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If you’re currently on the hunt for the best bras for teenagers to get your hands on right now, be sure you check a few important factors with each option you’re considering: wired or non-wired, lined or unlined, size, and style and color. For everyone’s reading pleasure, I have searched far and wide for what are considered the best of the best in the business right now. If you want to find out what made it into my list of favorites according to these standards, no need to look further – just read ahead!

Ah to be a teen – free-spirited and free from all adult responsibilities. I spend my teenage years shaping a huge chunk of what and who I am today. I started developing hobbies, habits, and overflowing love for certain things, anything under the sun. Along with developing and shaping one’s personality, comes the physical development of teens’ bodies as well. When I was a preteen up to being a teen, my body went through some big and major changes, and trust me when I say that most of them are awkward. I’m pretty sure it’s all the same for all teens all across the world but that doesn’t lessen the awkwardness one bit.

When you’re a young girl, one of the most common physical changes you notice on your body is the growth of one’s chest. As you grow taller, your chest grows as well. The transition from wearing clothes feely with no need to wear bras at all to having the need to start wearing a bra can be tricky and uncomfortable. When you’re a developing teen, it’s very important that you pick the right training bra for your needs and comfort. As someone who is picky when it comes to bras, trust me on this.

I hope you’re ready to take in my current favorites and what I think is the best training bra as I list and review them all below because we are diving right in!

The Best Bras for Teenagers

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickMaidenform Girls' Seamless Ruched Crop BraletteMaidenform Girls’ Seamless Ruched Crop BraletteCheck Price
Best for Matured TeensB2BODY Wireless Molded Padded Junior BraB2BODY Wireless Molded Padded Junior BraCheck Price
Best for ComfortHanes Girls' Seamless Foam BraHanes Girls’ Seamless Foam BraCheck Price
Alyce Ives Intimates Lightly Padded BraAlyce Ives Intimates Lightly Padded BraCheck Price
Calvin Klein Girls' Modern Cotton BraletteCalvin Klein Girls’ Modern Cotton BraletteCheck Price

The Best Bra for Teenagers

1. Maidenform Girls’ Seamless Ruched Crop Bralette – Our Pick!

Maidenform Girls' Seamless Ruched Crop Bralette

Our number one pick for the best bras for teenagers is the Maidenform Girls’ Seamless Ruched Crop Bralette! This single-tone bra is a great beginner bra option for growing teens everywhere. Designed with a light padding, this provides the perfect coverage for teens who would want extra coverage and support for their growing chest area. This one is also a great option for everyone looking for a starter bra that is more than just a simple cotton bra for more coverage and support for everyday wear.

This Maidenform training bra is equipped with removable pads for convenience of use. Your young one can freely choose from wearing it with or without the pads. The spaghetti straps are adjustable to ensure perfect fit for all sizes and promise to never fall off shoulders no matter how one moves throughout the day. This is a pullover bra without any closures so teens who are just making the transition from not wearing a bra to wearing one for everyday needs might find it easier.

Designed with a seamless finish, this wears unnoticeable under any shirt or clothes you choose to wear. The absence of the usual closures, underwires, and inner tags assures parents everywhere that this will be nothing but comfortable to wear by your young ones. The seamless design and crop length allows teens to wear this no matter how long but still feel like you aren’t wearing anything tight and constricting. The soft and stretchable fabric also allows for perfect fit that goes well with just about anything and for everything you need.

Many users have lauded this Maidenform teens’ bra to work well for both active and casual needs. This is sure to provide enough support and coverage as a sports bra but can still be used for nicer occasions and for more casual wear. This also boasts of a ruched front design for a little flare and is currently available in an assortment of styles from explosive patterns and designs to versatile solids.

If you aren’t actually a teen looking to buy their new training bras but a smaller, petite woman who can’t seem to find the perfect fit in adult-sized bras, you also might want to check this one out. This is offered in sizes enough to also provide great coverage and support for fully-developed chest areas of smaller women. The only downside a few users have shared regarding the use of this particular bra is because it has removal pads, they might move around or come out when it’s being washed, so just keep that in mind.


  • Lightly padded for extra coverage and support
  • Great option for training bras that’s more than just a cotton bra
  • Removable pads for convenience
  • Adjustable spaghetti straps never fall off shoulders
  • Pullover bra without closures
  • Seamless constructions is barely noticeable under clothes
  • No closures, underwires, and inner tags for maximum comfort
  • Feels comfortable and like nothing is worn
  • Soft and stretchable fabric for perfect and comfortable fit
  • Works well for both active and casual occasions
  • Ruched front design and available in a variety of designs
  • Great for smaller, petite women


  • Pads may move around of come out during washing

2. B2BODY Wireless Molded Padded Junior Bra – Best for Matured Teens!

B2BODY Wireless Molded Padded Junior Bra

The next item on our list of the best bras for teenagers and our top choice for matured teens is the B2BODY Wireless Molded Padded Junior Bra! If who you’re looking to buy a new bra for are more mature teens, you might want to give this one a read. A molded cup girls’ bra, this provides hidden and comfortable support and coverage for developing and growing teens. It’s also designed with light pads to provide just enough support but still remain comfortable to wear for teens for every day and numerous occasions.

Designed with a back closure with 2 hooks, this allows for adjustable fitting for up to 3 sizes – a great option for developing and growing teens. The straps are also adjustable to provide even more comfortable fitting options. The straps also promise to never fall off shoulders throughout the day. This one also promises to stay in place all day without riding up, no matter how much your teens move around.

With just enough padding on both molded cups, this provides just enough support to add shape and allows for a smooth finish under clothes. The fabric this has been designed with is soft and breathable for comfortable all day wear. It works to wick sweat and moisture away for maximum comfort no matter how long one needs to wear this under clothes. The fabric also helps you stay cool, an especially useful feature if you’re constantly under the sun. The A cup bra provides extra space for teens to grow and develop in as well.

Not just a teen’s bra, this also wears great for petite adult women who have had trouble finding the perfect size in adult bras. This is available in options of wired and non-wired bras so teens can choose which one is more effective and comfortable for them to wear. A purchase of this B2BODy bra will give you 5 bras for daily wear – and if you ask me, that is one hell of a deal!

One downside multiple users have shared regarding this bra pack is that it can produce a squeaking sound at first but would eventually fade with continuous use. And if your young one currently has a smaller chest area, this might not fare well for them.


  • Ideal for matured teens
  • Molded cup for efficient coverage and support
  • Light pads have enough support but is still comfortable
  • Back closure with 2 hooks for adjustable sizing
  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit that don’t fall off
  • Stays in place and keeps everything in place without riding up
  • Enough support to add shape and for a smooth look under clothes
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Wicks sweat and moisture away for comfortable wear
  • Allows room for chest growth and development
  • Wears well for petite women as well
  • Wired and non-wired options
  • Comes in a pack of 5


  • Slight squeaking sound
  • Not for small-chested girls

3. Hanes Girls’ Seamless Foam Bra – Best for Comfort!

Hanes Girls' Seamless Foam Bra

Our next favorite bra for teenagers and our best choice for comfort is the Hanes Girls’ Seamless Foam Bra! If what you would like to prioritize for your young one’s new training bra is comfort above all else, make sure to check this one out. Designed with a soft and seamless fabric, this is sure to provide all day comfort. This is also a very lightweight training bra to wear and is ideal for daily casual wear but still able to provide enough coverage and support for teenage girls everywhere on their bra journey.

Designed with adjustable straps, this training bra ensures that every user gets their custom and perfect fit that is theirs. It comes with foam cups for added modesty and shaping underneath any clothes of your choosing. It has just enough padding to look natural and smooth out the front without adding too much or unnecessary bulk teens can feel awkward with. This provides enough coverage and discreteness without adding any size. This is a pullover bra without any closures teen would need to do for maximum comfort against skin.

The flex to fit fabric promises to be soft and stretchable for added comfort every time this one is pulled out for use. The fabric also wicks away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day, no matter how long you have this one on. The foam cups this comes with are also conveniently removable for ease of use and options for whether users would make use of it or not. This purchase comes as a pack of 2 bras so you are sure to get your money’s worth.

The only downside a few users have shared regarding this girls’ bra is that the removable pad can come out or move around as you wash it and you would have to reinsert. If this isn’t much of a deal breaker for you, then go on right ahead with this one.


  • Ideal for best comfort
  • Soft, stretchable, and seamless fabric
  • Doesn’t appear too obvious under clothes
  • Comfortable and lightweight but provides enough support and coverage
  • Adjustable straps for customized and comfortable fit
  • Foam cups for modesty and shaping
  • Enough padding for natural and smooth finish
  • Pullover bra without closures
  • Wicks away moisture for cool and comfortable all-day wear
  • Removable cups for ease of use
  • Pack of 2 bras


  • Pads can move around and come out when washing

4. Alyce Ives Intimates Lightly Padded Bra

Alyce Ives Intimates Lightly Padded Bra

The Alyce Ives Intimates Lightly Padded Bra is the next item to make it into our list of the best bras for teens! Designed with light, thin pads and wireless or wired cups, this provides just enough and the perfect support and coverage for growing and developing teens. The padding to this is thick but not too thick and just enough for preteens and teens. This is sure to be comfortable and soft for teens who are just getting used to wearing bras for everyday needs.

This Alyce Ives Intimates bra comes with ultra breathable fabric that lets you wear it comfortably throughout the day. The straps are adjustable as well to allow users to customize the perfect fit for them. This promises to hold everything in place as your young ones go about their day of school and after-school activities. The adjustable clasp closure also allows for even more comfort and customized fit.

This is the perfect option for teens outgrowing their training bras and need something with more coverage and support than your usual cotton preteen bras everyone usually starts with. A purchase of this bra comes in a pack of 6 for all your daily needs. This is sure to be an amazing value for your money. And don’t fret about the quality of the bras as each is sure to be made with quality materials and will hold up well no matter how many times it’s been washed already. The colors of each bra will stay intact as well and will not fade on you anytime soon.

This bra pack is another great option for smaller and petite women with smaller chest areas. If you’re someone who has had trouble finding one in the adults section to perfectly fit you, you might want to check this one out. A quick reminder though that if your young one is on the bigger chest side, this might be a little bit small on them, as some users have shared, so just keep that in mind.


  • Light and thin pads for enough support and coverage
  • Padding is thick but not too thick
  • Great for developing and growing teens
  • Wireless or wired options
  • Breathable fabric for comfortable wear
  • Adjustable straps and closures for customized and perfect fit
  • Holds everything in place all day
  • Great for transitioning from training bras to something with more support
  • Pack of 6 with quality materials
  • Great for smaller and petite women


  • Might not do well on bigger chest sizes

5. Calvin Klein Girls’ Modern Cotton Bralette

Calvin Klein Girls' Modern Cotton Bralette

Our last favorite bra for teenagers is the Calvin Klein Girls’ Modern Cotton Bralette! A pullover bralette style, this provides a light and comfortable support for developing teens anywhere in the world. This is designed wire-free for optimal comfort for teens who are still getting used to the idea of wearing bras. This is very comfortable to wear thanks to its unlined cotton that is stretchable and extremely soft against teens’ skin. This promises to provide great support for both daily wear and athletic activities.

Many have lauded this to be so comfortable, users can even sleep with this on and wouldn’t cause any feeling of uneasiness. This provides a comfortable and perfect fit for preteens and teens who are starting to feel awkward with the growth of their chests. This resembles a tank, cami, sports, and training bra all in one and is sure to stay in place all day without ever riding up. The seamless fabric and design also makes the bra less noticeable under shirts so you can achieve a smoother finish.

Featuring the classic and iconic Calvin Klein logo along the elastic band, this is sure to be cute and trendy, something reteens and teens are sure to love and favor. If your little one would prefer a bralette style, you might want to give this one a try. Unsurprisingly, this is also a favored bra option for small-chested women. Many have shared that this is a much cheaper alternative than buying an adult-sized one but still end up with the same size. This purchase comes in a pack of 2 as well with different design options to choose from.

The only downsides users have to share regarding using this Calvin Klein bralette is that some of the pattern options can appear obvious under very white clothes. And the shape can also show up on shirts and clothes that have deeper neck lines, so just keep that in mind.


  • Light and comfortable support for preteens and teens
  • Unlined cotton fabric is stretchable and soft
  • Great support for daily wear and physical activities
  • Can be used to sleep on
  • Stays in place all day without riding up
  • Seamless design for less noticeable and smoother look under clothes
  • Features the classic and iconic Clavin Klein logo along elastic band
  • Pack of 2 bras
  • Works well for small-chested women as well


  • Some patterns can be noticeable under white shirts
  • Can show up under clothes with deep neck lines

How to Choose the Best Bra for Teenagers

With so many bra options for teenagers currently out in the market, it could be hard to determine which ones can work best for a young teen’s needs. It’s very important to know what factors to consider to make sure you’re getting only the best of the best.

Wired or non-wired

Bras come in wired or non-wired options. Though wired options are not favored by most teens, it’s still a possible option for those looking for maximum support and coverage. You have to consider what your young one would be most comfortable with. Younger teens don’t really need wired bras as they are just in the early stages of development. Older teens, on the other hand,  can already opt for wired options if they feel like they need to for best coverage and right support.

Lined or unlined

Lines or unlined bras are another option you can look at when shopping for new bras for teenagers. Lined and padded bras are great for those who have already developed their chest areas while unlined ones are great for those who are just starting to develop and are in the early stages.


Another important thing you carefully consider when shopping for new bras is the sizing. It’s very important that you get your hands on a bra that is in the right size. It’s generally okay to buy one that is slightly bigger as it can allow room for more growth and development. Smaller bra sizes though are a big no no. Getting a bra that is smaller than a teen’s size will feel uncomfortable and constricting for them and you don’t want that, especially if they’re still getting used to the idea of wearing a bra daily.

Keep in mind to get a bra that is just the perfect size to provide teens with a comfortable and enough coverage and support.

Style and color

The last thing you should be considering in getting new bras for teens is the style and color. It might not seem like a big deal but for new bra wearers, it is. Is it a slip-on bra, a sports bra, a racerback, or an enclosure bra? There are many bra options available with just one click. Consider what would be most comfortable for your teen and make sure to get one according to their preference of wear and comfort.

Colors should also play a part in your choosing process. You’d want to get a bra you can wear under any clothes without appearing obvious. Neutrals are always a good option as they go well with pretty much anything. You can always choose ones with bright colors and designs too, as long as they are paired with the right clothes to ensure they don’t show up and aren’t too noticeable.


When you are a developing and growing teen, it is of major importance that you consider adding a bra in your wardrobe.

Our number one pick for the best bra for teenaagers is the Maidenform Girls’ Seamless Ruched Crop Bralette, a lightly padded and pullover bra that provides extra coverage and support for growing teens! It has no closures, inner tags, or underwires for absolute and maximum comfort. Our next favorite and our pick for matured teens is the B2BODY Wireless Molded Padded Junior Bra! Designed with molded cups, this provides extra coverage and support for older teens well. And the Hanes Girls’ Seamless Foam Bra is our choice for the best comfortable bra for teenagers! Thanks to its soft, stretchable, and seamless fabric, it’s very comfortable and lightweight to wear but still provides just enough support and coverage teens need.

We hope our review of our favorites and guide above led you to your new favorite bra for your teens. Happy bra shopping!

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