Best Denim Shorts for Big Thighs

Denim Shorts for Big Thighs

If you’re on the hunt for the best big thigh-friendly denim shorts, make sure you stop to consider some important things first: fit and style, large leg openings, and rise and length. I made sure to look far and wide for the best pairs in the market right now. With these factors in mind, I list and review my favorites right now!

I have big thighs. They were always one of my biggest insecurities just until recently. After years of trying, I’ve finally come into terms with them and learned to love them. I still do squats in an effort to reduce the size but I don’t hate them with everything like I used to.

As a thick-thighed woman, one of my worst enemies is shorts. Though I have thick thighs, I have a smaller waist. Because of my measurements, I often have trouble finding shorts that fit in all areas – from thighs, hips, and waist. I don’t like shopping so I often find myself in skirts and dresses where I don’t have to deal with the size of my thighs.

Now that it’s time for a change, I have below some of the best denim shorts for big and thick thighs!

The Best Shorts Styles for Big and Thick Thighs

When looking for shorts, it’s important to keep in mind a few styles that are an absolute lifesaver for thicker and bigger thighs.

Wider leg opening

Your number one friend when it comes to big thighs are wider leg openings. Wider leg openings mean more room for your thighs. This allows the shorts to not be skin tight and allows your thighs enough space to move around in. This is a great pair as it’s not restricting at all. And when it comes to big thighs, you don’t want anything too tight and restricting.


High-waisted shorts are very flattering on those with big thighs. Because they wear higher up your torso, it can help accentuate and bring attention to your waistline. And if you’re someone with big thighs but a slimmer waistline, you would want to highlight that asset of yours. These can also prevent and reduce muffin tops.

Long inseam

Longer inseam shorts don’t show too much of your thighs. It covers a good amount of thigh skin while also still being shorts. With long inseam shorts, you wouldn’t have to worry about the shorts’ leg opening squeezing you in all the wrong places. Bermuda shorts are one style with longer inseams than your regular pair of shorts.

Flowy shorts

Flowy shorts are what they’re called – flowy. It isn’t form and skin tight fitting. They have wide leg openings and give your thighs, butt, and hips enough room to breathe and move. This kind of style doesn’t squeeze any part of your body either – another perfect pair for bigger thighs.

Our Top Picks for the Best Denim Shorts for Big and Thick Thighs

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickALLEGRACE Women's Plus Size High-Waisted Folded Hem Denim ShortsALLEGRACE Women’s Plus Size High-Waisted Folded Hem Denim ShortsCheck Price
Best Longer ShortsLee Women's Relaxed-Fit Bermuda ShortsLee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Bermuda ShortsCheck Price
Best Casual Jean ShortsLevi's Women's Mid-Length ShortsLevi’s Women’s Mid-Length ShortsCheck Price
Luvamia Women's Frayed Hem Denim ShortsLuvamia Women’s Frayed Hem Denim ShortsCheck Price
Plaid&Plain Women's High-Waisted Denim ShortsPlaid&Plain Women’s High-Waisted Denim ShortsCheck Price

The Best Denim Shorts for Big Thighs

1. ALLEGRACE Women’s Plus Size High-Waisted Folded Hem Denim Shorts – Our Pick!

ALLEGRACE Women's Plus Size High-Waisted Folded Hem Denim Shorts

Our number one pick for the best denim shorts for bigger thighs is the ALLEGRACE Women’s Plus Size High-Waisted Folded Hem Denim Shorts! Made with a very stretchy fabric, this forms and hugs your curves in all the right places.

This provides a great fit for bigger thighs while also providing adequate thigh coverage. It isn’t too short to show your bum. While it isn’t too short like most, it sits at a cute and flattering length while still giving a modest coverage.

This boasts of a lightweight and stretchy material for comfort. The material isn’t too thick but isn’t too thin either. Though it’s form-fitting, it doesn’t squish your thighs. It instead follows your every movement without rolling up. It also sits high up the torso for midsection coverage and doesn’t cause the dreaded muffin top.

The thin, though lightweight and comfortable, isn’t up to everyone’s preferences. A few also shared that it doesn’t have the best zipper quality.


  • Form-fitting and hugs curves
  • Flattering length with enough coverage
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High-rise and stretchy
  • Doesn’t squish thighs
  • Doesn’t roll up with movements


  • May be too thin for some
  • Bad zipper quality

2. Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Bermuda Shorts – Best Longer Shorts!

Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Bermuda Shorts

If what you’re looking for are extra long shorts for that extra thigh coverage, you better check out the Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Bermuda Shorts! Hitting just above the knees, this provides a high enough thigh coverage. Though it’s longer, it doesn’t look old-fashioned at all.

This features a relaxed fit and isn’t binding and restricting on the thigh area. And with a mid-rise design, this sits high enough on the waist without reaching up too high than what some people are comfortable with. And with the right size, this doesn’t cause muffin tops as well.

The fabric itself feels soft and comfortable. It also has the right amount of stretch so it fits and wears like a glove without losing the classic denim look. It’s also just stretchy enough so you can sit and bend with much comfort. Many would agree that this is one very comfortable pair.

Because they are a loose fit along the thighs, this appears baggy on those with slimmer thighs.


  • Extra thigh coverage
  • Loose and relaxed along the thighs
  • Mid-rise for no muffin top
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Stretchy enough to move in
  • Non-binding fit


  • Baggy on slimmer thighs

3. Levi’s Women’s Mid-Length Shorts – Best Casual Jean Shorts!

Levi's Women's Mid-Length Shorts

If what you’re looking to add as a staple to your wardrobe are casual jean shorts, the Levi’s Women’s Mid-Length Shorts might be what you’re waiting for! A straight leg shorts with a slim fit through the hips and thighs, this provides a more classic and casual look.

Designed with the brand’s sculpt fabrication technology, this is made with a blend of ultra-soft and delicate fabric. This is very comfortable to wear and is soft against skin. It also boasts of a powerful stretch that flatters your body’s natural curves and contours.

A mid-rise pair, this sits just on the hips and poses no issues of showing anything when you sit down or bend to reach something. This offers the perfect length without being too long nor too short. It offers enough and modest coverage without looking frumpy. For bigger thighs, rest assured that this doesn’t fit too tight and squish you.

The one drawback here is that the size runs small, so sizing up is a good idea.


  • Classic and casual
  • Straight leg fit
  • Slim fit through hips and thighs
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Flattering stretchy fabric
  • Modest coverage without squishing


  • Runs small

4. Luvamia Women’s Frayed Hem Denim Shorts

Luvamia Women's Frayed Hem Denim Shorts

The next item to make it into our list of the best big thigh-friendly denim shorts is the Luvamia Women’s Frayed Hem Denim Shorts! Made with comfortable fabric that provides efficient stretch, this fits bigger thighs well without squeezing.

With side slits on both sides, this has roomy leg openings. This also prevents squeezing your thighs in or riding up. This, plus the very stretchy material, makes sure it fits snug but not overly tight.

This comes with a high-rise design for extra tummy coverage. It’s also designed with frayed cut hemlines and a distressed finish for a more trendy look. The fabric is on the soft side and is very comfortable to wear.

This isn’t too short but sits above mid-thigh. Keep in mind though that some, especially taller people, may find the length a little too short. Some also reported it runs a bit big. And for the cheaper price this comes in, it doesn’t offer the best zipper and button quality.


  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Provides enough stretch
  • Side slits and roomy leg openings
  • Doesn’t squeeze thighs
  • Distressed and fray cut hems
  • Snug fit but not too tight


  • Poor zipper and button quality
  • Runs big

5. Plaid&Plain Women’s High-Waisted Denim Shorts

Plaid&Plain Women's High-Waisted Denim Shorts

And our last favorite denim shorts for big thighs are the Plaid&Plain Women’s High-Waisted Denim Shorts! A loose-fitting pair with an A-line fit, this provides a comfortable room for stretching and for thighs to move in, even for bigger thighs.

This fits loose and provides a big comfortable seating space. This is a great choice for those with curvier bottoms. It’s also designed with just the perfect length – not too short or long. It doesn’t expose too much of your thighs but still looks cute and flattering.

This has an elastic waistband with tons of stretch to it and is super comfortable. It also comes with a belt to add a more fashionable look.

One common drawback a few have shared about this is the unpleasant smell it comes with upon opening. No worries though because it goes away in just one wash. A few also noticed a weird way it sits on the crotch area so keep an eye out for that.


  • Loose-fitting with A-line fit
  • Comfortable and stretchy legroom
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Adequate thigh coverage
  • Elastic and comfortable waistband
  • Long enough but flattering


  • Odor upon opening
  • Sits weird on crotch

How to Choose the Best Denim Shorts for Big and Thick Thighs

Fit and style

Shorts with an A-line design works wonders for bigger thighs as they provide a lot of legroom. Shorts that are loose-fitting also provide enough wiggle room for your thighs so they don’t squish and squeeze them in and you stay super comfy.

You can try on a variety of fits and styles. You only have to make sure that they don’t squeeze in your legs to the point that they are uncomfortable.

Large leg openings

Shorts with large leg openings are a big thigh girl’s best friend. The larger the leg opening is, the more room there is for your thighs. This means your thighs are not squeezed in tight.

Keep in mind – you’re not only limited to loose-fitting shorts. You can, of course, sport snug and form-fitting pairs. Just remember that it should have a large enough leg opening for your thighs to be comfortable in.

Rise and length

Shorts come in a variety of rise and length options. Large thighs fair well with high and mid-rise shorts. You’re not, of course, limited to only that and you can always choose low-rise bottoms. Just remember that because low-rise shorts sit below the belly button, it can bring attention to your thigh area.

Also consider the length of the shorts and the amount of thigh skin you’re willing to show off. You can get shorts that hit right above the knee, mid-thigh, or above mid-thigh.


Girls with big thighs should never be limited to never wearing shorts! It’s only a matter of the right style and design.

Our number one pick for the best denim shorts for big and thick thighs is the ALLEGRACE Women’s Plus Size High-Waisted Folded Hem Denim Shorts! A form-fitting pair, this hugs your body and curves. It has a high-rise design and provides a flattering coverage for the thighs. The fabric used is very stretchy and lightweight for comfort. If what you would prefer are a pair of longer shorts, better check out the Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Bermuda Shorts! This hits just above the knees for that extra thigh coverage. Its relaxed fit doesn’t bind tight on bigger thighs at all. It has a mid-rise and sits comfortably on the hips. It’s stretchy enough and is comfortable to move in as well. And our best casual shorts pick for big thighs is the Levi’s Women’s Mid-Length Shorts! This provides a more casual and classic look. It gives a modest coverage while offering a flattering look. The fabric used is soft and very comfortable too.

And that has been our list of the best big thigh-friendly denim shorts! Happy shorts shopping!

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