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If you’re looking for the perfect lipstick that will be good for sensitive lips, you might want to stop to consider a few important things before going ahead to purchase a new addition to your makeup routine: the ingredients, its finish, and the available shades. I review below the best of the best ones for sensitive skin with the mentioned features in mind. If you’re interested in upgrading your lipstick game, go ahead and have a read!

The one makeup product I don’t ever leave my house without are lipsticks. As someone with naturally-pale lips, wearing lipstick is a must any day. Without it on and with me, I’m sure to get questions asking whether I’m okay or if I’m sick. Lipsticks are a great way to make myself look more put together, even if I had barely enough time in that one morning.

If you have extra sensitive lips that would potentially react to any lip product you put on, finding a lipstick that both flatters you and won’t leave you with a bad allergic reaction can be an extra difficult job to take on. There are so many opinions of brands out there but very few that stay true to being sensitive skin friendly all the while give you the pop of color you’ve been looking for.

If you have sensitive lips and have been on the hunt for the best lipstick that’ll give you the best of both worlds, lucky for you because I have done the intensive research so go ahead and keep on reading!

How Do I Know If I Have Sensitive Lips?

So you might be asking, ‘do I really have sensitive lips or are my current lipsticks just generally isn’t good to put on my lips?’ It’s pretty easy to confuse sensitive lips with just really bad lip products that don’t work on your lips. That’s why we’ve listed common symptoms for you to determine if you have sensitive lips or not.

The number one sign that tells you that you have sensitive lips is an allergic reaction – immediate or not – whenever you put any lip product on your lips, whether it be lip balm, lipstick, or lipgloss. Your lips could get inflamed too with many lip products out in the market.

Hot, burning, or reddening of the lips is also a tell that you have sensitive lips. Be extra careful when you often get a hot, burning sensation on your lips that turn red whenever you apply something new. Itchy lips could also be a sign that you have sensitivities on your lips.

If you constantly experience these tell signs of sensitive lips, you might want to be extra careful and not hastily apply lip products on your lips. But even if you don’t actually have sensitive skin, safe lipsticks are always a good choice no matter the skin type or in this case, lip type.

Our Top Picks for the Best Lipsticks for Sensitive Skin

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickGabriel Cosmetics LipstickGabriel Cosmetics LipstickCheck Price
Best MoisturizingBurt's Bees Natural Glossy LipstickBurt’s Bees 100% Natural Glossy LipstickCheck Price
Best Long-LastingEcco Bella FlowerColor LipstickEcco Bella FlowerColor LipstickCheck Price
Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss LipstickAlmay Smart Shade Butter Kiss LipstickCheck Price
Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color StickNeutrogena MoistureSmooth Color StickCheck Price

The Best Lipstick for Sensitive Lips – A Detailed Review

1. Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick – Our Pick!

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick

Our pick for the best lipstick for sensitive lips is the Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick! Packed and infused with naturally-sourced ingredients, this lipstick is sure to be good and friendly on your sensitive lips. It has jojoba seed and aloe that help lock in moisture to keep your lips from drying and protects them from harmful environmental pollutants.

If you have sensitive lips and have experienced several allergic reactions from countless lip products, you won’t have to worry about this one as this is sure to be allergy-free and won’t cause any irritation. Its formula is amazing at moisturizing your lips and actually keeping them moisturized all day or as long as you’re wearing it. It’s unlike other lipsticks that will only dry out your lips and will instead leave you feeling comfortable wearing it for a full day’s wear.

It has a very creamy texture that makes sure it’s non-drying and won’t give your lips unflattering cracks. It is somewhat moist for a smooth and easy application. It doesn’t cake or bleed either and will stay on your lips for hours on end. The very rich and creamy texture makes sure your lips feel great, soft, and pleasant all day.

This lipstick has a subtle scent to it – so if you’re sensitive to fragrances, don’t worry as this one isn’t overpowering at all. The finish you will get from this lipstick is almost matte but not totally matte at all and not shiny glossy either. You can say that it’s the perfect in-between.


  • Works great for sensitive skin
  • Allergy and irritation-free
  • Moisturizing and keeps lips moisturized
  • Non-drying and no cracks
  • Creamy and rich texture
  • Smooth and easy application
  • No caking or bleeding
  • Great staying power and stays put for hours
  • Lips feels soft and pleasant
  • Subtle non-overpowering scent
  • Finish is between matte and shiny


  • Non-matte – will come off with eating and drinking

2. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Glossy Lipstick – Best Moisturizing!

Burt's Bees Natural Glossy Lipstick

The next item on our list of the best lipsticks for sensitive lips is also our pick for the best moisturizing lipsticks – the 100% Natural Glossy Lipstick from personal care brand Burt’s Bees! This cult favorite lipstick is packed with amazing moisturizing ingredients such as moringa oil and red raspberry oil to deeply condition and soothe your lips.

This one has a thick and creamy texture that’s sure to be extremely hydrating and moisturizing for your lips with no signs of drying at all, unlike with many lipsticks out in the market. The texture allows for a much softer and smoother application. For those with sensitive lips, no worries on this one either as this doesn’t cause any allergic reactions whatsoever thanks to its very safe and clean list of ingredients.

This one is also a perfect choice if you’re looking for something more natural-looking and you can confidently wear for everyday use. Its finish is glossy with a bit of shimmer that gives your lips a nice natural enhancement. The formula of this lipstick overall feels good on the lips, no matter how long you wear it on a daily basis. And thanks to its moisturizing properties, it works great to prevent chapped lips in a very dry climate while giving your lips that amazing pop of color.


  • Moisturizing and hydrating
  • Keeps lips moisturized, non-drying
  • Thick and creamy texture for soft and smooth application
  • No allergic reactions and irritation
  • Natural-looking
  • Great for everyday look
  • Glossy finish with a bit of shimmer
  • No more chapped lips


  • Sheer and lightly-colored
  • Wears off quickly when you eat or drink

3. Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick – Best Long-Lasting!

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick

A favorite among those with sensitive lips, the Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick is the next item on our list of the best lipsticks for sensitive skin! If you’re looking for something that will wear long on your lips for hours and even an entire day but still be gentle enough and not cause any sort of allergic reactions on sensitive lips, then this might be the one for you. This lipstick is sure to feel nice on your lips as it has sufficient moisture and is completely non-drying.

Unlike other lipsticks that’s currently out in the market, it doesn’t make your lips dry and doesn’t give you an uncomfortable tight feeling. And if you have sensitive lips, that is the last thing you’d want in a lipstick. It has a nice, thick, and creamy texture that helps in a much smoother and easier application.

It helps keep your lips moisturized for as long you wear it and promises to be long-wearing. Its finish is not entirely matte but is also not glossy – a perfect balance between the two. It has a nice scent to it that’s not too perfumy either.


  • Long-lasting and long-wearing
  • Moisturizing and non-drying
  • No dry and tight feeling
  • Thick and creamy texture
  • Smooth and easy application
  • Between glossy and matte finish


  • May seem a bit heavy when first put on
  • Stick could be fragile

4. Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick

Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick

The Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick also made it into our list of the best lipsticks for sensitive lips thanks to its hypoallergenic formula that’s sure to be safe for use on sensitive lips! It has both shea butter and coconut oil as part of its ingredients that will definitely make your lips softer and more moisturized. If you’re looking for a lipstick that will give you the perfect ‘your lips but better’ look, this one is definitely a great choice to consider!

This goes on great for the perfect no makeup look and is even a great choice for a more natural, everyday look. This goes on smoothly and feels nice on the lips. It has a slightly glossy finish that’s super hydrating. It’s lightweight but still feels creamy and hydrating on your lips. Thanks to its very creamy texture, it applies smoothly and easily and is sure to feel nice on the lips for as long as you wear it throughout the day.

This Almay lipstick also looks great even without a lipliner and has a pleasant scent to it. This works well on those with sensitive lips and will not cause any unwanted allergic reactions.


  • Hypoallergenic formula for sensitive lips
  • No allergic reactions
  • Lips are soft and moisturized
  • Your lips but better
  • Great for natural, everyday look
  • Glossy finish
  • Hydrating and lightweight
  • Smooth and easy application


  • Doesn’t last too long
  • May run a bit outside of lips

5. Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick

Our last pick for the best lipstick for sensitive lips is the MoistureSmooth Color Stick from favorite skincare and beauty brand Neutrogena! Packed with fruit extracts and shea butter, this is sure to moisturize your lips and prevent them from drying throughout the day while you have this in your daily makeup routine. It works great on sensitive lips – you won’t experience painful irritation or allergic reactions with this one.

Thanks to its moisturizing and creamy texture, it goes on and applies smoothly with absolutely zero dragging. It also goes on thin and lightweight. It’s not completely opaque but not completely sheer either, though its finish is sheer enough to give you a more natural, everyday look. It glides easily and is easily buildable without giving your lips a cakey look. Its finish is glossy with a slight shimmer to it.

Aside from makeup, this lipstick also works on lip care. With regular usage of this Neutrogena lipstick, your lips are sure to feel much softer than before and will give you much healthier lips. It has a pleasant and fruity scent to it that isn’t overwhelming at all.


  • Moisturizing and non-drying
  • Irritation and allergy-free
  • Applies smoothly with zero dragging
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Great for a natural, everyday look
  • Glides easily and buildable
  • Glossy finish with slight shimmer
  • Lips are softer, smoother, and overall healthier


  • Will need to be reapplied throughout the day

How to Take Care of Sensitive Lips

Caring for sensitive lips is a whole different story than skincare. Because lips are prone to sensitivities and dryness, it’s important that we know how to properly take care of them to make sure we end up with much healthier lips.


Regularly exfoliating your lips will help remove dead skin cells that can most likely cause dryness on the lips. This will also boost blood circulation for much healthier lips.

Stay hydrated

Lips are often victims of dryness. And one cause of lip dryness is not drinking enough water. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day will give you countless health benefits and will also keep your lips from drying. It’s also important that you avoid licking your lips as much as possible as this also takes away moisture from your lips that could potentially lead to dry lips.

Protect and moisturize

To really be able to care for our lips, it’s important that we protect them from too much sun exposure by wearing a lip product that contains SPF. At night, it’s important that you apply moisturizer on your lips to keep it from drying overnight. This will also give you softer and smoother lips when you wake up the next morning.

How to Find the Best Lipstick for Sensitive Lips

In looking for the best lipstick that will do wonders for your sensitive lips – something that will give you the pop of color you’re looking for and at the same time wouldn’t give you unsolicited allergic reactions – it’s important that you stop and consider a few things.


As with anything you put on your face, it’s very important that you stop and read through a lipstick’s ingredients list. Make sure it contains only the good stuff. And if you know by now what things or ingredients you’re allergic to, avoid lipsticks that do contain that.


Different lipsticks offer different finishes. Some are glossy, matte, and some are somewhere in between. Think about what you want in yours and what you’re comfortable with. Some people prefer those with matte finish and others find that to be uncomfortable and would prefer ones with a glossy finish.

Available shades

Different brands carry a variety of shades that’s available to you. Make sure that the lipstick you’re looking at also carries your preferred shade that you know will be flattering on you.


Looking for the best lipstick for sensitive lips can be a long process because you consider a whole lot more variables than when you’re looking for lipsticks for normal lips. With so many options that pop up with a single Google search, it can be confusing to determine which ones actually work.

Our pick for the best lipstick for sensitive lips is the Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick thanks to its naturally-sourced ingredients and its ability to moisturize your lips and at the same time protect them from harmful pollutants. The Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Glossy Lipstick is our pick for the best moisturizing lipstick for sensitive lips for its formula that’s packed with moisturizing ingredients that’s sure to deeply condition and soothe the lips. And the Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick is our choice for the best long-lasting lipstick for sensitive lips because of its long day wearing formula that is still gentle enough on sensitive lips and is totally non-drying.

Lip care is often overlooked, sadly. But part of a good lip care routine is a good lipstick that will be sensitive skin friendly, too. We could only hope that you found your new favorite lipstick with us. Here’s to your healthier lips!

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