Best Korean Moisturizer for Combination Skin

If you’re currently on the hunt for the perfect Korean moisturizer for your combination skin, you should probably know some important things you should consider before deciding on one: the moisturizer’s ingredients, whether or not it has sun protection, and your other skin concerns. With these features in mind, we review below the best Korean moisturizers for combination skin. If you want to find out more of these, go ahead and scroll down more.

I have a combination skin type. It basically means I get the best of both worlds – cue the sarcasm. Some parts of my face dry while some are oily. I try my best to use mosty balancing skincare products that can both control my skin’s oil production and at the same time provide much-needed hydration.

But somehow, I still get overly oily and overly dry patches. This convinced me to do my own research and found out that a good moisturizer for my skin type can definitely have a way for much healthier skin.

A combination skin type is one of the hardest skin types to deal with and manage. Some parts of your face may be dry, while some tend to be more oily – it differs with every person. What makes it difficult to manage is because different parts of your face have different needs, some parts of your face may need more moisture while may need oil control.

There are many ways you can care for your combination skin type to help you balance your skin so you won’t have some dry patches or overly oily zones. A moisturizer is also a good way to go in caring for and managing your combination skin. With the right moisturizer in your skincare routine, you can have the best of both worlds – moisturize the dry patches of your face and control sebum production in the oily zones.

What Does a Moisturizer Do?

Moisturizers are a world of wonder in a jar! They treat and answer different and varying skin concerns, while caring for your overall skin condition.

Treats and moisturizes dry skin

First off, they treat and moisturize dry skin. It acts as a barrier and protection for your face by locking in moisture once you slather it across your face. It will keep your face from getting dry for the day and nourish and replenish your skin when used overnight.

There’s one for every skin type

Don’t worry if you don’t have dry skin! There are a lot of moisturizers out there that don’t just cater to dry skin type, after all, a moisturizer is a must-have for everyone, no matter the skin type. Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, acne-prone, or combination skin type, a moisturizer is essential to get your skin back to its health.

Aside from moisturizing and treating dry skin, a moisturizer can soothe sensitive skin, calms down acne-prone skin, controls sebum production of oily skin, and balances out combination skin.

Reduces the appearance of blemishes

A moisturizer helps make your skin smooth and soft. In the process, it helps in reducing the appearance of blemishes by evening them out to make them less visible. Committing to using a moisturizer everyday as part of your skincare routine can yield to a more flawless and blemish-free looking skin.

Keeps your skin looking and feeling young

Regularly incorporating a moisturizer into your routine will result in a younger looking skin in the long run. It also helps in fighting away wrinkles and fine lines that’s sure to show signs of aging. Having your skin perfectly moisturized day in and day out will slow down the appearance of wrinkles and can even immediately plump your face.

Keeps you away from other skin problems and concerns

With the right moisturizer to keep your skin balanced, you also stay away from other skin concerns. Take for example, a moisturizer that balances your skin will help prevent breakouts from happening. If your skin produces too much sebum, you are more likely to develop acne. But with a balancing moisturizer and one that has oil control, you control and lessen your skin’s sebum production, staying away from possible acne breakouts.

Why Go for a Korean Moisturizer?

With the popularity of K-beauty cosmetic and skincare products on the rise, Korean-brand moisturizers have managed to gain that same popularity as well. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise with all the good things and benefits that come along in such a small jar!

Top-notch and quality ingredients

Korean cosmetics and skincare products, in general, have very safe, natural, and unique ingredients that are contained in each of their products. Koreans are very conscious of their skin and are very careful in what they put into their faces. This, alone, is an assurance that Korean products are very safe to use.

A lot of their products also go for natural ingredients. Whether it be plant or fruit extracts or other naturally-occurring ingredients, they’re sure to work for something specific. Anti-acne, oil control, moisturizing, or balancing, you name it because Korean products have all sorts of skincare products that can respond to each of these concerns.

Gentle formulas

With mostly natural ingredients in their products, K-beauty skincare products are sure to be gentle on every skin type! They’re not abrasive at all. They’re very gentle yet effective at what they do. Their formulas also often target specific skin concerns. So whatever skin problem you have right now, looking at a few Korean products may be the answer to your skin concern.

Non-stop innovation

Korean beauty brands never stop innovating the products they put out in the market. If they develop something that works and people have fallen in love with, they don’t stop there and continuously develop something even better. With K-beauty, you’ll never run out of products that will surely give you amazing results.

Skincare inside and out

Koreans are particular in their skincare products not only working and taking care of the outside of their skin but also penetrating deep into the layers of their skin to nourish and care for your skin from the inside. K-beauty skincare products focus on taking care of your skin from within so you can have nourished skin for a long time.

Our Top Picks for the Best Korean Moisturizer for Combination Skin

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our Pick!Meebak Cica Korean Moisturizer CreamMeebak Cica CreamCheck Price
Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Korean Moisturizer CreamNature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery CreamCheck Price
SeoulCeuticals All-in-One Snail Repair Korean Moisturizer CreamSeoulCeuticals All-in-One Snail Repair CreamCheck Price
Cosrx Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel Korean Moisturizer CreamCosrx Green Tea Aqua Soothing GelCheck Price
Mamonde Rose Water Gel Korean Moisturizer CreamMamonde Rose Water Gel CreamCheck Price

The Best Korean Moisturizers for Combination Skin

1. Meebak Cica Cream – Our Pick!

Our pick for the best Korean moisturizer for combination skin is the Meebak Cica Cream! This moisturizer contains Cica, hence the name, or Centella Asiatica that is deeply soothing and calming for irritated skin and effective in rebuilding your skin’s moisture barrier. It has a very light texture that makes sure to hydrate and moisturize your skin without leaving your skin with an uncomfortable feeling of stickiness and grease. It absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

It is deeply moisturizing but not too heavy and doesn’t leave you with too much oil and shine on your face, making it a great go-to moisturizer for those with combination skin. It has a light and pleasant fragrance but barely noticeable, so you don’t have to worry about that if you’re not much of a fan of fragrances.

Aside from its instant soothing and calming effect, long-term benefits include a brighter and smoother skin and improving the appearance of wrinkles. It plumps up your skin for an even younger looking skin in the long run and gives you a much-sought after dewy finish.


  • Soothing and calming
  • Lightweight but deeply hydrating
  • Non-sticky and non-heavy
  • Quick absorbent and a little goes a long way
  • Barely there fragrance
  • Brighter and smoother skin
  • Helps with wrinkles and plumps up skin
  • Dewy finish


  • None

2. Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

The Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream from K-beauty brand Nature Republic is also a great choice if you’re looking for the perfect moisturizer for your combination skin! The Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is lightweight yet moisturizing. It locks in moisture in your skin so you don’t get dry throughout the day. It also absorbs quickly without leaving you a greasy feeling and an overly oily skin.

It has an immediate cooling effect that can be good in soothing irritated skin. It does not cause breakouts for those with acne-prone skin. It leaves the skin feeling very soft, supple, and smooth. If you’re looking for something that’ll give you glow, you might want to consider this moisturizer. For combination skin, this moisturizer is the perfect balance of lightweight and moisturizing.

Just keep in mind that this does have some sort of fragrance in it so if you’re sensitive to fragrance, be sure to do a patch test first before proceeding on your face.


  • Lightweight but moisturizing
  • Quick absorbent
  • Non-greasy and non-oily
  • Coling for irritated skin
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts
  • Soft, supple, smooth skin


  • Fragrance

3. SeoulCeuticals All-in-One Snail Repair Cream

SeoulCeuticals All-in-One Snail Repair Korean Moisturizer Cream

The SeoulCeuticals All-in-One Snail Repair Cream is a non-comedogenic snail mucin extract cream. It iis a lightweight moisturizing cream that leaves no heavy and greasy feeling. It’s great for sensitive skin as well as it doesn’t cause breakouts. It also helps firm and brighten your skin for a younger looking skin, if that’s one of your concerns.

This moisturizer helps in improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and for an overall improved skin. It also helps smooth out your skin and textures and leaves your skin feeling soft. It has a citric and fresh scent that’s not too overpowering.


  • Lightweight and moisturizing
  • Non-heavy and non-greasy
  • Firms and brightens skin
  • Improves wrinkles and fine lines
  • Smooths and softens skin


  • None

4. Cosrx Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel

The Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel from K-beauty brand favorite Cosrx is enriched with green tea and aloe vera extracts proven for their anti-oxidant and soothing properties. It’s a gel-like texture moisturizer that’s great for calming sensitive skin and keeping your skin hydrated all day without the heavy feeling. It goes on smooth on the skin and absorbs rather quickly. It doesn’t cause breakouts and even soothes sensitive skin.

It’s a great under makeup moisturizer every morning as it could keep hydration locked in under all your makeup. It’s especially a great moisturizer for the summer as it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and oily. Keep in mind though that this may not be as hydrating as you’d want it to be in colder months so another layer of moisturizer during that season would be great, too.


  • Anti-oxidant and soothing properties
  • Calms and soothes sensitive skin
  • Quick absorbent
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts
  • Ideal for moisturizer under makeup


  • May not be as hydrating in colder months

5. Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream

The last item on our list of the best Korean moisturizers for combination skin is the Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream! This Rose Water Gel Cream is sure to deliver maximum hydration and restore the skin’s moisture barrier with damask rose water as one of its major components. It also has rose petals that’s sure to soothe and calm your skin. It’s a lightweight moisturizer, goes on the skin smoothly, and is quick to absorb into the skin. It deeply hydrates and softens the skin without leaving you oily and shiny.

It plumps the skin to restore your skin’s youthful appearance. It doesn’t cause breakouts so if you’re concerned about that, there’s no need to worry. It’s sheer and weightless but a little goes a long way so you’re sure to get your money’s worth! It does have a rose scent but it doesn’t linger on your face for too long. But if you’re not up for a bit of fragrance on your moisturizer, you might want to opt for something else on our list as the fragrance on this one might not be up for everyone’s taste.


  • Maximum hydration
  • Soothes and calms skin
  • Lightweight and quick absorbent
  • Plumps and softens skin
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts
  • Sheer and weightless


  • Fragrance may not be for everyone

How to Find the Best Korean Moisturizer for Combination Skin

Looking for the best Korean moisturizer that will be a perfect fit for your combination skin should be a process that has undergone thorough research because you don’t want to put the wrong product on your face that will result in even more skin problems! Here, we’ve listed a few things you should consider before buying the right moisturizer for your skin:


Always make sure to read through the ingredients list provided by the product’s manufacturer. Hyaluronic acid is a good ingredient to look for in a good moisturizer. What it does is retain moisture in your face, creating a plumping effect for a younger looking skin. It also helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Glycerin is also a good ingredient to have in your moisturizer as it is what is called a humectant which helps in retaining skin moisture and increase your skin’s hydration. Shea butter also helps your skin lock in and retain moisture if you use a moisturizer with this in it. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to help soothe and treat damaged skin.

Rose water is also good for your skin for its ability to balance the natural oils in your face. Another popular ingredient in skincare products, especially in K-beauty and skincare is snail mucin. Snail mucin is effective in moisturizing the skin, locking in moisture, and repairing your skin’s moisture barrier.

Avoid moisturizers with alcohol, parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrances. These could cause irritation and redness and you may develop even more skin problems if you use a moisturizer with these ingredients.


There are moisturizers, especially daytime moisturizers, that have an added sun protection. If yours doesn’t have it, that’s totally fine. Just make sure you add an extra layer of SPF everytime you go out.

Other skin concerns

If you have other skin concerns other than balancing your combination skin, look for moisturizers that would also cater to your other skin concerns. If one of your issues is fine lines and wrinkles, go for one that has been proven to help with reducing their visibility. If you have sensitive and irritated skin, look for one that has amazing soothing and calming effects on the skin.

Lucky for us, Korean moisturizers generally have multi-function formulas, which means they answer multiple skin concerns with just one product.

How to Apply Your Moisturizer for the Best Results

Do a patch test

Before using an additional product in your skincare routine, make sure to do a patch test first. Even though Korean moisturizers are generally made of natural ingredients and have a gentle formula, it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side.

Moisturize right out of the shower

Always, always wash your face first before applying moisturizer. It’s no use using a moisturizer if you put it on a dirty face. Make sure your hands are clean as well. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is best if you apply your moisturizer right after your shower and while your skin is still damp. This helps in better locking in moisture so your face doesn’t get dry for the rest of the day or for the rest of the night.

Find the perfect amount of product

Don’t use too much product but don’t use too little either. Using too much moisturizer can leave you with an uncomfortable sticky and greasy feeling. On the other hand, using too little of the product would mean not moisturizing your skin enough, and could lead to more dry patches.

Be gentle

Use your fingers to dab the product and spread it over all parts of your face. Gently massage the product in with minimal pressure applied. Don’t drag and use too much pressure on massaging it over your face.

The number of times you moisturize matter

Try to apply moisturizer at least twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. You can even re-apply moisturizer three times a day! You might want to reapply it a few times a day, especially if you have some really dry areas.

Moisturize your neck

Don’t forget to moisturize your neck as well! Though there are moisturizers specifically made for necks, you can definitely use your regular moisturizers for this. As we age, the skin on our neck has a larger tendency to develop wrinkles. Regularly moisturizing it can slow the process altogether.

Other Ways to Care for Combination Skin

To get the most of your moisturizer’s benefits, there are other ways you can take care of your combination skin:

Gentle, balancing cleanser

If you have combination skin, it’s best to opt for a gentle cleanser that would not strip you off of your natural oils. Also go for a pH balancing cleanser because with combination skin, we’d want balance in any way possible.

Hydrating and soothing toner

A toner is a good way to go to ensure you remove excess oil and dirt from your face. It also preps your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. You can also find one that can balance your skin’s pH level to better suit your combination skin.


Exfoliating can be a good way to care for combination skin. It helps in cleaning out your pores and preventing them from clogging. It helps remove dirt, oils, and impurities for tighter and less visible pores. However, take extra caution in exfoliating. Use a very gentle exfoliator and do so only a few times a week. Using an abrasive one and exfoliating too much can cause skin irritation.


Look for a multi-function formula moisturizer for your combination skin. Look for something that could moisturize your face’s dry parts but will also not cause too much oil on already oily parts of your face. If you can’t find one perfect moisturizer, you can also use two or even multiple moisturizers for the different parts and conditions of your face.

Blotting papers

Blotting papers always come in handy to remove excess oils throughout the day. Just remember to just pat them dry to absorb the excess oil, don’t ever drag them across your face as this will only help in spreading oil all over your face.


Finding the best moisturizer that does wonders for your combination skin is an essential step in anyone’s skincare routine.

The Meebak Cica Cream is our pick for the best Korean moisturizer for combination skin! It has Centella Asiatica for deeply soothing and calming irritated skin and is also effective in rebuilding your skin’s moisture barrier. Using this long-term could bring forth a brighter and smoother skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles. The Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is also a great go-to moisturizer for combination skin as it locks in moisture into your skin without leaving you feeling oily and greasy. It’s simply the perfect balance of lightweight and moisturizing for combination skin. And the SeoulCeuticals All-in-One Snail Repair Cream is a lightweight moisturizing cream that also helps firm and brighten your skin.

A combination skin is one of the most difficult skin types to manage, we know! You both have dry and oily areas in your face. And balancing them with the right amount of moisture is a major key in caring for your combination skin. We hope our list, guide, and review of the best Korean moisturizers for combination skin can help you find the perfect one for your skin’s needs. Happy skincare!

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