Best Color Bathing Suit for Pale Skin

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If you’re currently looking for the best bathing suit color for pale skin tones, make sure you stop and consider a few important factors first: the color, coverage, and style. I have searched far and wide for the best in the business right now and I have them listed and reviewed below for your reading pleasure. If you have pale skin and have been having trouble finding the perfect bathing suit color for you and would want to find out what made it into my list of favorites in that department, go ahead and read along with me!

Whenever I’m shopping for new clothes to add to my wardrobe, the very first thing I consider is the color of the wardrobe piece. Yes, it’s placement on my priority list is even above the size! I always try to make sure that the color suits my skin tone even before I try finding out if it’s available in my size. I have medium skin tone and I have always been careful in choosing the right colors of clothes to make sure it goes with my skin and doesn’t make me self-conscious. I’ve always preferred colors that compliment me and enhance my rich skin color.

If you’re anything like me, you’re also one to consider color first and foremost whenever you are out shopping. The same applies to swimwear and bathing suits. It’s very important that you and I both get our hands on bathing suits that are sure to complement and enhance our skin tone and don’t wash us out at the same time. When you have pale skin, you are more prone and more likely to be washed out by the wrong swimwear colors. If worse comes to worse, you might actually end up looking like you’re not wearing anything at all – yikes!

If you still haven’t found your luck in looking for colors that suit you, no need to look further as I took it upon myself to search for the best of the best just for you!

What Bathing Suit Colors Suit Pale Skin?

white woman with a black one piece swimsuitwhite woman with a royal blue one piece swimsuit

No one can really tell you what colors of clothes you can wear or not wear. As long as you love it and are comfortable and confident wearing it, go on right ahead and flaunt your style. And although we are always on Team You Can Wear Anything You Want, we also know for a fact that many among others would prefer to carefully choose bikini colors that complement and enhance their skin tone and even their sun-kissed tan.

When it comes to pale skin, the way to enhance your natural skin tone and even your newly-acquired color is getting your hands on swimwear pieces that contrast your pale and fair skin. Dark colors and solid colors like blue, black, and red look great on those with pale skin, especially if the shades are sharp. As these contrast your skin tone on many levels, these are sure to look good against your skin.

Those with pale skin but would want lighter and bright colors can choose to sport ones in shades and colors of pink, purple, and green. These are lighter and brighter than our previous recommendations but would still work to complement and contrast your pale skin tone.

If you have pale skin and would not want to be washed out and appear like you aren’t wearing anything at all, tread pastels carefully. While you might still find certain pastel shades you can wear and look good against your skin, wearing the wrong shade can definitely make you look paler and your body washed out. You don’t have to completely steer clear from them, but make sure you test the waters carefully when it comes to pastels.

Everything we’ve shared above are just suggestions to help you find the right swimsuit shades that are sure to complement pale or fair skin tones. Remember, you can wear anything and in any color as long as you are happy and confident in it!

A little note before we go ahead with our list: we know that the women pictured wearing our color picks don’t have pale skin tone – but trust us when we say that these colors will definitely look good against your pale skin – whether you have cool undertones, warm undertones, or neutral undertones.

Now, if you want to find out what we think are the perfect swimwear colors to complement your pale skin tone, get ready as we are diving right in!

Our Top Picks for the Best Bathing Suit Colors for Pale Skin

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickSmismivo Women's Green Halter One Piece SwimsuitSmismivo Women’s Green Halter One Piece SwimsuitCheck Price
Best for Total CoverageTSLA Women's Black Long Sleeve Rash GuardTSLA Women’s Black Long Sleeve Rash GuardCheck Price
Best for Less Noticeable Tan LinesZAFUL Women's Blueberry Blue Two Piece SetZAFUL Women’s Blueberry Blue Two Piece SetCheck Price
Tempt Me Women's Purple Ruched One Piece SwimsuitTempt Me Women’s Purple Ruched One Piece SwimsuitCheck Price
MakeMeChic Women's Black High-Waisted Two Piece SwimsuitMakeMeChic Women’s Black High-Waisted Two Piece SwimsuitCheck Price

The Best Bathing Suit Color for Pale Skin!

1. Smismivo Women’s Green Halter One Piece Swimsuit – Our Pick!

Smismivo Women's Green Halter One Piece Swimsuit

Our number one pick for the best bathing suit for pale skin is the Smismivo Women’s Halter One Piece Swimsuit in the color green! If you have pale skin and have consistently had trouble looking for a colored swimsuit that will complement your light skin tone, make sure you check this one piece out. This comes with a removable lightly padded push up bra to provide you and your girls with maximum support. You can also rest assured that this has been designed with a full lining so the fabric is never seen though no matter how high and bright the sun is.

Designed with a ruched pattern along the torso area, this dark green one piece swimwear provides tummy control so you can effectively hide any stomach imperfections you want hidden under your swimsuit. Every time you pack this one for your beach trips, you can achieve a slimmer appearance and up your confidence as you lay under the sun. The fabric of this swimsuit is made up of nylon, spandex, polyester, and mesh lining that can easily hide your stomach and shape according to your natural curves for a more confident you.

The brand boasts of a fully-lined and double layer material to assure you that nothing can be seen through as you enjoy your beach day. The fabric is also very stretchable to provide you with the perfect fit and maximum comfort. Each piece has also been designed with high-density stitches and promises you a secure hold and something that will hold and last you for quite some time as well. This provides amazing coverage and your bottoms with moderate coverage that works to contour and enhance your curves.

Many have lauded this one piece set as very flattering and sexy yet still able to provide enough coverage to be family-friendly. This one provides a snug fit but in a stomach-hiding way as many would agree. You are sure to feel held in, supported, and secured but still allows room for flexibility so you can comfortably move around as you spend your day on a beach or in a pool. This works to accentuate your natural curves and hide your imperfections for every vacation holiday.

Equipped with an adjustable halter neck, you can easily adjust this to accommodate your torso and bust size, whether you need it loose or tight. The squared-off neckline also provides users with unmatched sophistication and classy style you can sport in fancy resorts without much hesitation. The green color of this one piece bathing suit is sure to complement and look great against pale or fair skin, perfectly contrasting your skin tone. And as shown in the photo above, this just doesn’t go well with just a neutral skin tone but with dark skin as well.


  • Green color one piece swimsuit looks great on pale skin
  • Removable, light padding for maximum boob support
  • Fully-lined and double layer material for no show-through wear
  • Ruched torso area hides stomach imperfections for a slimmer figure
  • Shapes your natural curves as it hides imperfections
  • Stretchable material for the perfect fit and maximum comfort
  • High-density stitches provides secure hold and will last for a while
  • Great coverage while being flattering and sexy
  • Moderate coverage and contours the bottoms
  • Enough coverage to be family-friendly
  • Adjustable halter neck easily adjusts for your torso and bust size
  • Gives off a sophisticated look and vibe for fancy resorts


  • None

2. TSLA Women’s Black Long Sleeve Rash Guard – Best for Total Coverage!

TSLA Women's Black Long Sleeve Rash Guard

The next item on our list of the best bathing suits for pale skin and our top choice for the best full coverage is the TSLA Women’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard in color black! If you’re someone who is prone to sunburn and are looking for a swimsuit that can provide an effective full coverage, read on for more information about this one. Made with durable and high-density fabric, this helps protect your pale skin against rashes, abrasions, and the sun’s harmful UV rays for your beach trip and as you enjoy water activities.

Equipped with a built-in UPF50+ fabric, this provides you with the most effective and simplest way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Every time you pack this in your bag for all your beach and pool trips, you can rest assured that you can block out both UVA and UVB rays every time you enjoy the waters outdoors. This is the perfect option for anyone with fair skin but hates constantly lathering themselves with sunscreen as they engage in various water activities. Although, we still strongly recommend that you still wear sunscreen with this!

Designed with a polyester and quick-dry fabric, this is sure to be your best friend whenever you are out enjoying a trip to the beach or pool. This provides elasticity and flexibility for maximum comfort and room for you to easily move your hands around without discomfort. The fabric used for this swimwear also works to wick moisture and sweat away so you can maintain a cool feeling underneath. The fabric is extremely breathable as well to keep you dry and odor-free underneath no matter what activities you engage in for the day.

The fit of this TSLA swimwear is not skin tight but isn’t baggy either, just the perfect in between. It has a long shirt design for a comfortable and perfect fit that doesn’t ride up no matter how much you move. Many have lauded this swimsuit as it provides maximum comfort and is very lightweight yet flatters anyone who’s wearing it for a beach day. For anyone who burns easily, you can trust this to protect you against the sun. This one also has thumb holes so you can rest assured that it stays in place no matter how much you move and play under the sun.

The color black of this bathing suit is a no-fail and fool-proof choice and you can be sure that this will go well with your light skin. If you’re keeping this in your options to consider, you have to keep in mind that there is no built-in bra that comes with this swimsuit and you would have to have something underneath. Other than that, this is a great go-to for those looking for full protection and coverage against the sun’s harmful rays. The fool-proof black color goes well whether you have a cool skin tone or a warm skin tone.


  • Ideal for total coverage
  • Durable and high-density fabric protects skin against rashes and abrasions
  • Built-in UPF50+ for maximum sun protection
  • Great for pale skin and those who burn fast and easily
  • Polyester and quick-dry fabric
  • Elastic and flexible fabric for maximum comfort and to easily move
  • Wicks moisture and sweat away for a cooling feeling
  • Breathable fabric keeps you dry and odor-free
  • Fit is neither skin tight or baggy – just the perfect in between
  • Long shirt design doesn’t ride up – with thumb holes as well
  • Comfortable and lightweight yet flattering
  • Black suit goes well with fair skin


  • No built-in bra underneath

3. ZAFUL Women’s Blueberry Blue Two Piece Set – Best for Less Noticeable Tan Lines!

ZAFUL Women's Blueberry Blue Two Piece Set

Our next favorite bathing suit for pale skin and our pick for the best less noticeable tan lines is the ZAFUL Women’s Blueberry Blue Two Piece Set! If what you’re looking for in a swimsuit is its ability to give you and your light skin less noticeable lines than most, better check this favorite of ours out. Designed with thin top straps and low rise bottoms, you can trust this one to give you minimal tan lines as you go from pale skin to a rich and beautiful color on your beach getaway.

Designed with a lace-up and wireless, padded bra, this offers you and your girls maximum support as you go out and enjoy a day out in the sun. The straps of this two piece set are also adjustable so you can easily adjust it according to your size and your needs. The adjustable feature also allows you to show off your figure better so you can stride with much more confidence as you enjoy your beach trip. It has spaghetti straps for the top to assure you that you get as thin tan lines as possible as you lay down under the sun.

The bottoms are equipped with an elastic waist for the perfect fit and maximum comfort. As many users have shared, the bottoms are on the cheeky side. No worries though as it isn’t on the crazy cheeky side at all – just enough to flaunt your figure but also offers rough coverage to be decent enough on family vacations. Keep in mind though that if what you’re looking for is something without cheeky bottoms, this might not be the best option for you as you might find this a bit too much for what you’re looking for.

The fabric of this two piece set is smooth skin-friendly and is sure to be super stretchy and comfortable to wear. Many users would agree that this is some quality swimsuit and are obviously going to last you for quite some time. Another thing to keep in mind regarding this swimsuit is that the triangle cups of the top aren’t much meant for those who are bigger-chested. You can still choose to wear it when just be careful and expect some spillage, especially if you engage in more active activities.

The ZAFUL bathing suit line is full of vivid and bright color choices for all skin tones, including this blueberry blue option. The brightness and vividness of the blue color is sure to look good and complement those who have pale skin. Even as you get yourself a darker and richer tone, this will still look good when worn against your skin. Previous buyers and users also shared that this can run a bit small and going one size up that what you usually wear could be a good idea for some.


  • Ideal for less noticeable tan lines
  • Helps produce less noticeable tan lines under the sun
  • Lace-up and wireless, padded bra provides support
  • Adjustable straps to easily accommodate your size
  • Allows users to flaunt their figures
  • Spaghetti straps and low rise bottoms give less noticeable line as possible
  • Cheeky bottoms aren’t crazy cheeky and just enough for anyone
  • Smooth skin-friendly fabric is stretchy and comfortable to wear
  • Good quality swimsuit
  • Bright and vivid blue shade looks good on pale skin


  • Can run a bit small
  • Bottoms can be too cheeky for some
  • Bigger-chested women may experience spillage

4. Tempt Me Women’s Purple Ruched One Piece Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women's Purple Ruched One Piece Swimsuit

The next item on our list of the best of the best bathing suits for pale skin is the Tempt Me Women’s Ruched One Piece Swimsuit in the color purple! Another one piece swimsuit from our list of favorites, this has been designed with a high-neck and plunge top part to provide just enough fun and sexy for your beach getaways. This allows users to show off just enough cleavage and shape but still provides a feeling that you are well-covered and comfortable to engage in water activities with family.

Designed with a ruched waist, this also provides efficient tummy control so you can hide your imperfections and be able to flaunt your natural curves at the same time. This is sure to be flattering on anyone and provide confidence as you spend your day under the sun. Its design also helps accentuate and enhance your curves and build up your confidence. The plunging mesh neckline and enough coverage allows users to feel sexy but still be conservative enough to wear it around family.

The top and chest area of this one piece swimsuit has been equipped with a band underneath the breasts to provide maximum support, contour, and to keep your girls up and in place as you enjoy your day under the sun. You can also keep your peace of mind that you will not experience any spillage at all. The elegant halter neck and top design also adds class and sophistication to your beach and pool vacations. The fabric is also made to be stretchy and soft for your maximum comfort and enjoyment every time you use this.

Though many users have praised this one piece swimwear to effectively reduce and minimize the appearance of stomach fat, many found the tummy support to be very minimal. But if you think the tummy support it provides is just enough for you and your needs, go on right ahead with this one. The purple color is also sure to complement and go well with pale and light skin tones. As the vibrance of this particular shade contrasts your pale skin, you can be rest assured that this will not make you look washed out at all.


  • Plunging mesh neckline provides enough fun and sexy
  • Allows to show off a little bit cleavage but still feel covered up
  • Ruched wait offers tummy support to hide stomach fat
  • Contours and enhances body’s natural curves
  • Flattering on anyone and builds-up confidence
  • Band for breasts keep them in place and contoured
  • No spillage even as you engage in water activities
  • Elegant halter neck provides class and sophistication
  • Stretchy and soft material for maximum comfort
  • Color goes well with fair skin


  • Very little and minimal tummy support

5. MakeMeChic Women’s Black High-Waisted Two Piece Swimsuit

MakeMeChic Women's Black High-Waisted Two Piece Swimsuit

The MakeMeChic Women’s Black High-Waisted Two Piece Swimsuit is the last item on our list of our favorite bathing suits for pale skin! A two piece swimsuit with a black top and leaf-printed bottom, this is sure to suit your fair skin and at the same time provide your beach days with more fun than ever. Designed with a scoop neck top, this provides full support and full coverage. Even if you’re one with bigger breasts, you can trust this one to provide you with maximum support and you would not end up with a frumpy-looking top at all.

The leaf-printed and high-waist bottoms also don’t end up looking like diapers as many high-rise bottoms would. The bottoms are a bit on the cheeky side, so if that is something that you would prefer, go on right ahead with this one. Keep in mind though that some might find it a bit cheeky that what they would have hoped for, so also make sure to research how it looks and fits on other people before finalizing your purchase.

Both the top and bottom of this two piece swimsuit are made of soft and comfortable material so you can wear and sport this on the beach or pool with much ease. The fabric is also sure to be not see-through no matter how bright and high the sun is. This is sure to be flattering to wear by anyone and is sure to really fit those with bigger chest areas.

A downside users have shared regarding this two piece bathing suit is that the bottoms can be a bit tight and can run small. A few users have shared a helpful tip of getting a size up if you carry your weight on your bottoms and waist.


  • Two piece swimsuit with black top and leaf-printed bottom
  • Top provides maximum support and full coverage
  • Doesn’t give you a frumpy look
  • Can accommodate girls with bigger chest areas
  • High-waist bottoms don’t end up looking like diapers
  • Bottoms are a bit on the cheeky side – not too crazy and just enough
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Fabric is not see-through


  • Bottoms can run a bit small if you carry weight on your bottoms or waist

How to Choose the Best Bathing Suit Color for Pale Skin

With so many choices when it comes to colored bathing suits and swimsuit colors, it can be pretty demanding when you’re choosing which ones can really complement and suit your skin tone.


When it comes to pale skin, you don’t want to be getting your hands on bathing suits that can wash you out. While it is true that you can wear any shade and color you want, there are some colors that are more suited for your skin tone and will help enhance your features. For those with pale skin, a color contrasting your fair skin can be a good way to go. This will help make your skin pop and will surely not make you look even paler.

You can also consider your skin undertones in choosing your new bathing suit for your pale skin. You can have warm undertones, cool undertones, or neutral undertones that can also play a role in how a color looks against your skin.

For more information on this, we’ve discussed this at great length earlier in our article so make sure to read that part.


Swimsuits, no matter the style, offer a variety of different coverages. Whether you’re feeling fun and sexy or conservative and family and kid-friendly, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Some swimsuits fully cover what you need covered while some allow you to show off a little more cleavage and skin. Keep in mind your comfort and what you think would give you more confidence and make sure to get one along with that preference.


Swimsuits also come in different styles and designs. You can also choose between one piece and two piece swimsuits for your beach day needs. Different styles also mean different coverage. Make sure you get your hands on a swimsuit style you are comfortable with and will help you stride with confidence through the beach.


Wearing the right swimsuit for your vacations and holidays are sure to keep you confident and happy as you spend your days under the sun. When it comes to pale skin, it’s very important that you get your hands on pieces with the right color to suit and complement your skin tone.

Our number one pick for the best bathing suit for pale skin is the Smismivo Women’s Green Halter One Piece Swimsuit thanks to its fully-line and double-layer materials that promises a no-show wear! It’s also been designed with a ruched torso for an effective and easy way to hide imperfections while enhancing your natural curves. Our pick for the best total coverage swimsuit is the TSLA Women’s Black Long Sleeve Rash Guard! If your pale skin easily burns and you would like to get your hands on the perfect sun protection while you engage in water activities make sure to check this one out. And the ZAFUL Women’s Blueberry Blue Two Piece Set is our top pick for the best for less noticeable lines! If you would want to achieve less and minimal lines as you get your rich and beautiful tan, make sure to check this two piece swimsuit out.

We hope you found your new favorite colored bathing suit from our list of favorites above. Here’s to more fun days under the sun!

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