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If you’re looking to add a new April Skin product into your skincare routine, make sure you consider some important things first before making the big decision: type of product, skin type, skin concerns, and price. I took it as a personal mission to look for the brand’s best of the best right now. If you want to find out what made the cut according to these standards I set, go ahead and read with me now!

I’ve taken a huge interest and fondness for skincare over the past few years. And writing about them brought me closer to so many wonderful brands I have come to love and ultimately vouch for. On top of that, I’ve taken quite an interest on Asian skincare, specifically Korean skincare.

One leading Korean skincare brand that is slowly taking the world by storm is April Skin. Powered by all natural and safe yet effective ingredients, it’s become a household favorite among many skincare enthusiasts, including yours truly.

Whether you’re looking to clarify, exfoliate, soothe, or address problem areas, April Skin has got you covered. And for our current favorites among the brand’s array of products, keep reading below!

Who is April Skin?

Founded in 2014, April Skin is a K-beauty brand that is slowly gaining loyal customers not just in its home in South Korea but also in the rest of the world.

In its foundation, the brand originally offered only one product: the April Skin Magic Snow Cream. Seeing its success with consumers, they decided to come up with their own full line of skincare and cosmetics. Today, they offer a variety of beauty products from cleansers, exfoliators, serum, creams, and more.

The brand’s name ‘April Skin’ gets its inspiration from the month of April – officially the beginning of spring season. It is believed to be a time of new life being born – the very same principle the brand lives by. They aim to help skin rejuvenate to reveal an even more beautiful and healthier skin underneath.

Is April Skin vegan and cruelty-free?

April Skin claims it doesn’t use any animal-derived ingredients in the formulations of their products.

The brand also claims to be cruelty-free. While it may be true that the brand doesn’t test on animals at any stage of their production, they do sell products within China. Since China requires animal testing on all products sold in their country, choosing to enter the Chinese market means that April Skin has accepted that their products will be tested on animals. Therefore, based on our understanding of the process April Skin may not be completely cruelty-free in this particular sense.

April Skin Key Ingredients

April Skin prides itself in using nothing but good, safe, and natural ingredients for all the formulas of their products. Their formulations have very few to no problematic ingredients that can act as irritants to especially sensitive skin.

Below you can find some common ingredients the brand uses.

Calendula: Calendula extract comes from marigold flowers. These extracts, when used for skincare, provide impressive anti-inflammatory properties. It offers relief for irritated, itchy, or sensitive skin. It also works to calm and soothe skin. This is the key ingredient for the brand’s Calendula line. This is a popular skincare ingredient across multiple brands and it’s not hard to see why.

Carrot seed oil: Another popular skincare line April Skin offers has one key ingredient: carrot seed oil. Carrot seed oil is an antioxidant-rich ingredient. This makes it the perfect ingredient to help combat aging and various signs of it. It also works to rejuvenate and improve skin’s overall complexion. It’s also an effective ingredient in repairing sun damage on skin.

Niacinamide: A common ingredient in several skincare products, niacinamide has impressive anti-aging benefits. It also helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and redness.

April Skin: The Good and The Bad

To help you decide whether or not April Skin is the right addition to your skincare routine, we have below summarized points of the brand’s good and bad.

The good

  • Formulas are made with clean and natural ingredients. They pride themselves in offering truly clean skincare.
  • Safe for all skin types. They have gentle and safe formulas even for very sensitive skin.
  • No sulfates, parabens, and toxins that can potentially be irritants.
  • It’s formulated without artificial fragrances, therefore a great choice for anyone sensitive to smell. The scent of the products come from their natural ingredients.
  • Vegan and gluten-free formulas.
  • They offer a variety of skincare lines that address various skin concerns.

The bad

  • Though the brand claims to be 100% cruelty-free, they cannot be considered as such because they sell their products in Mainland China, which requires animal testing by law. Even if they don’t engage in any form of animal testing during production process, they let a third party do it for them.

Our Top Picks for the Best April Skin Skincare

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Best OverallApril Skin Artemisia Rice TonerApril Skin Artemisia Rice TonerCheck Price
Best for Acne-Prone SkinApril Skin Carrotene Clarifying SerumApril Skin Carrotene Clarifying SerumCheck Price
Best for Deep CleansingApril Skin Calendula Peel Off MaskApril Skin Calendula Peel Off MaskCheck Price
April Skin Carrotene Clarifying Vita PadsApril Skin Carrotene Clarifying Vita PadsCheck Price
April Skin Calendula Low pH Gel CleanserApril Skin Calendula Low pH Gel CleanserCheck Price

The Best April Skin Skincare

1. April Skin Artemisia Rice Toner – Best Overall!

April Skin Artemisia Rice Toner

Our best overall pick from K-beauty brand April Skin is the Artemisia Rice Toner! A non-astringent toner, this promises to hydrate and firm up your skin without dryness or irritation. This instead works to energize and plump up your skin for that coveted elasticity and mochi-bounce.

Artemis helps calm and soothe irritated and sensitive skin while the rice bran extract is a natural moisturizing ingredient. It also works to free your skin from impurities for much healthier skin. And with four types of hyaluronic acids, this brings moisture and hydration to every layer of your skin.

The combination of natural ingredients works to rejuvenate and replenish skin so it comes out plump, healthy, and radiant. The formula also has a pH level of 5.5, helping skin maintain optimal pH levels. This works very gently and is very safe, even for acne-prone skin. This will not irritate skin conditions like acne and eczema. It also works to soothe and calm inflammation and redness.

This has a watery texture and never feels sticky or slimy after application. This absorbs well and leaves skin looking and feeling refreshed and clean. Many have lauded this toner for its exceptional moisturizing properties all the while keeping acne and breakouts at bay.

Though packed with several moisturizing ingredients, some found not to be very moisturizing.


  • Non-astringent and doesn’t irritate or dry skin
  • Gives skin elasticity and ‘mochi-bounce’
  • Calms and soothes irritated skin
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Maintains skin’s optimal pH level
  • Skin feels refreshed and clean


  • Not very moisturizing for some

2. April Skin Carrotene Clarifying Serum – Best for Acne-Prone Skin!

April Skin Carrotene Clarifying Serum

Our best April Skin pick for acne-prone skin is the Carrotene Clarifying Serum! Best suitable for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, this works to fight acne, bumps, and blemishes. This promotes a smoother and more radiant skin with every use.

Made with three types of carrot-derived ingredients, this clears excess oil and refines skin’s texture. This also has niacinamide, an effective ingredient in fading out hyperpigmentation and dark spots for a blemish-free skin. This also soothes and calms redness and inflammation. And with hyaluronic acid, this hydrates and moisturizes.

This is non-comedogenic so you won’t have to worry about clogged pores. As it heals acne and keeps breakouts under control, this also helps soothe redness and even out skin tone and dark spots.

Suitable for those with oily skin, this controls excess sebum production. This promises to leave skin soft and smooth all over. It has a silky texture and absorbs well. Though the formula isn’t oily in itself, it still hydrates and moisturizes. This also works well under makeup or before going to bed.

Because of the oil-controlling properties, this might not be the best option for dry skin. Some also shared not liking the natural scent it comes with. No worries though because it doesn’t linger at all and fades away quickly.


  • Best for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin
  • Oil-controlling and moisturizing
  • Refines skin’s bumps and textures
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Helps heal acne and controls future breakouts
  • Soothes redness and evens out complexion


  • Not for dry skin
  • Scent is not for everyone

3. April Skin Calendula Peel Off Mask – Best for Deep Cleansing!

April Skin Calendula Peel Off Mask

If you’re hoping to incorporate a deep cleansing April Skin product into your routine, make sure to read on about the Calendula Peel Off Mask! An uber-gentle peel off mask, this purifies skin from dirt, gunk, and dead skin cells. This allows skin to absorb products and nutrients much better.

This dives and penetrates deeper into your skin to clear away impurities. A low-irritation exfoliator, this unclogs pores gently. Many have also praised this as it is very easy to take off, unlike many others in the market.

With calendula, this heals, soothes, and calms sensitive skin while also shedding away dullness. It also works to protect skin from external factors and free radicals. With orange and tea tree oil, this minimizes puffiness and redness. It also helps smooth out uneven skin tone and texture, revealing brighter, clearer, smoother, softer, and more even skin.

For dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, this also soothes and hydrates. This is free from artificial fragrances and instead offers a natural and fresh scent.

Though a favorite among many with its many benefits, this comes a bit expensive. There isn’t a lot of product in the bottle. Application can also prove to be difficult without the applicator. Some also found this not moisturizing enough.


  • Clears skin from dirt and impurities
  • Smooth, soft, and even skin
  • Low-irritation and easy to peel off
  • Soothes and calms sensitive skin
  • Smooths out uneven skin tone and texture
  • Reduces puffiness and redness


  • Expensive
  • Needs applicator
  • Not moisturizing enough

4. April Skin Carrotene Clarifying Vita Pads

April Skin Carrotene Clarifying Vita Pads

Our next favorite April Skin skincare product is the Carrotene Clarifying Vita Pads! A jar of dual-textured toner pads, this smooths out skin’s textures and gently exfoliates skin and pores.

With beta-carotene, this strengthens and protects skin’s barrier and soothes redness for a healthy glow. The Vita 12 complex provides radiance, moisturizes, and prevents skin irritation. Both the PHA and natural salicylic acid gently exfoliate skin and clean without irritation. And with the line’s signature carrot seed oil, this helps in the fight against acne and blemishes.

With an optimum pH level of 3.5 to to 4.5, this keeps skin at a healthy balance to maximize skin benefits. Specially-made for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin types, this doesn’t sting and irritate.

Many offered their praises for this as they saw huge differences in their skin in just the first few uses. With regular use, acne and breakouts are sure to heal and clear up without the stinging and burning.

This promises clearer, smoother, softer, and glowing skin free from acne and blemishes. To make sure you don’t contaminate the rest of the pads with every use, this comes with a tong to grab each piece. Because this was formulated for those on the oilier side, those with dry skin might experience some tightness or extra dryness.


  • Smoother, softer, radiant, and glowing skin
  • Strengthens skin’s barrier and moisturizes
  • Gentle exfoliation without irritation
  • Fights against acne and breakouts
  • No stinging or burning
  • Optimum pH level of 3.5 to 4.5


  • Not for dry skin

5. April Skin Calendula Low pH Gel Cleanser

April Skin Calendula Low pH Gel Cleanser

And the last item to make into our list of the best April Skin skincare is the Calendula Low pH Gel Cleanser! A pH 5.5 cleanser, this cleans dirt and impurities without leaving you with after-cleanse tightness. With micro micellar bubbles, this cleans away hard-to-reach residues, dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and even makeup deep within pores.

With the line’s calendula ingredient, this provides healing and soothing for sensitive skin while protecting from external factors. Specially-formulated for dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, this promises to calm dry, itchy, and scaly skin.

This kills acne-causing bacteria deep in your skin, keeping acne and breakouts at bay. It also helps shed the dullness to reveal smoother, softer, and brighter skin.

As many would agree, this works great for sensitive skin as it removes oil, dirt, and even makeup while still being gentle. It cleanses well yet not overly-drying. It also leaves skin feeling clean and hydrated, even. This doesn’t make use of any artificial fragrance but instead has a natural zesty scent. You would only need a little at a time and be able to achieve a nice, rich lather.

The one downside is that it’s expensive. A good majority of users also reported the bottle being under-filled and only being 3/4 full.


  • Low pH 5.5 cleanser
  • Cleans without after-cleanse tightness
  • Smooth, soft, and bright skin
  • Cleans well yet gentle
  • Calms dry, itchy, and scaly skin
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria


  • Expensive
  • Bottle is only 3/4 full

How to Choose the Best April Skin Skincare

Type of product

When considering a new product, you should first ask yourself what type of product you would like to add.  You can go for cleanser, exfoliator, toner, creams, or serums. Lucky for you, April Skin offers a wide variety of products.

To make the decision easier for many of you, we’ve included in our list above many types of products you might want to consider.

Skin type

When looking at skincare products, you have to keep in mind that not all products work the same and offer the same results across all skin types. Skincare products are formulated with specific skin types in mind. Some skincare products are specially-made for dry skin, oily skin, or combination to normal skin types. There are also skincare options that can be beneficial for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin types.

To make sure that you maximize the product’s skin benefits, make sure that you get ones that cater to your specific skin type.

Skin concerns

Skincare products have been formulated to address specific skin concerns. Whether it’s oil or sebum control, moisture and hydration, deep cleansing, or killing acne-causing bacteria, you are sure to find the perfect April Skin product for your needs. 

Before deciding on which products to get, make sure you identify the skin concerns and issues you would want addressed. This will help you make better decisions.


April Skin products come in a variety of prices. Some can be cheaper while some may be more on the expensive side. Ask yourself the price range you’re willing to pay for. Get the best product for your skin without having to sacrifice the bank.


April Skin is a K-beauty brand that has been slowly making its way up everyone’s favorite skincare brands. With so many products and skin benefits they offer, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Our April Skin best overall pick is the April Skin Artemisia Rice Toner! A non-astringent toner, this doesn’t irritate or dry skin. It also works to provide much needed hydration and moisture for added skin elasticity and that coveted ‘mochi-bounce’. It also calms and soothes irritated skin and maintains skin’s natural pH level. For acne-prone skin, our best pick is the April Skin Carrotene Clarifying Serum! A non-comedogenic serum, this helps keep acne and breakouts at bay. It works both to control excess oil and moisturize skin. This evens out complexion and refines bumps and textures on skin. And for deep cleansing, you might want to check out the April Skin Calendula Peel Off Mask! This promises to clear out and purify skin from dirt, oils, impurities, dead skin cells, and even makeup. It’s a low-irritation exfoliator and is an easy-to-peel-off mask. This reveals smoother, softer, and a more even skin and complexion.

And that has been our list of the best April Skin products! Here’s to your happy and healthy skin!

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