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If you’re currently on the hunt for the best spray tan machine you can use at home that’s currently out in the market right now, you might want to stop to consider a few important things first: the amount of solution it can hold, customization features, the accessories and components included, and the cost of the machine. I’ve taken on the task of reviewing and summarizing below the best of the best in the tanning business. If you’re interested to see what made my list of favorites and the best, go ahead and scroll along!

I know, for a fact, that tanning has been popular among people who want to up their skin tones and give themselves a healthy and beautiful glow without the harmful effects of staying too long under the sun. As someone who has a natural tan, getting a tan has never crossed my mind. I’ve only ever seen and learned about it in media and movies I consume since I was young. And although I don’t do it myself, I totally get its appeal to many people.

A beautiful sunless tan will give just about anyone and everyone a very beautiful and healthy glow. This is especially sought after by those who want a change in physical appearance every now and then. And with an at home spray tan machine, anyone can easily get at home spray tans themselves for professional results in the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re looking to add one in your own home to cut the bills from professional tanning salons, no need to look further because I have them all listed below!

Our Top Picks for the Best At Home Spray Tan Machines

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Our PickMaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KitMaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KitCheck Price
Best SplurgeNorvell Sunless Spray Tan MachineNorvell Sunless Spray Tan MachineCheck Price
Best Professional At Home MachineFuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN Spray Tan MachineFuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN Spray Tan MachineCheck Price
Bronze Tan Spray Tan MachineBronze Tan Spray Tan MachineCheck Price
Naked Sun Black Fascination Spray Tanning MachineNaked Sun Black Fascination Spray Tanning MachineCheck Price

The Best At Home Spray Tan Machine

1. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit – Our Pick!

Our pick for the best at home spray tan machine is the cult-favorite MaxiMist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning Kit! If what you’re looking for is a spray tan machine you can easily and conveniently use in the comfort of your own home, look no further because this MaxiMist spray tanning machine might just be the right one for you. This was designed to be lightweight and mobile, perfect for both the home and mobile spray tanning business setting. It even comes with a professional spray tanning tent and an oversized carry bag so you can easily bring the needed equipment if you need to travel with them.

This sunless spray tanning machine is very beginner-friendly – it’s both very easy to set up and very easy to use, yes, even for absolute beginners! It also comes with a detailed instruction manual and a guarantee of access to a MaxiMist tech support if you’re in need of assistance.. Aside from the included tent for ease of usage, you also get a spare parts kit and a spray tan solution package to get you started on your spray tan journey.

The spray gun of this tan machine is very simple to use and has been designed with a non-stick needle that eliminates solution buildup and corrosion which can result in clogs while you’re in the middle of a session. You can also easily make adjustments at the trigger of the spray gun to allow you to easily and conveniently control the spray pattern of what you’re currently working on.  You can also easily make flow adjustments for customized spray tan sessions every single time.

The machine’s cup is uniquely designed with a wide base for optimal solution pickup in all of your spray tanning sessions, whether for personal or professional use. It has also been designed to provide maximum fine mist and at the same time minimize overspray.


  • Lightweight and mobile design
  • Comes with a spray tanning tent and carry bag
  • Beginner friendly – easy to set up and use
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Free spare parts kit and solution package
  • Easy to use spray gun
  • Spray gun eliminates solution clog and buildup
  • Easy adjustments on trigger and spray pattern
  • Easy flow adjustments
  • Designed for optimal solution pickup
  • Minimized overspray


  • None

2. Norvell Sunless Spray Tan Machine – Best Splurge!

Norvell Sunless Spray Tan Machine

The next item on our list of the best at home spray tan machines and our pick for the best splurge is the Sunless Spray Tan Machine from tanning brand Norvell! If you’re no beginner in the world of spray tan machines and are currently looking for a machine you can splurge on for your next purchase, then this might be what you’re looking for. This Norvell spray tan machine is a great choice of mobile machines thanks to its size that’s small enough to be stored and not take up too much space. It’s also very lightweight and convenient to travel with if you want to be able to spray tan whenever you’re on a trip somewhere.

This spray tan machine is very easy to work with and very easy to clean. So even if you don’t have much experience in spray tan machines, this one won’t be too much for you to work with. It’s very simple to set up and use. Upon purchasing this machine, you are also eligible to free classes and online training on spray tanning – talk about beginner-friendly right? You also get a set of 3 tanning solutions for free with every purchase.

Though very lightweight and easily portable, this spray tan machine is well-made and designed with good, quality materials that will for sure last you for a long time. It was also designed with a shoulder strap for added portability and ease of usage whenever you’re spray tanning yourself or someone else. It has an adjustable spray pattern you can easily and freely customize for your spray tanning needs. With this spray tan machine, you are sure to get a machine that efficiently spray evenly so you get an even tan every single time with very minimal overspray.

The company, Norvell, has also been applauded for their amazing customer service. When you purchase their spray tan machine, a Norvell customer representative will get in touch with you to check in how you’re doing with the machine and if you are in need of any assistance. Keep in mind though that this is on the expensive side of things and make sure you go with this one if only you’re ready to splurge. This machine might also be a bit too loud for others’ liking and preference but doesn’t come off as much of a downer for most users.


  • Best spray tan machine splurge
  • Lightweight and small enough for easy storage
  • Easy to work with and clean
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Online training for spray tanning
  • Comes with 3 tanning solutions for free
  • Well-built with quality materials
  • Comes with a shoulder strap for added portability
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Superb customer service


  • On the expensive side
  • Might be too loud for some

3. Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN Spray Tan Machine – Best Professional At Home Machine!

Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN Spray Tan Machine

If what you’re looking for is a professional spray tan machine you can easily and conveniently use in the spaces of your own home, you might want to check out our next pick for the best at home spray tan machines – the Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN HVLP Spray Tan Machine! Designed with a heat dissipation box, this Fuji spray tan machine promises cooler operation by channeling excess heat to the heat dissipation box that results in longer life for the machine’s turbine motor.

This spray tan machine is very lightweight and portable, making it ideal for your spray tanning business or whether you’d just want to bring it along for travels. This has also been designed with a Quiet Turbine Technology that actively helps the machine operate with minimal noise. It also has noise reduction covers for filters and is specifically designed so that the air is drawn from the rear slots to prevent direct sound paths, for an even quieter operation.

Upon purchasing this spray tanning machine, you also get a free user manual with training on the different spraying techniques you can put into use for all your tanning needs. The machine is very easy to use and maintain. It looks overall professional while being lightweight for ease of use and portability. And though considered lightweight, it’s a very well-built machine that promises you durability.

If what you’re on the lookout for is a heavy duty spray tan machine, this can be a great option. You also get a 24-month warranty on the complete system if you ever experience problems with using this one. A quick reminder that this machine can still produce noise – but at an acceptable noise level to be used indoors without much worry.


  • At home professional spray tan machine
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Longer turbine motor life
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Minimal noise and noise reduced operation
  • Free user manual for spraying techniques
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Well-built machine
  • Small and portable yet powerful
  • Heavy duty machine


  • Might still produce noise at an acceptable level for indoor use

4. Bronze Tan Spray Tan Machine

Bronze Tan Spray Tan Machine

The next item on our list of our favorite at home spray tan machines is the Bronze Tan Spray Tan Machine! This spray tan machine is very lightweight and easy to carry around with you if ever you need to. It’s small enough to be easily stored and doesn’t require too much space. It’s also extremely easy to use and work with and fairly easy to clean as well. A purchase of this includes the tan machine, the spray gun, and the hose pipe and promises a flawless and streak-free application every single time!

This Bronze Tan spray tan machine comes with a free training program guide that provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to set up the machine and how to use it without any hiccups. It’s an overall good quality spray tan machine, another good choice for beginners in the world of spray tan machines. It also operates a lot quieter than most spray tan machines, a great choice for mobile tanning as you can operate without much worry of the noise produced.

This spray tan machine has been designed with a comfortable handle – giving its users a good and comfortable grip. Your hands for sure wouldn’t get tired even if you choose to self-tan and you get an even spray all over

 A quick downside to this spray tan machine would be it tends to overheat but can be solved by making sure you don’t do more than 2 sessions within 30 minutes. So if you ever decide to go with this one, just keep this one thing in mind.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to carry around and travel with
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Free training program for setting up and using
  • Operates with much minimized noise
  • Comfortable handle and grip
  • Easy to self-tan with
  • Good choice for beginners


  • Might overheat with more than 2 sessions within 30 minutes

5. Naked Sun Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine

The last item that made the cut of our list of the best at home spray tan machines is the Naked Sun Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine! Designed to be ultra-compact and lightweight, this is another great go-to for anyone looking for a spray tan machine that will work great for mobile tanning. But definitely don’t be fooled by its size and weight as this is still powerful enough to get you professional spray tan results and is reliable enough to be used in the salon setting if you choose to do so.

This spray tan machine has been designed with a metal needle nozzle – not plastic like many others in the market – that gives users a much more reliable performance. You can easily adjust the spray pattern and the fluid control knob to customize all your spray tanning sessions for you, your friends, or your clients. This is very easy to use and easy to clean while allowing you to spray evenly for an even tan.

To allow for a more quiet operation everytime you spray tan with this machine, its turbine is contained in its own sound baffling enclosure. It also has an ergonomic handle to provide you with maximum comfort every single time you use this for your spray tanning needs. It’s been designed to be self-standing for more efficiency whenever you use this.


  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle, self-standing design
  • Great for mobile tanning
  • Professional and salon quality results
  • With a metal needle nozzle for a more reliable performance
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Fluid control knob
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Much quieter operation


  • None

Spray Tan Machine Components

Spray tan machines always come with three main and basic components: spray tan compressor, spray tan gun, and spray tan hose. You can also opt to buy additional equipment and components you see will ease your spray tanning experience more. A spray tan tent is an example of an additional component that can give you a more comfortable experience.

Spray tan compressor

The main machine you get when you purchase a spray tan machine is called the spray tan compressor. The compressor is the one responsible for moving air and pushing your spray tan solution out your spray tan gun in the form of a mist sprayed on skin for that healthy glow. They can come in different forms: airbrush, LVP, and HVLP.

An airbrush spray tan compressor works great if you want to focus on details and touch-ups. When used for a whole body spray tan session, it might take longer than usual and can produce too much overspray. LVLP means Low Volume Low Pressure, meaning this type of compressor uses lower volume to push out spray tan solution in the form of a fine mist out the spray tan gun. HVLP, on the other hand, means High Volume Low Pressure and operates at a much higher pressure. Spray tan machines that are marketed as professional machines are more often than not HVLP.

Spray tan gun

Your spray tan gun is responsible for distributing your spray tan solution in the form of a mist into your or your client’s skin. It is the component that holds and contains your spray tan solution of choice. And because of this, it requires cleaning between uses.

Because it is the spray tan gun you basically hold in your hands throughout your tanning session, you should get one that has a comfortable grip – allowing you to spray tan with much comfort and ease. Spray tan guns are also made of different materials – they can be made from plastic, metal, or aluminum. Each one has its own pros and cons and the choice depends on your own preference.

Spray tan hose

The spray tan hose connects your spray tan compressor to your spray tan gun. It’s a pretty simple component but should be chosen carefully as you would be working with this in all your sessions. You’d want to make sure you get something you can easily work with and maneuver however you need to as you work on your own or your client’s spray tan session.

Why Should You Use a Spray Tan Machine At Home?

You might be asking yourself whether owning an at home spray tan machine is worth it and if you actually need to own one, we’re here to tell you all the reasons why you should.

Much cheaper in the long run

If you’re a fan of getting sunless spray tans every now and then in professional spray tanning salons, this is a much cheaper choice you can seriously consider. A spray tan machine will basically pay for itself in the long run when you realize how much you spend on salon spray tans every couple of weeks to keep that healthy glow.

Tan conveniently at home

When you invest on your own at home spray tan machine, you can conveniently spray tan yourself or your friend or family in the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days when you needed to schedule an appointment with your regular spray tan salon and then go to the salon for your appointment. Now you can conveniently get the same salon and professional results in the comfort of your own home.

Easier and faster process

When you get the hang of operating your own at home spray tan machine, you’ll find it faster and easier than when you get a tan at professional salons. This will save you more time and effort in the long run of owning one. And don’t worry if you’re a total beginner in the world of spray tan machines, most of them are very beginner-friendly and offer easy to follow instructions of set up and use.

How to Choose the Best At Home Spray Tan Machine

There are so many options of spray tan machines and equipment that are currently available for anyone to buy right now. And with many options can come the confusion of choosing which ones are worth looking at. Here, we break down important factors you should consider in your choosing and buying process.

Amount of solution it can hold

One of the first things you should take into careful consideration is how much solution your spray tan machine’s gun can hold. Some machines would require you to refill between sessions while others don’t. Normally, 2 ounces of solution is just about the right amount you would need to spray tan over an entire body. Make sure you get a machine whose spray tan gun can hold at least 2 ounces to be on the safer side.


Another important feature you should look out for is the customization options a spray tan machine can give you. You’d want to get one that has an adjustable nozzle so you can easily adjust the settings for your spray tanning needs. This can also control and adjust your current spray pattern, the pressure, and how much tanning solution you will use per session.

Accessories and components included

When choosing your new spray tan machine, be sure to check on what accessories and components come with the purchase. Make sure you get one with all the basic components to lessen more time and effort looking for the missing components you’d need. Many offered machines also come with many other accessories – some come with free spray tanning solutions or even a spray tan tent for added convenience.


One last important thing you should consider is the spray tan machine’s cost. Make sure it’s well within your preferred price range and has extras and add-ons that make the purchase even more worth it if you want to save more.


Owning an at home spray tan machine will definitely be a step up in your spray tanning game. Imagine getting that healthy and beautiful glow anytime you want in the comfort of your own home. What more can you want?

The MaxiMist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning Kit is our pick for the best at home spray tan machine thanks to its lightweight and mobile design that makes traveling with it a breeze. It even has a spray tanning tent included with the set along with a spray tan gun that eliminates clogs and minimizes overspray. If you’re no beginner in the world of spray tan machines and would want to splurge on your new machine, you might want to look at Norvell Sunless Spray Tan Machine! This one’s well-built and made of quality materials while being designed small enough for ease of storage. And if what you’re looking for is an at home professional machine for professional spray tanning results, then the Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN Spray Tan Machine might be a good fit for your needs.

We hope you were able to find your new favorite spray tan machine in our list of our favorites by reading through this review and guide. Here’s to a more happy and convenient spray tan session!

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