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If you’re currently on the hunt for the best epilator you can use to achieve hairless underarms, make sure to consider a few important things first: wet or dry use, the speed settings, included attachments, and the built-in light. I have searched far and wide to look for the best of the bunch – and I have them reviewed and summarized below. If you want to find out what made the cut and how important these factors are, go ahead and read along!

I have tried a ton of things on my underarms in search of a hairless solution – from plucking, to shaving, to waxing, and to laser hair removal. I thought I had tried everything available to me, or so I thought. My endless journey and search for more ways to improve on self-care have caused me to stumble upon the wonders of epilators.

Epilators are a staple choice among people looking for a more convenient and effective way of keeping underarms, legs, and even face hairless and smooth. They have been a popular choice among people who choose not to shave, wax, or undergo laser hair removal as all these choices can have their own pros and cons. Epilators are also a cheap alternative in terms of hair removal methods.

If you’re ready to dive in and meet your new favorite epilator for underarm hairs from our list below, just scroll along!

What is an Epilator and What are the Benefits of Using One?

Before going into our favorites and why they’re our favorites, let’s first understand epilators, how they work, and why they’re a popular choice among many hair removal methods.

An epilator is an electrical hair removing device that is made to remove unwanted hairs straight from the roots. The device itself looks similar to an electric shaver, but instead of getting rid of hair just at the surface of the skin, an epilator plucks multiple strands of hair at the roots at the same time, making it a quick and easy hair removal method among many.

Using an epilator may be painful especially for beginners, yes. You can definitely experience pain and discomfort the first time you use an epilator device. Some parts of the body can also be more sensitive than others, thus causing more pain. But the good news is that the more you use epilation in getting rid of unwanted hairs, the less pain and discomfort you will experience in the future.

Benefits of Using an Epilator

Now that we’ve discussed what an epilator is, let’s now jump in on the benefits of using one so you can decide for yourself if this is the perfect hair removing technique for you.

  • Removes hair from the roots
  • Nicks and cuts are avoidable
  • Skin is much smoother
  • Hair regrowth takes longer
  • Can easily remove shorter hair
  • Hair grows back thinner and finer
  • Smooth underarms, legs, etc.
  • Can be conveniently used on different part of the body

Using an epilator is generally safe for everyone who wants to remove unwanted hair in any part of the body. Although you should be mindful of the pain and discomfort you may experience the first few times, this one negative can be overlooked by all the benefits you can get from one.

Our Top Picks for the Best Epilators for Underarms

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickBraun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7880Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7880Check Price
Close SecondPanasonic Cordless EpilatorPanasonic Cordless EpilatorCheck Price
Best BudgetEpilady Speed Corded EpilatorEpilady Speed Corded EpilatorCheck Price
Philips Satinelle Prestige EpilatorPhilips Satinelle Prestige EpilatorCheck Price
Emjoi eRase 60-Disc EpilatorEmjoi eRase 60-Disc EpilatorCheck Price

The Best Epilator for Underarms

1. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7880 – Our Pick!

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7880

Our pick for the best epilator for underarms is the Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7880! This is a cordless wet and dry epilator so you can conveniently use it whether you’re in the shower or outside of the shower. This 100% waterproof device only needs 1 hour of charging time for 50 minutes of consistent use for all your hair removing needs. This has also been conveniently designed with MicroGrip tweezers that allow you to remove short and flat hairs with much ease.

Designed with SensoSmart technology, this Braun epilator will conveniently guide you while removing hairs not just on your underarms but everywhere with body hair. The innovative sensor guides you along your session so you use the right amount of pressure on your skin. To ensure that you use the right amount of pressure every time, a red light will appear and let you know that you are pushing too hard so you can adjust your grip and pressure for the smoothest results.

The device has 2 speed settings – setting 1 for extra gentle epilation and setting 2 for an extra efficient epilation – for all your hair removing needs. It has a pivoting head so you can easily use this on any part of your body as it adapts to your body’s curve and shape for comfort and efficiency. The epilator comes with extra attachments including – a shaver and trimmer cap for sensitive areas, a skin contact cap, a facial cap, and a sensitive cap. It also comes with a pouch for added travel convenience.

This Braun epilation device offers gentle removal of any unwanted hair while actively offering long-lasting smoothness with every use. It has also been designed with a smartlight for even more convenience as it helps you see the finest hairs for thorough hair removal without missing any strand. The included shaver and trimmer attachments allow you to remove hair fast. The device also promises to be gentle especially on more sensitive areas so you don’t end up with irritation.

Just a quick reminder that the Braun epilator is on the more expensive side of epilation devices, but if you’re ready to splurge on your new epilator for convenient hair removal, go on right ahead with this one!


  • Wet and dry epilation device
  • 100% waterproof
  • Quick charging time for 50 minutes of use
  • Removes shorter and finer hair
  • Guides you to use the right amount of pressure
  • Has 2 speed settings for gentle or efficient epilation
  • Comes with attachments
  • Package includes a travel pouch
  • Gently removes hair for long-lasting smoothness
  • Designed with a smartlight for ease of use
  • Gentle on sensitive areas


  • A bit pricier

2. Panasonic Cordless Epilator – Close Second!

Panasonic Cordless Epilator

Coming to a close second in our list of the best epilators for underarms is the Panasonic Cordless Epilator! The epilation device has been designed with 60 hypoallergenic tweezers that effectively removes even shorter underarm hair to ensure you don’t miss any every session. This is also conveniently designed for both wet and dry use. It’s a cordless device you can easily use anytime and anywhere – whether you’re in the shower or out of the shower. The fully waterproof device requires only an hour of charging time for 30 minutes of cordless, continuous use.

The Panasonic epilator has a 90 degree pivoting head that easily moves along your body’s curves and easily reaches usually hard to reach places. It has been designed with an easy to grip handle for ease of use and maximum control. The epilator comes with 3 speed settings for all of your hair removal needs. It also has a bright, built-in LED light to guide you in removing hard to see areas.

The package comes with 5 attachments – a large epilation head, a gentle epilator cap for beginners, a sensitive area cap, a shaver head with slide-up trimmer, and a bikini comb. The beginner-friendly gentle cap attachment holds the skin in place and reduces the number of exposed tweezers and reduces pulling on the skin to minimize pain and discomfort for beginners. The extended main epilation head is definitely a plus in covering larger areas of the skin. The package also comes with an AC charger, a cleaning brush, and a travel pouch for added convenience.

Some downsides users have shared regarding the epilator is that there can be a bit of noise from the device as you work it along different parts of your body. Some people could also find it just a little bit aggressive especially on more sensitive areas – but no worries as using the smaller head on those areas should do the trick of minimizing the pain and discomfort for absolute beginners.


  • Includes 60 hypoallergenic tweezers
  • Removes even shorter hair strands
  • For wet and dry use
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Easy to grip, comfortable handle for ease of use
  • Built-in LED light
  • Comes with 5 attachments
  • Beginner-friendly sensitive area cap for less pain and discomfort
  • Comes with an AC charger and a travel pouch for convenience
  • Pivoting head for hard to reach areas


  • There is a bit of noise on operation
  • Can be too aggressive on sensitive areas

3. Epilady Speed Corded Epilator – Best Budget!

Epilady Speed Corded Epilator

The next item on our list of the best epilators for underarms and our pick for the best budget option is the Epilady Speed Corded Epilator! Unlike the first two items on our list, this one is a corded epilator that’s meant to be used on dry skin only. The corded operation allows for a consistent powerful and reliable performance with every use, and you would not need to worry about losing battery power or having to charge to use the device.

The affordable epilator has an ergonomic and compact design that gives you a comfortable and steady grip every time you whip this out for your use. It also has a wide epilation head that promises a quick and convenient removal of unwanted hair everywhere on your body. The motor the device comes with is able to give users 31,000 tweezes per minute – talk about powerful and reliable!

The epilator comes with a perfect angle guide cap that ensures you work your epilator at an optimum angle and achieve your preferred results every single time. The device itself is fairly lightweight and you won’t have trouble holding on to it for minutes on end. The power cord is also decently long, preventing tangles while you work with the device. This is definitely a cheap and affordable option if you’re not yet willing to splurge on a new device. And no worries at all as this is very beginner-friendly and has all the basics down.

This Epilady package comes with the device, a dual-voltage power adapter, a perfect angle guide, a cleaning brush, and an instructions manual to get you started in your epilation journey. Just keep in mind that though this is a basic epilator, it doesn’t come with additional attachments or a built-in light to guide your sessions.


  • Ideal budget option
  • Corded epilators
  • Consistent powerful and reliable performance
  • Ergonomic and compact design for maximum comfort
  • Quick and smooth hair removal
  • Perfect angle cap ensures device works at an optimum angle
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Comes with a dual-voltage power adapter, and cleaning brush


  • Can only be used dry skin
  • No additional attachments or built-in light

4. Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator

Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator

Our next pick for the best epilators for underarms is the Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator! This is another cordless epilator you can conveniently use whether you’re in the shower or out of the shower. It boasts of a special tweezing disks technology that is able to capture your hair strands without missing any. The rechargeable device comes with a battery easily providing you 40 minutes of work after a full charge. It has a battery indicator light that lets you know when the device has been fully charged and ready for use.

This Philips epilator comes with an extra wide epilation head that allows you to grab more hair and cover larger areas with every pass on your skin. It has a convenient ergonomic and easy to grip handle for maximum comfort every time you have this in your hand for hair removal needs. This is very easy to use and very beginner-friendly as well. It’s also been designed with a smartlight that will help guide you as you remove hair from the roots.

The Philips epilator comes with 9 attachments to cover all your hair removing needs. It also comes with a precision cap that allows you to target and remove hair on sensitive areas without much pain and discomfort. The package also comes with a travel pouch for added convenience when you have to travel with your device.

And as a gentle reminder, you might be required to go over shorter and finer hair strands a few more times to really make sure you get them. This epilator machine is also on the expensive side and is another good option if you’re looking to splurge on your new epilator.


  • Cordless epilator
  • Wet and dry use
  • Rechargeable device that provides 40 minutes of use
  • Designed with a battery light indicator
  • Has a smartlight to guide your sessions
  • Wide head to cover more area
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Comes with 9 attachments
  • Gentle on sensitive areas
  • Comes with a travel pouch


  • A bit pricey
  • Might have to go over short and fine hair a few more times

5. Emjoi eRase 60-Disc Epilator

Emjoi eRase 60-Disc Epilator

Our last favorite best epilator for underarms is the Emjoi eRase 60-Disc Epilator! This fan-favorite epilator is another corded device that has been designed to work on dry skin only. The corded operation means that it has a strong motor that provides you continuous power and performance all throughout your session. The device uses 60 tweezers on dual-opposed heads to quickly remove hair strands from the roots. The design also allows you to cover areas of your skin that need hair removal.

This Emjoi epilator comes with a precision hair removal technology that will allow you to minimize the number of passes to achieve your desired results. The device has a three-disc system – one tweezer disc that’s fixed and two others that continuously open and close to stretch the skin – further increasing the device’s efficiency. It also has an innovative technology wherein the device will slow down its operation if you press it too hard against your skin. This will ensure you apply just the right amount of pressure and wouldn’t hurt yourself.

This epilator comes with 2 speed settings for all of your hair removing needs. The Emjoi package includes the device itself, an adapter, a sensitive cover attachment, a cleaning brush, an instructions manual, and a convenient travel pouch. Unfortunately, this can only be used on dry skin and doesn’t have a built-in light. But rest assured that this also has the basics down and is a great beginner device.


  • Cord-operated epilator
  • Continuous power and performance
  • Quickly removes hair at the roots
  • Covers larger areas
  • Reduces number of passes
  • Stretches skin for more efficiency
  • Slows down operation is too much pressure is applied
  • Has 2 speed settings
  • Comes with an adapter, sensitive cover attachment, cleaning brush and travel pouch


  • No built-in light
  • Can be used on dry skin only

How to Use an Epilator for Underarms

Using an epilator may seem easy but there are a lot of tips and tricks you can hop on to make sure you get your desired results.


The first thing you would want to remember in using an epilator on your underarms is to exfoliate. Doing so will remove dead skin cells and avoid ingrown hair. This will allow you to smoothly operate your epilator over your underarms. This will also promote smoother underarms in the long run.

Position your epilator

To begin, position the device at a 90 degree angle to your underarm. Remember not to push the device too hard against your skin. Hold it loosely and try not to use too much pressure. This could prevent your skin from giving you your desired results.

Stretch your skin

While using the epilator, you would want to stretch your skin with your other hand so you can get through all of your hair’s strands and at the same time will prevent your skin from getting caught in the device.

Clean your epilator

After you’re done getting rid of unwanted hair, don’t forget to clean out your device. This will provide your device with a longer life and maintain its efficiency in providing you hair removing services.

How to Choose the Best Epilator for Underarms

With just a single Google search, you have access to multiple epilators in order to get rid of unwanted underarm hair. It’s important that you know what to look at to make sure you get the most of your new device.

Wet or dry use

Epilators are designed to be used either on dry skin only or on wet and dry skin. Dry use epilators require corded operation while wet and dry use epilators are rechargeable and can be used without the cord. Ask yourself what you would prefer and make sure to get something that goes with what you want.

Speed settings

Epilators also offer different speed settings. Make sure you get an epilator that offers speed settings you’re comfortable with and you think will provide you with maximum results – even for coarse hair.


Many epilator devices also come with additional attachments to make your experience better and comfortable. Some of these attachments offer reduced pain and discomfort or better experiences in removing unwanted hair on more sensitive areas. Be sure to consider the attachments your purchase comes with.

Built-in light

There are a number of epilators that come with built-in lights to provide more convenience in removing unwanted hair. Ask yourself whether this is an important feature for you and make sure to get something along the line of your preference.


An epilator has been a popular choice among many in getting rid of unwanted hair because it’s a very cheap and easy alternative to the more popular hair removing options.

Our top choice for the best epilator for underarms is the Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7880 thanks to its SensoSmart technology that expertly guides the machine as you glide it over your skin. It’s a wet and dry device that has a built-in light for ease of use. Coming to a close second of the best epilators for underarms is the Panasonic Cordless Epilator for its beginner-friendly technology that helps minimize pain and discomfort on sensitive skin. It can also be used on wet and dry skin and has a built-in light as well. And if what you’re looking for is a budget-friendly underarms epilator, then the Epilady Speed Corded Epilator might be the one for you. This device has all the basics down you would need in your new epilator at an affordable price.

If you’re ready to upgrade with the best epilator for underarms, we hope you were able to find something from our list of favorites above!

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