Best LipSense Colors for Blondes

LipSense Colors for Blondes

If you’re hunting down the best LipSense by SeneGence liquid lip color for blondes, make sure to consider some things first: blonde shade, skin tone, finish, and mixing and matching factor. I searched for the brand’s best of the best available in the market right now, with these in mind. I have my top picks listed and reviewed below!

Lip products – lipsticks, lip gloss, lip stains, and lip balms – are my favorite makeup products. It’s the only makeup category of which I have a collection built off of. And I don’t know about you, but I like my lipsticks to stay on and put without transferring and smudging throughout the day.

I do have a favorite lipstick and lip stain in my collection that I always make sure I have in my bag but honestly, it doesn’t last too long. I’ve been seeing and curious about the LipSense liquid lip color product from brand SeneGence.

If you’re eager to try LipSense as well and want to make sure the color goes well with your blonde hair, I’ve got you covered right here!

What is LipSense?

LipSense is the premier lip product of beauty brand SeneGence. A departure from the conventional lipsticks many other brands offer, this is anything-proof. This doesn’t smudge, fade, budge, transfer, or rub off and promises to last through anything.

LipSense boasts of a long-wearing color that lasts on lips anywhere in between 4 to a whopping 18 hours! This is so long-lasting that not even drinking and eating throughout the day can compromise the color on your lips.

Very different from most conventional lipsticks, the LipSense lip color is applied in 3 layers. This will make sure that you achieve the truest of the shade and that it adheres on lips. After those layers, the brand’s very own moisturizing gloss is applied for added moisture content and even longer-lasting results.

How many LipSense colors are there?

LipSense by SeneGence is currently available in more than 70 colors and variations to choose from. There are also limited editions included in the mix of color variation. There are different finishes from frost to matte to shimmer one can choose from as well.

Another unique thing about LipSense shades is that consumers have the choice to mix and match different shades and colors into one. So on top of those more than 70 selections, you can achieve even more LipSense colors by mixing two or more into one application for something truly unique and yours.

What are the Best Lip Colors for Blondes?

Blondes – and honestly, anyone – could never go wrong with a classic red lipstick. If you aren’t too sure with red lipsticks or don’t want your lips to appear too bright, you can opt for ones with brown undertones for a warmer finish.

Those with blonde hair will also fare well with pink lipsticks. Those with fair skin will especially appreciate a pretty bright lipstick. It’s a good way to bring a pop of color to your lips.

Lipsticks that are coral or with hints and undertones of coral hues look fun and bright on blondes. If you’re worried it might appear orange-y, go for muted coral options. You’ll be surprised at how it can appear neutral and be your go-to for daily wear.

If you’re looking for something neutral and appropriate for more professional settings, pick shades of soft browns and mauve.

Our Top Picks for the Best LipSense Colors for Blondes

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickLipSense by SeneGence Napa Liquid Lip ColorLipSense by SeneGence Napa Liquid Lip ColorCheck Price
Best Neutral Natural Lip ColorLipsense by SeneGence Pink Champagne Liquid Lip ColorLipSense by SeneGence Pink Champagne Liquid Lip ColorCheck Price
Best Versatile Lip ColorLipSense by SeneGence Bella Liquid Lip ColorLipSense by SeneGence Bella Liquid Lip ColorCheck Price
LipSense by SeneGence Fire 'N Ice Liquid Lip ColorLipSense by SeneGence Fire ‘N Ice Liquid Lip ColorCheck Price
LipSense by SeneGence Persimmon Liquid Lip ColorLipSense by SeneGence Persimmon Liquid Lip ColorCheck Price

The Best LipSense Colors for Blondes

1. LipSense by SeneGence Napa Liquid Lip Color – Our Pick!

LipSense by SeneGence Napa Liquid Lip Color

Our number one LipSense liquid color pick for blondes is Napa! A deep and dark red lip color, this classic goes well for blondes no matter the skin tone – light, medium, or deep.

A perfectly-balanced blend of red hues, this is on the warmer side so it isn’t too bright or vibrant. It’s darker than your average bright lipstick but still very fun to wear.

One can compare this LipSense lip color to a really good wine and has a good frost finish before finishing it off with the moisturizing gloss.

2. LipSense by SeneGence Pink Champagne Liquid Lip Color – Best Neutral Natural Lip Color!

Lipsense by SeneGence Pink Champagne Liquid Lip Color

If you’re looking for the perfect neutral natural LipSense lip color that’s also a perfect match for your blond hair, check out Pink Champagne! A barely-there pink shade, this works great for daily and casual wearing.

A light and close to nude color, this is perfect for casual daily wear. Don’t be fooled though because you can also sport this for a dinner or night out where you’re going for a more elegant look.

On its own, this has a frost finish as well.

3. LipSense by SeneGence Bella Liquid Lip Color – Best Versatile Lip Color!

LipSense by SeneGence Bella Liquid Lip Color

If you’re looking for a versatile liquid lip color from LipSense, you might want to check out the brand’s Bella color! A brownish-mauve lip color, this gives you the best of all worlds.

A very neutral color, this goes well with just about anything you can imagine in your wardrobe. This looks natural enough for casual daily wear but also gives you a pop of lip color on night outings.

This has a matte finish without the moisturizing gloss.

4. LipSense by SeneGence Fire ‘N Ice Liquid Lip Color

LipSense by SeneGence Fire 'N Ice Liquid Lip Color

Our next favorite LipSense lip color for those with blonde hair is Fire ‘N Ice! A dark pink lip color, this is sure to go well with blondes – or any hair color for that matter.

A much brighter and more vibrant lip color than the rest of favorites, this is sure to give your lips a much-needed pop of color. No worries though because it isn’t too bright, too pink, or too much of anything at all.

This one finishes with a frosty texture as well.

5. LipSense by SeneGence Persimmon Liquid Lip Color

LipSense by SeneGence Persimmon Liquid Lip Color

And the last LipSense lip color to make it into our list for blondes is Persimmon! A dark orange-brown lip color, this gives anyone a nice and pretty pop of color for versatile use.

If you’re worried this will be too orange on you, fear not. Many were surprised that this is actually a very nice neutral color and isn’t too orange at all. This works well for everyday use, too.

This offers a matte finish to go under the brand’s gloss.

How to Choose the Best LipSense Color for Blondes

Blonde shade

Blonde hair comes in all shades and undertones. Your blonde may have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Your hair can look warm, icy, or ash even, depending on underlying tones.

It’s important to note the shade and hues of your blond hair to help you better decide what lip colors would suit you best.

Skin tone

Like your hair, your skin tone can have 3 different undertones: warm, cool, or neutral. To determine your skin’s undertone, inspect the veins on your wrist or forearm.

Warm undertones have green veins. Blue-purple veins appear on cool undertones. And if you see a mix of both colors, you most likely have a neutral undertone.

Some lipstick colors go better on specific skin tones than it does to other skin tones. Depending on your skin tone, some lip colors might wash you out while others might appear too bright for your liking so make sure to consider this as well.


LipSense liquid lip colors come in a variety of finishes, 3 to be exact – frost, matte, and shimmer. The finish will determine how it would feel and look under your final layer of moisturizing gloss.

The lipstick finish factor is a matter of preference. Like for me, I prefer ones with a frost finish over matte or shimmer. Make sure to consider your personal preference on this.

Mix and match

The good and unique thing about LipSense is that it lets you combine different colors for a unique and truly yours shade. If you’re planning to do this, get shades you know will complement each other and don’t be scared to try!


LipSense by SeneGence has been in the forefront and center of long-lasting lip colors. For many loyal customers, it’s forever changed the game of lipstick-wearing.

For blondes, our number one LipSense color pick is Napa! A deep, red lip color, this brings the  classic red to a whole new level. It’s on the warmer side for those who don’t prefer a bright or vibrant red lip color. The color also looks like a good glass of your favorite red wine.

If you’re looking for a more neutral natural lip color to complement your blonde hair, check out the brand’s Pink Champagne option! It’s a barely-there pink shade that’s perfect for casual and daily wear. It’s almost a nude color that can give you elegance if you choose to wear it with a more elegant get up.

And if you’re looking for a versatile LipSense lip color, consider getting Bella! A brownish-mauve lip color, this is sure to go with just about anything in your wardrobe. It looks natural enough for daily and casual wear but also works well for special events if you want some pretty pouty lips.

And there you have it – our top LipSense colors for blondes!

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