Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Woman with hooded eyes putting false lashes

If you’re currently on the hunt for flattering lashes for hooded eyes, you might want to make sure to consider a few important features: the look you’re going for, lash length and volume, and the materials used in the false lashes. I reviewed below the best lashes for hooded eyes with the mentioned features above. So if you’re interested in upping your eyelash game, just keep on reading!

Speaking from personal makeup shopping experiences, it’s really important for me to find a product that flatters me. It’s not only important what other people say about a product, rather it’s important that it looks good on me and my features. After all, cosmetics and makeup is a personal journey. What works for others might not exactly work for me and vice versa.

If you were blessed enough to be born with naturally long and voluminous lashes, then congratulations because you won’t even have to spend a second thinking about either false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. But if your natural eyelashes are on the thinner and shorter side, false lashes are definitely a good way to go to remedy that.

Every eye shape or type of eyelids has the perfect false lashes that will not only increase lash length and volume, but would also flatter your eyes. Topping off my makeup routine with the perfect false lashes for my eye shape will definitely fire up my overall makeup look, whether I’m going for something natural, bold, and everything in between.

Not all false lashes out there will complement every eye shape or eye type, there are some that are able to compliment some more than the others. Keeping that in mind, not all false lashes would flatter hooded eyes.

If you’re someone with naturally hooded eyes, read on because I review below some of the best false lashes that are sure to flatter your eyes!

What are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eye

Hooded eyes are a common eye shape where there seems to be a flap of excess skin under your brow line that folds onto your eyelids making your eyes appear smaller. Hooded eyes make eyelids seem smaller than they actually are because the excess skin covers the crease of your lids.

Hooded eyes are more common than you think. You can either be born with hooded eyes due to your genetic makeup or you can eventually develop them due to aging. Due to your skin’s aging, your eyelids may result in sagging overtime, giving you hooded eyes.

Those with hooded eyes often find it difficult to find eye makeup styles that will not completely disappear into their eyelids. Not all false lashes complement hooded eyes. It’s not completely impossible but it is definitely difficult to find the right products and styles that will flatter hooded eyes.

Our Top Picks for the Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickArimika False EyelashesArimika False EyelashesCheck Price
Best for LengthCuckoo False LashesCuckoo LashesCheck Price
Best for VolumeEmeda False EyelashesEmeda False EyelashesCheck Price
Alphonse False Eyelashes with Lash CurlerAlphonse False Eyelashes with Lash CurlerCheck Price
Alicrown Wispies Cross False EyelashesAlicrown Wispies Cross False EyelashesCheck Price

The Best False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

1. Arimika False Eyelashes – Our Pick!

Arimika False Eyelashes

Our pick for the best lashes for hooded eyes is the Arimika False Lashes! These are the perfect pair of false lashes for those with hooded eyes as these are very lightweight and will not make your eyes droop at all. It’s also not too thick that it makes your eyes look smaller than it already is. For those with hooded eyes, that’s one of the things we’d want to avoid when looking for false lashes.

It has the perfect balance of being natural and dramatic lashes. If you’re looking for something that has just the perfect amount of flare for work or for your daily look without being too much, then this is a great way to go.

It has a band that’s not too stiff and is flexible enough that you can easily bend and adjust it according to the shape of your eyes. The clear band helps make it look more natural and look less bulky at the roots, unlike many other brands of false lashes out there.

Returning customers have often compared its top-notch quality with those of high-end brands. If you’re not someone with hooded eyes, no worries because this pair of falsies will look flattering on just about anyone!


  • Lightweight for hooded eyes
  • Perfect balance of natural and dramatic
  • Clear bands
  • Non-bulky roots
  • Flexible and easy to shape to the eyes
  • Doesn’t make eyes look smaller
  • Top-notch quality


  • None

2. Cuckoo Lashes – Best for Length!

Cuckoo False Lashes

Our pick for the best lengthening false lashes for hooded eyes is the Cuckoo Lashes! If your main lash problem lies in the length of your eyelashes, then this is definitely a worthy pair to consider adding to your routine. These lashes from beauty brand Cuckoo gives you the perfect lash length for either going out or for a natural look. Having this on really makes your eyes pop, something someone with hooded eyes might be looking for.

This one is very lightweight, too, and very easy to put on even for beginners. It’s very light and comfortable to wear as it feels very soft. It holds its shape and won’t swallow your hooded eyes into nothing as other false lashes would.

It’s also a popular choice for when you want bold and glam looks thanks to its amazing length but also nowhere over the top and being too much. It has a thin and flexible band that’s easy to trim and shape according to your eyes.


  • Very lengthening
  • Versatile looks
  • Makes eyes pop
  • Lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Bold and glam but not too much


  • Sheen at the top since it’s made of silk

3. Emeda False Eyelashes – Best for Volume!

Emeda False Eyelashes

Our pick for the best volumizing false lashes for hooded eyes is the Emeda False Eyelashes! If you have long, beautiful lashes but lack the volume you’d much prefer, then these false eyelashes from the brand Emeda might just be what you’re looking for.

These are super lightweight and very comfortable to wear, even for hooded eyes. Unlike many other falsies out in the market, these ones don’t overpower hooded eyes and don’t look too crazy, while giving your lashes the perfect amount of extra volume.

It’s fairly easy to apply and is sure to stay on your lash line throughout the day without unflattering lifting. It’s very volumizing for your lashes but still stays looking naturally gorgeous. The varying thickness of each pair gives you multiple options for natural looks but still add a nice amount of volume wherever needed.


  • Volumizing lashes
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t overpower or make hooded eyes look crazy
  • Easy to apply
  • Natural yet nice lash volume
  • Tweezers included for application


  • None

4. Alphonse False Eyelashes with Lash Curler

Alphonse False Eyelashes with Lash Curler

The Alphonse False Eyelashes with Lash Curler also made it into our list of the best lashes for hooded eyes! These pairs of lashes work great for those with hooded eyes as it’s very lightweight, soft, and light to wear even for long hours. It gives your lashes a much fuller look but doesn’t feel heavy at all. The lash band is soft and sits comfortably on top of your eyelids for a full day’s wear. It also makes it easy to apply and wear.

Each pair of lashes that comes in the box is very versatile in terms of style. You can either wear a pair for a natural look or for a more glam up, bold look. Each lash pair promises to give your lashes amazing shape and fullness. These lean towards looking natural but still noticeable that your lashes look much better than before.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Full lashes but not heavy
  • Versatile looks
  • Great lash shape and fullness
  • Natural-looking
  • Includes a lash curler


  • None

5. Alicrown Wispies Cross False Eyelashes

Alicrown Wispies Cross False Eyelashes

The last item on our list of the best lashes for hooded eyes is the Wispies Cross False Eyelashes from beauty brand Alicrown! These lashes are a great option for either everyday makeup looks or something for a night out. It doesn’t overpower hooded eyes, like many false lashes do, and even helps open up your eyes and really make them pop! It has just enough thickness and volume, making it very versatile for both natural and glam up looks.

It’s able to give your lashes amazing curls and big volume, but still not too dramatic and over the top. The lash band isn’t too thick for hooded eyes, either. It’s very fluffy and soft that makes it look more natural and blend with your natural lashes better. It also helps elongate your eyes and the application is very beginner-friendly.


  • Lightweight and friendly application
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Opens up your eyes and makes them pop
  • Great curls and volume
  • Just right thickness and volume
  • Elongates the eyes


  • None

How to Find the Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Finding the best false lashes for hooded eyes is more of a trial and error process. Like many skincare and makeup products, what worked for others might not necessarily work for you. It’s not only important to know the best brands and products out there, rather, it’s also important for you, as a consumer, to know what you should look for in your new lashes.

What look you want

When choosing your new staple false lashes, it’s most important to consider the look you’re going for. Whether you want natural looking lashes for everyday makeup looks or something that’d be perfect for full glam night outs, there are perfect false lashes for you out there. Go for something that’ll fulfill the style you would want to achieve.

Lash length and volume

Take into consideration not only the amount of length and volume you’d want to add to your lashes but also the natural length and volume of your own lashes. If you have short lashes and would want to address that, choose something that will really lengthen your lashes. If your concern lies in how thin your lashes are than what you’d want it to be, then look for something that will give your lashes amazing volume and thickness.

There are also false lashes that will give you the best of both worlds aka false lashes that will give you both amazing length and amazing volume.

Lash material

It’s very important to consider what materials make up your falsies. Whether they’re made of real or faux mink hair, real human hair, PBT fiber, or synthetic hair, they all have their own pros and cons. Be sure to research about each material and the kind of finish they will give your lashes.

How to Apply False Lashes

Mastering the art of applying false lashes on your eyes and looking exquisite after doing so is indeed a challenge, especially if you’re new to the makeup or lashes game. But fear not, because we will now give you a step-by-step on applying false lashes.

First, you have to prepare everything you need. Get your falsies, lash glue, scissors, tweezers, and anything you think you might need. Tweezers are great to help absolute beginners in lash application.

Before applying lash glue and sticking it on your lash line, try out the length first. Put the falsies against your lash line and see if the length fits your eyes. If it does, then you’re good to go. If not, you might want to grab a pair of small scissors and trim them according to the size of your eyes.

Once you get the perfect size and length, go ahead and apply lash glue across the lash band. Make sure to apply just the right amount of glue and not too much to avoid having too wet roots. Pay extra attention to the middle and outer parts of the band as well. After applying glue, let it dry for a good few seconds before proceeding to the next step.

Next, align the lashes on your lash line. This might be a tricky step for many but the hack to do this easily is to look down on a mirror and not straight in front of you. This will keep your eyelids in full view and allow you to easily align the lash band to your lash line. Slightly push it to really secure the falsies there.

To really seal your look, apply the eyeliner and mascara of your choice. An eyeliner will help mask the appearance of the lash band. Using a mascara will help unite your natural lashes with your false lashes. It will help make them look like one and the same, masking the appearance of falsies.


Finding the best lashes for your hooded eyes is indeed a challenging road to take. Not all lashes will work great for your eye shape, that’s why it’s important to know which ones are proven to work amazing.

The Arimika False Eyelashes is our top pick for the best lashes for hooded eyes for its top-notch quality and it has the perfect balance of natural and dramatic lashes for either everyday or glam looks. If you’re looking for something that will definitely give your lashes amazing length and at the same time flatter your hooded eyes, then the Cuckoo Lashes is a great way to go. And the Emeda False Eyelashes is our top pick for the best volumizing lashes that won’t overpower your eyes like many falsies would.

With so many promising brands of false lashes out there, it’s difficult to know which ones would look great on hooded eyes like yours. We’ve come up with this review and guide to help you in that department. And we could only hope it worked!

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