions and make sure that what you’re getting your hands on are bikini styles and designs you are comfortable in wearing.


Bathing suits and bikinis come in a variety of sizes and instructions on how to measure yourself for the perfect size. Some are true to size while some may run big or run small. If the brand doesn’t disclose the information, make sure to read through other buyers’ sizing experiences to see which size to get for yourself.

Some bikinis are specifically made for specific body types and sizes. Some are made to be used by petite individuals while some are specially made for plus-size beauties. Consider these things and information when deciding on your new push-up bikini.

Coverage, support, and lift

The last important thing you should consider in your new swimsuit top is the coverage, support, and lift of the bikini tops. Bikinis also differ when it comes to coverage offered. Some can offer minimal coverage, moderate coverage, or full coverage. Consider at what level of coverage you’d be most comfortable in and get one along that personal preference. Whether you want the push up with minima, medium, or full coverage, you are sure to find the one for you.

Push-up bikini tops also vary when it comes to support and lift. While some may be more supportive than others, you can find some that are less supportive for your busts. Ask yourself if you prioritize getting one with the most support and make sure to get one that fits your needs. They also differ when it comes to lift levels. There are some bikinis that offer moderate lifting and push-up while some extremely lift and push you up.


Push-up bikinis look amazing and make users feel amazing – it’s no wonder why so many choices have been popping up here and there!

Our number one pick for the best push-up bikini is the Smart & Sexy Women’s Swim Secret Convertible Push-Up Bikini Top as it works to push busts – big or small – to provide lift and push for your breasts! It has been equipped with both soft padding and underwires for maximum support and lift wherever you need it. The Tempt Me Retro Halter Ruched High-Waisted Two Piece Bikini is our top pick for the best push-up bikini with tummy control! It has a structured halter top that allows you to achieve your desired lift and push and ruched bottoms for outstanding tummy control. And if you have small busts and have been looking for the perfect bikini to not only complement your chest but also lift them up, then the SherryDC Push-Up Brazilian Thong Two Piece Bathing Suit might be for you! It comes with a smaller top that pushes your girls up and a sexy pair of cheeky bottoms for when you want to go a little more daring.

And there you go, our current favorite push-up bikinis for you to choose from! We wish you a happy bikini shopping!

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