Best False Lashes for Asian Eyes

Asian girl putting false lashes to her eyelashes

If what you’re currently looking to add to your vanity and makeup kit is a pair of false lashes that promises you beautiful-looking lashes on your Asian eyes, you might want to look into a few things to consider before buying one: lash fibers used, false lash length and volume, your eye shape, and whether it’s reusable or not. I have reviewed below some of the best false lashes that work amazingly for Asian eyes.

Topping off my eye makeup with the perfect false lashes, whether I’m out for the day or out for the night, is the perfect way to cap off any beauty routine! Whether I’m looking for something natural for daily use or something more glamorous for a full-glam style, there’s definitely false lashes that fit my makeup needs.

No matter where you are in the world, of course you’d want longer and much more voluminous lashes than what you might naturally have, especially if you have thin and sparse lashes. A pair of false lashes that will work amazingly with your natural eyelashes can really seal the deal. Sure, you can probably get extensions but that just isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re born with the famous Asian eyes like the ones I do, it might be a little bit harder to find fake lashes that will do your lashes wonders. Generally, Asians have straight, stubborn lashes and sometimes thin (a struggle, I know!). If you want longer and voluminous and can’t seem to get what you want with mascara, false lashes might just be what your eyes need.

Read on if you want to know more about our guide because we list down below the best falsies that can do wonders for your Asian eyes!

What Eyes are Common Among Asians?

Asia is the largest continent on Earth. With more than 40 countries that belong to the continent, it’s no surprise that Asians have different eye looks.


Monolid eyes, commonly known as single eyelids, means that there is a lack of crease that separates the eyelid. There is a fold but just isn’t visible. That’s what makes it appear as a single eyelid.

Double eyelids

With double eyelids, one clearly sees an obvious fold or crease in the eyelids. The crease visibly separates your eyelids into two parts thus the name ‘double eyelids’.

Hooded eyelids

Having hooded eyelids means that there is extra skin on your eyelids that could cover your eyelids. While some people are born with hooded lids, it can sometimes develop overtime with age.

Our Top Picks

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickArdell Naked False LashesArdell Naked LashesCheck Price
Best for Short LashesDorisue False EyelashesDorisue EyelashesCheck Price
Best for GlamDYSILK False EyelashesDYSILK False EyelashesCheck Price
Newcally False EyelashesNewcally EyelashesCheck Price
Emeda False EyelashesEmeda False EyelashesCheck Price

The Best False Lashes for Asian Eye Shapes

1. Ardell Naked Lashes – Our Pick!

Ardell Naked False Lashes

Our pick for the best false lashes for Asian eyes is the Naked Lashes from beauty brand Ardell! These false lashes are lightweight and are perfect if you’re looking for something that looks very natural but with a little flair to pump up your everyday makeup look. These lashes are on the shorter side and therefore appear natural and light on Asian and lashes and eyes.

It’s not too dramatic or too heavy at all. So if other false lashes out in the market got you worrying about it looking too fake on your Asian lashes, with this one, you don’t have to worry about that at all. It may be on the shooter side but it definitely gives your lashes great length and blends well with your natural eyelashes, too.

These are some fluffy false lashes that promise to really open up your eyes and give it a ‘pop’. It’s also very easy to apply and are reusable for a few times if taken care of well. This also has invisible bands that add more to its natural-looking finish and doesn’t overwhelm your eyes.


  • Natural-looking
  • Invisible band
  • Doesn’t scream fake lashes
  • Gives great lash length
  • Opens up your eyes
  • Easy to apply and reusable


  • None

2. Dorisue Eyelashes – Best for Short Lashes!

Dorisue False Eyelashes

Our pick for the best false lashes for short eyelashes is the Dorisue Lashes! These false lashes are very lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It looks very natural and blends well with your lashes. It’s perfect for everyday wear, when you’re just out running errands and not something for a full glam night out.

If you have short and sparse lashes, this is definitely a good way to go. It’s also a great pair of false lashes if you want to seem like you’re not wearing false lashes but still improve your own lashes.

This one is fairly easy to apply and its thin, clear band is comfortable even for long hours.


  • Great for short, sparse lashes
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Invisible band
  • Natural-looking
  • Blends well with your eyelashes


  • None

3. DYSILK False Eyelashes – Best for Glam!

DYSILK False Eyelashes

If you’re looking for false lashes that can give you long and dramatic lashes but still look great on Asian eyes, then the DYSILK False Lashes might be the one for you because it is our pick for the best falsies for glam! Most of the false lashes we included in our list will give you natural-looking lashes, but this does the total opposite!

If what you’re looking for is something you can confidently wear on special occasions and full glam nights, then this is definitely a good choice as it flatters Asian lashes well. It gives your lashes full volume and length that’s perfect for bold styles once in a while. It’s thick and double-layered for wispy and fluffy lashes.

And even if it gets your full galm on, don’t worry because it’s still lightweight and comfortable to wear, though you might need some time to get used to it especially if you’re not used to wearing such thick and long false lashes.


  • Great for full glam styles
  • Flatters Asian eyes
  • Full lash volume and length
  • Thick and double-layered
  • Wispy and fluffy
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Has a separate plastic container for travel


  • Might be too heavy for some and might take time to get used to

4. Newcally Eyelashes

Newcally False Eyelashes

A favorite among makeup users Western and Asians alike, the Newcally Eyelashes also made it into our list of one of our favorites and one of the best false lashes for Asian eyes! These false lashes give your lashes great medium volume, if what you’re looking for is something in the middle of natural and full glam. It has full, fluffy, soft lashes and barely noticeable thin bands.

If you’re looking for something that’s not too dramatic and not full-on glam but still gives your lashes great and long curls, this one is a great pair to consider. The band is soft, which makes it easy to apply and shape according to your eyes. It’s also lightweight and very comfortable to wear for long hours.

It’s also reusable multiple times if you take care of your pairs well. Its quality has been praised by users as it is highly comparable to high-end false lashes brands.


  • Soft and fluffy medium lashes
  • Soft band and easy to shape and apply
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Reusable
  • High-end quality


  • None

5. Emeda False Eyelashes

Emeda False Eyelashes

The last item on our list of the best falsies for Asian eyes is the Emeda False Eyelashes! This false lashes from brand Emeda is lightweight, gives the perfect amount of voluminous lashes, and doesn’t look too crazy on Asian lashes like most false lashes brands. This one looks very natural, is lightweight, and comfortable to wear. You can reuse a pair multiple times, so you’re sure to get the most of your money.

It has a thin and flexible band you can easily shape according to your eyes’ shape. These are easy to apply and totally beginner-friendly. Its band is invisible, which helps it look more natural on your eyes, but doesn’t totally disappear into your lashes, and you still look like you’ve put in effort to make your lashes look better.


  • Natural-looking
  • Invisible, flexible band
  • Doesn’t look crazy on Asian lashes and eyes
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Beginner-friendly


  • None

How to Find the Best Lashes for Your Eyes and Lashes

When looking for the best lashes that would work best for your Asian lashes, it’s not only important you get yourself familiar with popular names and brands among the Asian community, rather, you should know things you should look at when trying to purchase your new false lashes:

Soft lash fibers

False lashes are made of different materials and fibers, they can be made from synthetic materials or even real human hair. For Asian eyes, it’s better to go for something that is soft for a more natural look. Real human hair will also blend with your lashes better, so it doesn’t overwhelm your eyes.

Lash length and volume

When looking for new false lashes to add to your daily makeup look, consider how much length and volume you’d want to add to your own lashes to really address your concerns.

If you’re going for something that looks natural, look for something that’s close to your lash hair but something that will make a significant difference. If what you’re looking for are false lashes for glam nights, look for something that will dramatically make your lashes longer and voluminous.

Your eye shape

Look for something that will complement your eye shape. Go for something that’s flexible that you can easily shape to your eyes with very little effort so that it also comfortably sits on your eyelids. Different eye shapes do better with different shapes so see what works for you.


With false eyelashes, it’s best to choose something you can reuse multiple times. Choose something that is made of quality materials that can last you multiple uses if you take care of them properly.

How to Apply Fake Lashes on Asian Eyes

If you’re new to the world of false eyelashes, you might be confused at how you can apply it on your eyes. But fear not, because here, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to apply your new false lashes.

Prepare what you need. Get your new best lashes and trusted lash glue. You might also want to get a tweezer ready to help you apply your lashes, especially if you’re an absolute beginner.

Try it on your eyes. Before gluing it on your eyelids, try it on first to see if the length fits your eyes. If it’s a perfect fit on the length of your eyes, good for you! If not, you might want to trim it with a pair of small scissors.

Apply glue. After making sure you got the right length for your eyes, apply the glue across the band of your false lashes. Make sure not to apply too much as this will only make it harder to stick. Pay extra attention in the middle and outer parts of the band to better secure them. You should also let it dry for a few seconds because you don’t want to apply it too wet.

Wear the lashes of your choice. This might be the hardest step for most people, but the trick is to look down on a mirror and not straight. This way, your lash line is in full view. Now slowly align it on your lash line and remember not to shut your eyes. Give it a soft push to really secure it there.

Eyeliner and mascara. You can also choose to apply an eyeliner to mask the appearance of your false eyelashes’ band. This will make it look less obvious. The last thing to apply is your favorite mascara. This will help unite your natural and false lashes making them seem like they’re one and the same.


False eyelashes are a good way to pump up your beauty routine whether it’s your everyday or a night out makeup look. But if you have Asian eyes, it might be a bit difficult to find false lashes that would flatter your eyes.

The Ardell Naked Lashes is our top pick for the best falsies for Asian eyes! If you’re looking for something that will surely enhance your natural lashes but doesn’t scream false lashes, then this one is definitely a great way to go. For short, sparse Asian lashes, our pick is the Dorisue Eyelashes! This one is sure to blend with your natural eyelashes well and make your lashes look like your lashes but even better. And if you’re looking for wispy false lashes that would be perfect for full glam styles but would still flatter your Asian eyes, then the DYSILK False Eyelashes might just be what you’re looking for.

With so many options of false lashes out there, you’re not really sure which ones would look good on Asian eyes. We hope this list and guide will be helpful to you to find some of the best out in the market. Happy shopping!

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