Best Lashes for Small Eyes

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If you’re currently on the hunt for the best lashes for small eyes you can get your hands on at this moment, be sure to check on a few important things first to make sure you choose the best of the best in the business: lash length and volume, lash band, and washable and reusable factor. I have searched far and wide for the best of the best lashes to complement and comfortably wear on small eyes. If you’re a small-eyed beauty and have had trouble looking for the perfect lashes to wear, no need to worry as I have my current favorites listed and reviewed below with these factors in mind. Without further ado, go ahead and read along!

I have always been fascinated by false lashes and even lash extensions and how they make even the finest eyelashes appear very long and with amazing volume. I’m not one who prefers to wear fake lashes or get lash extensions. As someone with sensitive eyes that get irritated with even the smallest item in contact with my eyes, falsies have always been a big no for me. Though I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve ever worn false eyelashes, I always found them to be beautiful on other people.

Even with the personal preference of not wearing false eyelashes with my natural lashes, I understand and see why many would prefer to wear them for daily needs – I mean, they are fluffy. And as someone who is scared to wear or use something on my face that could turn out to be unflattering, I know how important it is to get your hands on lashes that are sure to fit, complement, and be comfortable on specific eye shapes.

And if you’re a small-eyed beauty looking exactly for that, no need to look further as I have got you covered with the best of the business currently in the business!

Our Top Picks for the Best Lashes for Small Eyes

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickEMEDA So Natural False LashesEMEDA So Natural False LashesCheck Price
Best for Natural LashesEylure Naturals False EyelashesEylure Naturals False EyelashesCheck Price
Best for Glamorous LashesNewcally Cat Eye False LashesNewcally Cat Eye False LashesCheck Price
Luxillia Magnetic EyelashesLuxillia Magnetic EyelashesCheck Price
Ardell Natural 104 Black False EyelashesArdell Natural 104 Black False EyelashesCheck Price

The Best Lashes for Small Eyes

1. EMEDA So Natural False Lashes – Our Pick!

EMEDA So Natural False Lashes

Our number one pick for the best lashes for small eyes is the EMEDA So Natural False Lashes! With 10 pairs of faux mink lashes, you are sure to achieve your desired length and volume whether for daily wear or for a glamorous night out. Each pair in this false lashes set is sure to work amazing and fit well on small eyes and would only require you to trim a very small part if you need to. This looks great and appears natural on small eyes while still adding volume and length to take your lashes to the next level.

Each pair of this EMEDA false lashes set has been designed with a light band that is a great choice for daily and comfortable wear without it feeling heavy and irritating on the eyes. The band is thick and sturdy, giving the falsies the ability to hold up for washing and reusing. It can also make your eyelids appear and look like you’re already wearing eyeliner. The lashes are made of quality thin fiber materials and are 100% handmade, and assures you that this will hold well for several reuses for all your makeup needs.

Boasting of a perfect 3D lash effect, each pair of falsies are sure to seamlessly blend with your natural pair of lashes while giving you great lash volume and length for that extra boost of glamour. Though each pair is able to give you your desired length and volume, it doesn’t appear too much and overdone on smaller eyes. It also doesn’t engul small eyes and instead complements them for a wonderful look for every occasion. Each purchase offers you a nice selection from natural to dramatic for all your lash needs.

These EMEDA false eyelashes boast of a lightweight and soft material that are comfortable for an all day wear. The only downside multiple users have shared regarding this option is that the thick band may not be for everyone, so do keep that in mind. Other than that minor con, these lashes are sure to appear natural on small eyes while allowing you to achieve that extra lash boost and what more, this is being offered at a much inexpensive price, compared to more high end brands. No worries though as each pack never compromises quality.


  • 10 pair of faux mink false lashes
  • Great selection and variety of lashes
  • Fits small eyes well
  • Great from going from natural to dramatic lashes
  • Comfortable band is great for daily wear
  • Thick and sturdy band holds up well for washing and reusing
  • Band looks like eyeliner on eyelids
  • 100% handmade and made from quality material
  • Blends with natural lashes well while giving length and volume
  • Doesn’t engulf small eyes and make them look overdone
  • Soft and lightweight for a comfortable all day wear
  • Inexpensive option


  • Thick band may not be for everyone

2. Eylure Naturals False Eyelashes – Best for Natural Lashes!

Eylure Naturals False Eyelashes

The next item on our list of the best lashes for small eyes and our pick for the best natural lashes is the Eylure Naturals False Eyelashes! If what you’re looking for are false lashes that will not only perfectly fit your small eyes but one that will also give you a natural finish with just the right amount of glam, length, and volume for daily wear, be sure to check this one out. Designed with an invisible band, this is sure to give you a natural-looking lash line but still be able to allow you to achieve extra lash fullness and length that’s perfect for daily wear.

A packet of this Eylure false lashes will give you 3 reusable pairs you can easily take off, clean, and reuse for a couple more times to ensure you get the worth of the money you paid for. An eyelash adhesive also comes with a purchase of this falsies set so you wouldn’t have to purchase it separately. The lash glue it comes with dries to a clear finish to make sure you still get the natural-looking ashes you want. The lash glue is non-irritating and wouldn’t cause itching or allergic reactions once it gets in contact with your skin.

These false eyelashes are indeed the perfect choice for anyone looking to achieve sensational lashes while steering clear from overdone and overly dramatic. This gives you just the right amount of length and volume for that subtle and extra glam for everyday wear and makeup. Many users have agreed that this is a great alternative for lash extensions as they appear really natural and subtle but all the while noticeable. These pairs look extremely natural on someone with bigger eyes but extra glam yet natural on those with small eyes.

The lash pairs boast of a featherweight wear you can comfortably use on your lash line for an all day wear. This is super easy to apply, whether you’re a pro or an absolute beginner. The light as feather falsies are so easy to wear all day, no matter how long you need to. Each pair also seamlessly blends with your natural lashes so they don’t appear to be obvious falsies. Because this is our pick for natural-looking lashes, this adds length but not too much volume. And if you’re looking for something glamorous, you might want to look at our next item instead.


  • Ideal for natural lashes
  • Invisible band for natural-looking lash line
  • 3 pairs of reusable false eyelashes plus lash glue
  • Lash glue is non-irritating and dries to a clear finish
  • Gives lashes just the right glam, length, and volume
  • Sensational lashes that is not overdone or dramatic
  • Great alternative to lash extensions
  • Looks great on both big and small eyes
  • Featherweight and comfortable for an all day wear
  • Easy to apply for pro and beginners
  • Blends with natural lashes


  • Not for more glamorous looks
  • Adds length but not too much volume

3. Newcally Cat Eye False Lashes – Best for Glamorous Lashes!

Our next favorite lashes for small eyes and our favorite for an all around glamorous lashes is the Newcally Cat Eye False Lashes! If what you’re on the hunt for are false eyelashes that are able to give you glamorous and dramatic lash looks every single time, I think you are going to love this falsies set. With a whopping 14 pairs in a single pack, each pair of these faux mink lashes are sure to give you just the perfect intensity and lash volume. Each pair, though adds incredible volume, is sure to fit nicely even on small eyes and wouldn’t make them appear even smaller.

This Cat Eye set from the brand boasts of numerous pairs of wispy 3D lashes that allow you to achieve just the right amount of length and volume to top off your look. They easily blend with your natural lashes so they don’t appear out of place and obviously fake. Each eyelash is equipped with a flexible cotton band that follows your eye shape, no matter what it is. These perfectly fit small eyes without the need to trim them to fit. The band is also soft and comfortable to wear against your lash line no matter how long you choose to wear them.

Designed with fluttery and flared lash hairs that gradually increase from the inner corners to the outer corners, these help you upgrade your cat eye look. These falsies taper at the outer corner to really emphasize the cat eye look you’re going for. These work great in giving your eyes a more opening effect, something someone with small eyes should consider looking for when it comes to false eyelashes. The thick lash band of these falsies holds up well for up to 15 times of reuse and isn’t easy to remove at all at the end of the day.

These NEWCALLY false lashes boast of being all hand-knotted and being of superb quality. These are vegan lashes made from premium synthetic fibers and are totally cruelty-free. If these are important factors in your next go-to flasies, be sure to check this one out. Though it adds intense lash volume, these are not heavy to wear at all even for an all day wear. Because these are for more glamorous looks, this might not be an ideal choice for someone hoping for more natural lashes. The thick band is also not up for everyone’s taste so do keep that in mind.


  • Ideal for glamorous lashes
  • 14 pairs of reusable false lashes in one
  • Gives lashes great intensity and volume
  • Still fits nicely on small eyes and doesn’t drown them out
  • Blends with your natural lashes
  • Flexible cotton band that is easy and comfortable to wear
  • Fluttery and flared lash hairs
  • Tapers at the end for the perfect cat eye look
  • Eye opening effect
  • Hand-knotted lashes that are vegan and cruelty-free
  • Lightweight and not heavy to wear at all


  • Thick band is not for everyone
  • Not so much for natural lashes

4. Luxillia Magnetic Eyelashes

Luxillia Magnetic Eyelashes

The Luxillia Magnetic Eyelashes are our next favorite lashes for small eyes! This set of 7 pairs of waterproof lashes conveniently fit small eyes and wouldn’t require you (for most cases) to cut and customize them to fit, unique from other lashes in the market. The lash band each comes with are extremely flexible and are sure to work great on any eye shape, even if yours are smaller in size. Each pack also comes with a great variety of lashes to choose from for your daily needs, whether you’re going for subtle and natural or bold and dramatic.

Each package of this Luxillia falsies comes with additional tools to make lash application a much easier experience for you – an applicator tool and two magnetic liner pens, black, and clear. The liners that come with these falsies have been tested by top US-based labs to ensure that it is gentle and safe to use on anyone’s lids. The brand also swears that they do not engage in animal testing at any give point in manufacturing their products. If these are important things for you, make sure to add this in options you consider.

All eyelashes in this package have been handcrafted using premium synthetic silk with a double-layer technology that can conveniently mimic how lash extensions look. The lashes themselves are soft and offer a comfortable wear no matter how long you’d want to wear it. They all feel and look natural against your lash line no matter the time you’re wearing them. Each pair offers you just the right amount of length and volume for that added glitz and glamour without ever appearing overly dramatic and over the top.

These lashes don’t have visible magnets as you would see with usual magnetic lashes. Because of this and how these are advertised to be ‘non-magnetic’ yet have the word ‘magnetic’ on the packaging, there is a debate on whether these are truly magnetic or not. There are users who would agree that both the liner and the lash strips work on other magnetic strips and liners, while some would disagree on this. But one thing is for sure that the bands are flexible and comfortable without compromising a 24-hour secure hold.


  • 7 pairs of of waterproof false eyelashes
  • Comes with free applicator tool and two pen liners
  • Flexible bands that work great on any eye shapes, even small eye
  • Great variety of lashes to choose from
  • Pen liners have been tested to be safe and gentle on skin
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Great alternative to lash extensions
  • Feels and looks natural
  • Great added volume and length
  • No visible magnets – soft and comfortable to wear
  • Pen liners offer secure and strong hold for 24 hours


  • Not all users would agree that this is truly magnetic

5. Ardell Natural 104 Black False Eyelashes

Ardell Natural 104 Black False Eyelashes

The last item to have made it into our list of the best lashes for small eyes is the Ardell Natural 104 Black False Eyelashes! Designed to work for every eye shape, this is sure to comfortably fit and sit even on those with smaller eyes. This is also another great choice for those looking for falsies with a more natural-looking finish. This is sure to give you just the right amount of length and volume for that extra boost on your lashes. Even with added emphasis on your natural lashes, this maintains its natural look and finish.

Designed with a clear band, this not only allows you to achieve natural-looking lashes but also lash lines that look extremely natural. This effortlessly blends with your natural lashes so they appear as one. This eyelash pair is sure to be easy to use for everyday wear and offers a subtle, natural look. They flare out and slightly flutter at the outer corner, effectively giving you a subtle winged lash look while adding subtle and natural length and volume to your own set of natural lashes.

Each purchase of the 104 Black falsies will give you 4 packs of one pair you can clean and reuse for a couple times to make sure you get your money’s worth. Overall, this is another great choice for those looking for a more natural-looking lashes with additional flare and flutter on their eyes.


  • Natural-looking reusable lashes for everyday wear
  • Designed to work on all eye shapes, even small eyes
  • Gives lashes just the right amount of length and volume
  • Clear band for natural-looking lash line
  • Blends with your natural lashes
  • Slightly flutter for slight winged look
  • 4 pairs of lashes in one purchase
  • Natural-looking with extra flare and flutter


  • None

Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

If you’re one to have trouble applying makeup on your small eyes and would like to make them look bigger, we have below a few tips and tricks on how you can achieve that with the power of makeup. Of course, we are on the All Eye Shapes are Beautiful team but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to want small eyes to appear bigger.

Shape and sculpt those brows

Your eyebrows are a great tool in giving your face a great shape and frame, and even enhancing your natural features. Keep your brows in great shape and try sculpting and adding highlights whenever you’re doing your makeup. This will give the illusion that you have bigger eyes and a bigger eye area. Messy strands at the bottom of where your brow arches will make them look smaller.

Learn to tightline and try winged lines

Tightlining comes in handy for those with small eyes. This helps you achieve a look where your lash line is thicker and darker than it really is. Winged lines also come in handy in helping small eyes appear bigger. If you want to make your small eyes appear bigger than they really are, try your hand at winged liners here and then.

Curl those lashes

Curling your lashes is a great way to give your eyes a bigger appearance. This will help really open up your eyes and make them look bigger. Whenever you’re doing your eye makeup, don’t forget to also get your eyelash curler ready to use.

Use false lashes

One last thing we recommend you to try to make your eyes bigger are false lashes. Make sure to get one that has eye opening effects to really open your eyes up and make them pop. If you still haven’t found one yet to do just that, check out our favorites above.

How to Choose the Best Lashes for Small Eyes

We have above our list and review of our current favorites when it comes to lashes for small eyes. Truth is, not everything that works for someone with small eyes will exactly work for you. This is where getting to know important factors you should consider come in handy.

Length and volume

The first thing to look out for when on the hunt for your next favorite lashes is the length and volume. Consider how much length and volume you’d want to get out of your new lashes and make sure to get one according to your preference. Do you want more length or more volume? You can ask yourself this question to help pick out your next go-to lashes.

Lash band

When it comes to false lashes, they often come in either a black band or a clear band. Black bands can offer you a more dramatic and bold look and can sometimes appear as eyeliner on your lash line. Clear bands are great for more natural and subtle looks and can give even your lash line a more natural finish.

Washable and reusable

If we’re talking about false lashes, washable and reusable ones are the way to go. You’d want to get something that is waterproof – something that allows you to wash and clean them for reusing a couple more times. This will make sure you get the most of your purchase before throwing them out and that you aren’t throwing one pair out after a single use.


Lashes are a good way to go to give your eyes and your overall look that extra flare and flutter no matter the occasion.

Our number one pick for the best lashes for small eyes is the EMEDA So Natural False Lashes thanks to its 10 pairs of false eyelashes that are sure to fit small eyes well. The handmade lashes are made of quality materials and are sure to hold up well for washing and reusing for a couple more times per pair! If what you’re looking for is a natural set of lashes perfect for daily wear, you might want to check out the Eylure Naturals False Eyelashes. These lashes have been designed with clear bands that reinforces a more natural lash line and overall finish. And the Newcally Cat Eye False Lashes is our choice for the best glamorous lashes! Each of the 14 pairs in the pack is sure to give you intensity and volume for a night out with your friends.

When you have small eyes, it can be quite difficult to find lashes that fit your eye shape and won’t engulf them. We can only hope our review of our favorites and guide above have been a great help in your journey in looking for your perfect pair!

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