Best Burberry Perfume for Women

Burberry Perfume for Women

If you’re keeping your eyes out for the best Burberry women’s perfume you can get your hands on right now, make sure to stop and consider some factors first: personality and preference, fragrance notes, ingredients, and price. I searched far and wide for the brand’s best of the best with these factors in mind. And I have my current favorites listed and reviewed below!

I have a very sensitive nose. Smelling the wrong scent and fragrance will cause me allergies and uncontrollable sneezing. Because of this, I tend to be very careful around certain fragrances. And to avoid consequences altogether, I tend to stay away from perfumes and fragrances.

Though I don’t have a huge collection of perfumes and fragrances, I for sure know a good and quality fragrance when I smell one. One of the most globally-known luxury brands is Burberry. It’s known for designing, curating, and distributing all kinds of clothes apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and fragrances. The brand has amassed loyal customers from around the world.

If you’re looking to add a Burberry perfume to your collection or if you’re ready to start a collection with it, I’ve got you covered below!

Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum: What is the Difference?

When you’re hunting down your next signature fragrance, you usually meet the terms Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. If you’re new to the fragrance game and are just starting to build up your collection, these terms might be confusing. The good thing is that the difference is fairly easy to understand.

Eau de Toilette has a concentration of fragrance oil around 8-15% while an Eau de Parfum contains 15-30% fragrance oil concentration. EDT fragrances last around 4-6 hours while an EDP fragrance can linger on skin around 8-10 hours.

EDP is a stronger fragrance than an EDT which has a lighter scent. EDTs are generally priced lower than EDPs due to the lower concentration of fragrance oil. But this can also mean you would need to spray more to get the same results as its EDP counterpart. With an EDP fragrance, you would need 1-2 sprays at most and it would last longer.

For the purpose of this article, we would only be reviewing Burberry EDPs.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

  • Scent: Cedar,Vanilla,Fresh
  • Item Volume: 3.3 Fluid Ounces
  • Special Feature: Warming amber and mahogany are calmed with sensual notes of vanilla and tonka beans
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  • Scent: Spray
  • Item Volume: 30 Milliliters
  • Special Feature: Warm notes of musk and vanilla smooth the base.
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  • Scent: Sandalwood,Fresh
  • Item Volume: 16 Fluid Ounces
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
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  • Scent: Floral,Sandalwood,Cedar,Fresh
  • Item Volume: 30 Milliliters
  • Special Feature: Solar notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli
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  • Scent: Floral,Sandalwood,Cedar,Fresh
  • Item Volume: 100 Milliliters
  • Special Feature: A feminine fragrance with a contemporary, refreshing, citrusy tone.
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The Best Burberry Perfume for Women

1. Burberry Brit for Her Eau De Parfum – Our Pick!

Burberry Brit for Her Eau De Parfum

Top Notes: Green Lemon, Frosted Pear, and White Almond

Heart Notes: White Peony

Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Mahogany, and Balsamic Tonka Bean

Our number one Burberry perfume for women is the Brit for Her Eau De Parfum! Sweet floral with notes of vanilla, this has a very classic and feminine scent that smells fresh, soft, and light.

This is a good neutral. It isn’t too flowery, too musky, or too fruity. It also isn’t overly sweet – just the perfect balance of all its fragrance notes.

Unlike many perfume options in the market, this isn’t restricted to only one age group. It neither smells overly powdery or sweet so any woman of any age can definitely sport this. The scent isn’t too strong and is light enough for daytime wearing.

Many have shared that this lasts very long though quite a few would disagree when it comes to its staying power.


  • Classic and feminine
  • Not too flowery, musky, or fruity
  • Not too powdery or too sweet
  • Light enough for daytime wearing


  • Unimpressive lasting power for some

2. Burberry Women’s Classic Eau de Parfum – Best Classic Burberry Scent!

Burberry Women's Classic Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Peach, Apricot, Cool Pear, and Black Currant

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Cedar

Base Notes: Musk, Cedar, and Vanilla

If you’re a long-time Burberry fragrance fan and are looking for a more classic scent from the brand, you better check out the Women’s Classic Eau de Parfum! This has a sophisticated and classy scent for every woman.

With the classic Burberry scent, this has a clean and crisp floral scent. The scent is light and airy and doesn’t overdo the brand’s classic scent. It’s not too flowery, sweet, or heavy.

It has a more mature sweet fragrance without too much of anything. It’s also never sticky sweet like many floral fragrances.

This smells clean and fresh, never overwhelming you or those around you. Still, it lasts and lingers on skin for hours on end. Though many experienced its strong lasting power, quite a few shared they needed more hours out of it.


  • Sophisticated and classy
  • More mature sweet fragrance
  • Not too flowery or sweet
  • Smells clean and fresh


  • Others need more lasting power

3. Burberry My Burberry Eau de Parfum – Best Mature Scent!

Burberry My Burberry Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Sweet Pea and Bergamot

Heart Notes: Golden Quince and Freesia

Base Notes: Patchouli, Rain-Tipped Damask, and Centifolia Roses

If what you’re looking for is a more mature scent, then the Burberry My Burberry Eau de Parfum might be for you! This balances out femininity and depth and intensity. Crafted to be more woodsy , this captures the homey and soft fragrance of a London garden after a rain.

A balance of its fragrance notes, it isn’t too flowery but not leaning to a more masculine scent either. The woodsy scent still smells more delicate and feminine. When first sprayed on, it smells more musky and then develops to a more feminine blend of fruits and flowers.

This doesn’t scream flowers and instead smells refreshing and feels mature. This stays on for a good few hours yet smells light enough for daytime wearing.

Because it has a more mature fragrance this might not be ideal for teens.


  • Woodsy yet feminine
  • Not too flowery or sweet
  • Balances musky and sweet
  • Smells mature and refreshing


  • Not ideal for teens

4. Burberry London Eau De Parfum for Women

Burberry London Eau De Parfum for Women

Top Notes: Rose and Honeysuckle

Heart Notes: Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Peony, and Clementine Zest

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, and Patchouli

The next item to make it into our list of the best Burberry perfumes for women is the Burberry London Eau De Parfum for Women! Another floral fragrance, this has a classic and sophisticated scent.

This also has a balance of musk scents so it isn’t too flowery. It has a more sophisticated and mature floral scent that isn’t overwhelmingly flowery at all. This is sure to leave a trail of woodsy and musky scents underlying all those floral notes.

This has a light and soft yet feminine scent that is sure to be a signature scent for any woman on the go. It smells clean and soft. A little goes a long way and this is sure to last all day.

One drawback on this is that it can be a little strong when you first spray it.


  • Sophisticated floral
  • Balanced with woodsy and musky notes
  • A more mature scent
  • Light and soft


  • Smells strong at first

5. Burberry Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women

Burberry Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women

Top Notes: Tangerine, Tree Sap, and Roseda

Heart Notes: Wild Rose, Peach Blossom, Iris, Hyacinth, and Nectarine

Base Notes: Cedar Wood and Sandalwood

And our last favorite Burberry women’s perfume is the Burberry Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women! A soft feminine fragrance, this combines both a sharp flowery fragrance and a refreshing citrus tone. It’s light, soft, and fresh.

A very clean feminine scent, this is light and mild enough for daytime or morning wear. The overall scent is sweet and warm – a perfect summer companion.

Described as a country-style perfume, this offers a very relaxing and powdery fragrance. Many would agree that one would only need a little of this and it’s sure to last. With underlying tones of sandalwood and musk, this isn’t too sweet to be headache-inducing for you or others at all.

And while many found this long-lasting, some expected more lasting power out of this.


  • Flowery and refreshing citrus
  • Clean feminine scent
  • Light, soft, sweet, and warm
  • Relaxing and powdery


  • Needs to be longer-lasting

How to Choose the Best Burberry Perfume for Women

Personality and preference

Finding your signature scent is like presenting your personality to the world. How you want to smell like will most likely mirror your personality and preferences.

Do you like very feminine fragrances with floral and sweet scents or are you more into refreshing citrusy scents? There are also many available perfumes that balance out floral and musky scents.

Fragrance notes

Perfumes are crafted with a variety of fragrance notes – top, heart or middle, and base notes. These will tell you the exact scents you can expect with every spray. While it’s better to experience fragrances and perfumes firsthand, these fragrance notes will tell you what to expect.

Some perfumes may focus on a specific scent family while others combine different scent families for a more rounded fragrance.


Perfumes are sprayed directly onto skin, so it’s very important that you check on the perfume’s list of ingredients.

You’d want to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients listed. It shouldn’t contain anything that can cause itching, redness, or rashes.


Burberry is a luxury brand and not everyone is willing to spend so much on something like a perfume. Make sure to ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for a perfume.

To satisfy all budgets, we made sure to include above perfumes going from $90 to $140.


Burberry is a globally-known luxury brand that has cemented its position in the fragrance game.

Our number one Burberry perfume for women is the Burberry Brit for Her Eau De Parfum! A classic and feminine scent, this is fresh, soft, and light. It has a good balance of fragrances that isn’t too flowery, too musky, or too fruity. And because it has such a good balance of all its notes, any woman or any age can sport this for their pleasure. If what you’re after is the brand’s classic scent, check out the Burberry Women’s Classic Eau de Parfum! It offers a classic and sophisticated scent that is both light and airy. A more mature sweet fragrance, it isn’t too flowery or too heavy with the sweetness. It smells clean, fresh, and sophisticated. And the Burberry My Burberry Eau de Parfum is our pick for the best mature scent! This has the perfect balance of feminine and intensity. It has underlying notes of woodsy and musky scents to balance out the delicate sweetness. No worries because it doesn’t smell too masculine at all and the femininity still tops everything off.

And that has been our list of our favorite Burberry women’s perfumes!

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